False witness Becki Percy defends her religious credentials

morgan-le-fay becki percy
In British legend is a witch called Morgan Le Fey who through her enchantments seduced those around her, destroying them.  This is a type of archetype that Becki Percy is, and woe to those who fall for her bewitchments.

I recently made a direct appeal to the core Christian following of false allegation maker Becki Percy (Twitter @becki_p20) quoting from the Bible about false witnesses.  The Bible has many such condemnations of false witnesses, a serious sin in that religion.

Becki Percy hit back at me, as did some of her fanatical followers, some praying for me, others directly abusing me.  I did not enter into a religious confrontation, but I did point out to the followers of Percy that they appeared blind to the manipulation and deceit of Becki Percy who uses the Christian religion to build her personal brand to sell various business products to the religious followers she seduces.

Becki Percy yesterday became religious, flooding her Twitter account with prayers and quotes from the Bible to appear authentic and religious to her crumbling support base.

Becki Percy ranks in the top ten of the most evil people I have ever experienced in my life.  Percy is a dangerous individual, some of those close to her comment that Becki Percy is clever, going to elaborate and deep lengths to manipulate those she targets around her.  Indeed, some people such as Wendy McAvene has thrown away their home and marriage when she was sucked into a cult-like worship of Becki Percy.  Catherine Moncada, who originally took Percy into her home in the first two years of Percy’s stay in the USA, was put under intense pressure to sacrifice herself and her family for Becki Percy, and was hurt in the process.

Even though I am not religious, I do have a good understanding of the Bible, having been brought up in Christian junior schools as well as having been a chorister at places such as Chichester Cathedral.  Becki Percy throws around Bible scripture and words with no understanding, and it appears too many of her followers do not understand the Bible either, especially when the Bible talks about false witnesses such as Becki Percy.

Becki Percy plays the image of The Little Match Girl, playing the role of a deeply religious vulnerable victim of dark misfortune, but it is all smoke and mirrors, a mask that the predator plays to seduce her victims to give her money and fame.  Woe, to any who dare challenge the devilish waif, for she will accuse the innocent of wrongdoing and move her fanatical following to do unChristian things to any who oppose or stand in the way of her machinations.

The 2500-year-old work called the Derveni Papyrus observed that those who have no understanding can have no belief:

“… terrors … consult an oracle… they consult an oracle… for them we go into the oracular shrine to inquire for oracular answers, whether it is right… the terrors of Hades, why do they disbelieve? Not understanding dreams, nor any of the facts, on the basis of what kind of warning would they believe? Overcome by fault and by pleasure as well, they neither learn, nor believe. Disbelief and lack of understanding [? are the same thing]. For if they neither understand, nor do they learn, [it is not possible that they believe] even when they see… disbelief… appears…”

Despite the deeds, prayers and quoted scripture of Becki Percy and many of her fanatical followers, they have no understanding of their Christian religion and Bible, so have no belief in their religion, Jesus and God.  If they did have understanding, the followers would have long ago abandoned Becki Percy for the empty parasite that she is, but they are seduced by the enchantments of a clever imp, they dance to her manipulations and cunning.

9 thoughts on “False witness Becki Percy defends her religious credentials

    1. Becki Percy has never been religious, its is just a false mask. After I quoted the Bible about false witnesses, Percy made a major effort to look religious, but it is all part of her fraud, she does not believe or understand what she quotes from the Bible.

  1. I did see that exchange yesterday James. I did not see Rebecca apologize to you for calling you a liar. You have your own beef with Rebecca, your own feelings BUT you read my blogs and have posted them. You weren’t lying.

    You post about her daily on Twitter or almost. Yet the other day she chose to tag you. Don’t her followers wonder why? Some do. Some see it. Why is she tagging you after all of your other tweets? She had to look herself up. Under a SUB or SOC account or she would not have seen your tweets because you are blocked otherwise.

    The other person she quote tweeted wasn’t talking about her were they?

    Rebecca is on Twitter more these days. After months of barely being on there. It’s DONATION time. She knows she won’t get interaction or traction on her GoFund. The most recent GoFund that has a video which she made at my house, using my name which I have ask over and over to NOT be exploited. Yet the video is still up there.

    Rebecca could have had an epiphany, she said she would speak directly to whomever she has gossiped about etc. She owes you an apology.

    I did about spit my COFFEE when I saw Rebecca tell the one person; she would like proof of their allegations against her. “Proof”? It points to the reality of just how out of touch with reality Rebecca is. The QUEEN of “ZERO proof” WANTS proof? Stop the madness. Whoever the other person is, they can just say they are survivors and all will be good. “Don’t question a survivor.” I’m being sarcastic to be clear.

