Its time to grow up Becki Percy

becki percy shows no apparent signs of abuse

Becki Percy gets a healthy dose of reality at last.

Many campaigners who have fought against the fraud and dishonesty of false allegation maker Becki Percy are celebrating today when the official confirmation rejecting her petition to stay in the USA appeared on the court website. 

From the age of around 14 Becki Percy has made a successful career of false allegation making ruining families and lives by accusing people without evidence of sex crimes against either herself or against children.  Percy has enjoyed attention, money and support from many people and agencies, who gave her help based upon her false claims.

Helped by her younger-than-her-age looks, Percy has become used to people doing things for her to the point she has become infantilised in her outlook on life.  This immature attitude was assisted by the clever manipulations and deceits of Percy, who played upon her image of a vulnerable sick abused waif, whilst in reality she played those around her like a slick puppet master.  Percy insisted that all those around her gave her their full attention, demanding even to sleep in the beds of the women who looked after her.

Everyone have been too easy on Percy, allowing her to get away with incredible attitudes and deeds that wiped out or damaged two US host families.  Anyone who pushed Percy too much, or asked awkward questions, were threatened, abused or blocked.  And Percy was able to live in an echo chamber of her own reality assisted by a lot of fawning disciples such as Wendy McAvene.

Assisted by her deluded Christian support base Percy lived in an elaborate fantasy world of her own making, which she evolved and expanded the longer she stayed in the USA.  Percy failed to go to the police about her allegations, nor did she make any effort to gather and provide evidence for lawyers and her supporters.  Percy lived in a fantasy world of social media where she could say anything she liked and people supported her, and those who challenged her were blocked.  Such was Percy’s obsession with her fantasy of Satanic abuse that she added this to the marketing of her various online business ventures and to the resume she sent to apply for work.  Percy never made much effort to seek employment or further her own education, because everyone treated her like a child.

Despite being estranged from her real parents, Percy was unable to let them go.  Percy instead waged a war of terror on her family for over five years, making unfounded allegations on social media without evidence, and for much of that time from the safety of another country.

At the age of twenty-three Becki Percy will now have to grow up fast.  No longer the little finger-pointing child protected and cared for by adults and institutions, Percy is being kicked out of the USA into the cold real world.  If Percy continues to make her allegations in the UK, she will be arrested and potentially charged for harrassment.  If Percy runs any dishonest scam, she will be arrested for fraud.  If Percy promotes any scam products like Plexus in the UK, she will be busted by trading standards.

Austerity UK is harsh like its winter.  Our welfare system is broken.  As an adult Percy won’t have the support of a care system.  Percy will have to get a job, probably a low paid job.  Percy will have to pay the bills, or become homeless.  Percy will have no deluded religious following to provide for her in the UK.

Until this moment Percy has lived a life based on a lie.  With fiction giving way to reality, Percy will have to take adult responsibility for her life, deeds and choices.  Nobody will sacrifice Percy in the UK, few give a damn about her.

2 thoughts on “Its time to grow up Becki Percy

  1. She will either attach herself to a Sugar Daddy or get pregnant with a chav boyfriend and live on benefits. She will certainly not support herself financially.

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