It all happens on 12th Dec


Becki Percy is no fan of real life; but real life is about to bite her on the bum on 12th Dec 2019 at her appeal against being deported back to the UK from the USA.

Two reasons I am looking forward to 12th Dec 2019: UK general election; Becki Percy gets her day in court.

After several years of stasis, where austerity and Brexit has sent the UK into a spiral of decay, I am relieved that the UK has a chance to breath new life into our nation with a general election on 12 Dec.  Not only will I be voting this time, I am actively campaigning for an election candidate.  My hope is that something positive will come out of this election.

The false allegation maker Becki Percy finally gets her day in court on 12 Dec, where she faces her final court hearing against deportation back to the UK from the USA.  Becki Percy claimed political asylum to the USA from the UK, after trying to get into the USA on a holiday VISA with the intention of illegally staying on a permanent basis.  When the immigration authorities in the USA suspected that Percy was fake, she then made up a story of Satanists under the leadership of her mum and dad sacrificing 1000’s of children in Hull UK, and that Becki Percy was next on their hit list.  Percy claimed that she did not feel safe in the UK, because mum and dad was angry with her for making up a load of fictions about them raping and murdering children.

Helped by deluded Christians in the USA, Becki Percy was able to play the US immigration system for five years whilst she pursued an aggressive campaign of false allegation making against her family and anyone she had a grudge against.  Percy was able to milk tens of thousands of dollars out of gullible Christians whilst doing nothing by way of education or getting a proper job to better herself in the USA.

After damaging two US families Percy has run out of ideas how to avoid the likely adverse judgement against her in her final court hearing; promoting prayer and an online petition as her salvation to a free ticket to US citizenship.

For many of us who have opposed Percy over the years, the court case comes as a sense of relief after waiting for so long; a feeling that we all will get closure against a spiteful obsessive who has ruined many lives.  I expect Percy to lose her appeal; goes back to jail; then will be kicked back to the UK in the middle of a cold harsh winter.  I expect rather than being sacrificed by mom and dad on the kitchen table for xmas; Percy will face an unfriendly indifference and no xmas turkey from the austere citzens of the UK.

There is not much to add about Becki Percy that has not already been said; roll on 12th Dec.

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