    The fact you are a “satanist” puts you in a league which you can’t be numb to. I’m sure you are not unaware of the perception people have. People think everyone who is a satanist abuses children and sacrifices them etc. You could be doing that for all anyone knows. You could be but I have read testimonies of people who were satanist and they did not so I do know not all do such things.

    The devil is wicked James. He comes but to rob, kill and destroy. The Bible says so. So no matter what the devil is to YOU, that’s WHO he is and he ALWAYS bites the hand that serves him. It’s his nature. It’s who he is. BUT if people aren’t serving God they ARE serving the devil.

    The Bible also says the devil is “the father” of all lies. Rebecca has lied a lot. No matter what she and Nurse Wendy say, it was the devil who fathered those lies. So who is the master in this situation? In the new revelation not to gossip etc how far is this going to go? Is she going to tell the truth now? Because the Bible also says “liars do not inherit the Kingdom of God.” I saw Rebecca also say “Once saved, always saved” That’s not Bible and I’ve talked with Rebecca about it before. The Bible clearly says, “If you add to the Word of God, all of the plagues in the Bible will be added to you. If you take away from the Bible, your name will be taken out of the Lambs Book of Life.” So “once saved, always saved” is not scriptural. I don’t know how the “liars will not inherit the Kingdom of God” scripture plays out but it’s Bible so liars are not going to inherit the Kingdom of God.

    I’m sure Rebecca is terrified of being returned to the U.K. I am a “worst case scenario” sort of person and I WOULD plan for that if I were in Rebecca AND Wendy’s shoes. It doesn’t hurt to have a plan in case the worst happens. In my opinion it had better be an “active” plan not some fluff of pretense. It would be better if Rebecca did not make the court go to the extent of having an oral argument before them if you have nothing to argue with because this is NOT social services U.K. Courts do NOT appreciate their time being wasted.

    Whatever happens James, God is going to have mercy because that’s who He is but He also is a Father of discipline. He chastises His children if He loves you. The Bible says “God chastises those whom He loves.” Rebecca has been chastised she just doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Refusing to heed the warnings is the first step to a big spiral.

    This is not a time to be dishonest or careless in our walk with God. There are consequences.

    And for the record? I get chastised. I don’t pretend to be perfect. I have many short comings. Just saying so makes me remember how short I fall. I DO try though. I try to be honest, try to deal honestly and with a fair measure not the measure the argument in my mind would tell me.

    I can not adequately describe the devastation of allowing Rebecca in my home caused and to her it’s just another day. It’s just part of Rebecca’s pursuit of her perfect family. There isn’t a “perfect” family but there ARE good ones. Mine USE to be one. Things are deeper than I say in my blogs and one day I will write about it but our road to recovery has been difficult and hurtful. Rebecca did not CAUSE the destruction of my family but she DID cause much stress to an already stressed out situation and Rebecca, without regard for others pursued her dream of happiness and the perfect family. I TOLD Rebecca my family was struggling BEFORE she got here. She didn’t realize I wasn’t exaggerating. I don’t exaggerate. Or lie. If the person across from me makes me feel like I have to lie to have relationship with them, there won’t be a relationship. Everyone hates being lied to. Liars hate being lied to. I told Rebecca before I would allow her to make me sick; become sick myself, she would change personally or locationally. I told her if she was THAT unhappy she could find another place to live.

    She would tell you she tried her hardest. I’m sure she did. She is not all bad. However, the way she operates in “it’s all about me” is narcissistic to the point of mental illness but Rebecca is not mentally ill. She knows right from wrong. How far will she go to “right the wrongs”? I don’t want to be pessimistic or speak words of death, hopefully Rebecca will go all out.

    My actions has caused a lot of anxiety in God’s family and I hate it. I HATED having to do what I’ve done with Rebecca.

    People point at me, a Christian, a Believer and they’re like “well she is on the same side as the satanist is so that tells you all you need to know about her.” The irony is there are many of Rebecca’s supporters who are New Age and they don’t see that from my perspective and what the Bible teaches, there is no difference. “Dr.” Daniel. Sarah Ruth Ashcraft. “Cronsell” I don’t know that much about satanism or New Age but spiritually speaking it’s the same without being the same. I think you can understand what I’m saying.

    I’m not taking sides with anyone but I MUST stand up for the truth because I can’t be part of this big lie. When a person has lied, misrepresented the truth as much as Rebecca has, it causes a person not to believe anything they say. This testimony of satanic ritual abuse and whatever others lies which have been told, I can’t not sign on with it. Rebecca is so out of touch with empathy for anyone besides herself, she has thrown my grandson, a person who loved her, shared his mother, grandmother with, HELPED her etc, she has thought NOTHING of sacrificing his safety. And I do not see relief for my family as long as Rebecca is in the U.S. IF Rebecca has been so afraid for her safety, she showed zero fear for my grandson. All the while she and Wendy are posting scripture about millstones. As though my grandson is no one. Doesn’t count. That’s the way it is perceived from my family. Rebecca keeps saying “God knows my heart.” The Bible says the heart is deceptive above all things so … ….

    Also for the record, Rebecca has a picture of a child on her instagram, a female child, in panties, with her legs in the air, spread eagle. She got it from another Instagram profile. It’s child abuse. It’s a picture, a SHOCKING picture of child abuse. WHY? For the love of God; WHY?

    Rebecca and Wendy keep saying “the truth” is going to be proven. Meaning Rebecca will win her bid for political asylum. If I have zero discernment and zero critical thinking and I am completely wrong about Rebecca’s “testimony” and she IS/WAS telling the truth. Let her win. In Jesus name, let her win. If she is NOT? Then let the record reflect that. I believe the record will speak for itself. I will be thankful when this is over as well. I’m not the only one. And if Rebecca and Wendy are honest they will acknowledge I am not the only one. My family is not the only one. There is a HOST of others who will be thankful as well. I’m not the only Christian who has questioned Rebecca’s honesty by a long shot. I know you think we are a bunch of ignoramus’ and in all honesty I can’t blame you. It’s truly a shameful situation and I AM ashamed. I am hopeful for a better outcome.

    Regardless of all of this James, as much crap as I will get for saying so, I’m thankful I met you. Thankful I’ve come to know you. I’ve been praying for you for a long time. Don’t be offended, it only means I care and I don’t pray controlling, witchcraft type prayers. God is good and I pray He reveals Himself to you in a way which will cause you to know what a good Father He is and how much He wants to know you. Or you know Him. He KNOWS you.

    It’s hurt my heart for you to have revealed past child sexual abuse because I know how hurtful it is. I have wondered if you ever would have said anything if you weren’t trying to make your point about Rebecca. It’s one thing to have a friend or confidant to talk with; yet another to speak about it on social media. I respect that you put yourself out there.

    Chances are good Rebecca will never post her actual court date. She shouldn’t but just my saying so could provoke her to do so. I’ve never had evil intent with Rebecca. I’ve come from a place of someone who has cared and been deeply committed. I’ve always been the sort of person if we are doing things right or at least not doing things wrong, we will have a good time. If not? Well then I have to reposition myself. My kids would tell you the same. The rest of my family. Not that I’m so righteous because I’m not, but I DO know a few things. And going too far is too far. This is TOO much. TOO far. That roller coaster I’ve talked about.

    I’m going to say this and close my lengthy comment on your blog. One thing I’ve always thought about satanist is they have a lot of energy. I don’t know if that’s true or not but it just seems to me one thing a satanist would have. You are the only satanist I think I know, you’re going to know better than me. Anyway, I saw you say you thought Rebecca would be the last false allegation maker you were going to go after because this has been exhausting. Please keep in mind I have this “notion” y’all have a lot of energy; I laughed because I thought, “Dear Lord, she wore the satanist out too. 🤷‍♀️ Take care James ~ Catherine

    1. Hi Catherine, Becki has not beaten me as far as energy is concerned, as I have enough to see my fight through with Becki to the bitter end. I however have been wounded by the abuse I have suffered, and it is that which drags me down as I fight a person who is so triggering. But, at the same time, my own childhood experiences drives me on to make sure Becki does not harm any more survivors.

      People like Becki Percy who point fingers at innocent people about child abuse tend to be either child abusers themselves or have an inclination to that sort of thing in their minds, proven again and again. We had a guy (Carl Beech) like Becki Percy accuse many innocent people in the UK of raping and killing children, and he wasted millions of pounds in police time investigating those false allegations, he was jailed for a long time; and he was convicted of spying on children and having child porn on his computer. Your observation that Becki Percy has an indecent image of a child on her instagram does not surprise me. The man who was jailed was called Carl Beech, you can Google him, I think Becki is his female equivalent.

      Harm done to children and animals weakens me, and I have to call upon nature to heal and regain my energy. I am not only fighting Becki Percy, but as a coder I am developing systems that will stop abusers of children in their tracks on the internet.

      I have been quite honest in the philosophy I identify with, and it is not me that people should fear, but those that wrap themselves up in the Christian religion whilst doing harm to others. Of Becki Percy there is a saying about wolves hiding in sheep clothing.

      I agree, that justice will catch up with Becki Percy, if it be by your God or by natural justice. A philosopher who I like called Heraclitus says: “The most reliable man understand reliable things and guards them. And Justice will overtake fabricators of lies and false witnesses.” Heraclitus says that an individual who knows the truth of things works hard to live to that truth, and those like Becki Percy who live a life of dishonesty will be found out and will suffer justice.

      I think that Becki Percy’s sudden new approach to me comes from a sense of panic, and suggests that she is beginning to be aware that her fantasy is coming to an end. I am having to make a choice as we move towards the final conclusion of Becki’s fight with US immigration, of going to the UK police and making a criminal complaint against her.

  2. I remember Carl Beech. I followed him on Twitter several years ago. I saw you guys talking about Carl and that’s how I knew he had gotten involved in child abuse pictures and such. And yeah, he DID cost the U.K. Money, time and resources. No telling the damage. And that’s the reason I go against the people who are frauds. I don’t think I would have known some of these people if not for Rebecca. There is a list. Fiona is on it.

    A lot of people are “drive by” associates with these fraudulent people. They drive by the Twitter comments or social media posts, they grasp the short version and run for a long haul. They don’t delve deeper and run with the fluff pieces. I was one with Fiona until I had interaction with her. Then I looked into her more thoroughly and lo and behold. All of the people sending donations to Fiona had no idea she was living in a truly stunning home. I saw the pictures. She had a home equal to some people in Hollywood. Fiona was shilling hard for Issac Kappy and Vegan Mikey. If you know who they are.

    It’s a mess. It’s a thicket of wickedness and some of them ARE using Christianity to sell their lunatic conspiracies. They don’t call it a rabbit hole for no reason.

    There are conspiracies and then there are conspiracies INSIDE of conspiracies and that last one is the wrong rabbit hole to jump into. It’s the one leading people into extremely mentally dangerous places. I tell people you can not get involved in that crazy because it’s a pit. A pit of insanity.

    They’re the ones posting shocking pictures and speaking crudely. They think JFK JR. is still alive. Jeffrey Epstein is in protection under the government and that there have been military tribunals taking place where the likes of John McCain was tried, convicted and executed. No one with any sort of name in society dies by natural causes or commits suicide for their own reasons. They are ALL part of the conspiracy and the good guys are winning. Just writing that makes my head spin.

    I’ve been off social media for the most part since they got my Twitter account and I feel much better. I keep an eye on things. As I said in my response above, it’s “donation” time. Rebecca and Wendy are BACK on social media and going to go hard at promoting Rebecca’s immigration case. An attorney told them to. It’s going to be donation time. They are going to need money. How much money has been collected privately such as the one guy I pointed out on Twitter? There have been others because I’ve been told there were others. I don’t know how much. Yet no sort of accountability has been given. What was the GoFund prior to this last one for?

    It’s all insidious and it IS deceitful. And it’s coming to a close.

    Oh, by the way? Someone told me Rebecca and Wendy made a police report about me. I can’t imagine how crazy those officers felt after that. I haven’t gotten mad about it but I think it’s coming. I don’t know where, I think probably Texas in the former county she lived. I’ve debated investigating.

    One thing I will tell you is I have all of Rebecca’s diaries, writings, some electronic devices and I would get rid of all if it but the U.K. Government might need it. Or possibly the U.S. government. This has not been a joke. It’s not about how much Rebecca can feed off of or into social media. How many followers. Be a ‘top’ influencer. Or whatever they want to call what they are doing. And Nurse Wendy is still on board with everything she has. And there are some things she knows are not true. She knows Rebecca does not have the scars she said she did.

    I’m going to add this and close.

    I found a letter Rebecca had written from the James A. Musick Facility where Rebecca was jailed. In the letter was included a list of things Rebecca needed to be released. On the list was “photo copy of scar” in her paperwork. There was no picture of a scar or anything else. There wasn’t a picture in the paperwork yet in Rebeca’s psychosis she just easily puts it on a list of things she needed. I’ve found other things I haven’t written about and probably will not go public with. I feel like I’ve written enough if people want to know? They will read what I’ve written and consider their own position.

    Anyway James. That’s all I got. Take care. ~ Catherine

    P.S. my WordPress blogs are getting a lot of traffic. Hmmm. Wonder how/why THAT happened?

    1. Hi Catherine, thanks for your comment. Because I am not so active on social media, there might be delays in replying, but I will reply.

      I am personally glad that the saga of Becki Percy is moving to a conclusion after so many years. I am still considering putting in a police complaint against Becki Percy before she is deported back to the UK.

      Please do keep everything you have on Becki Percy, as the police will require this in the UK.

      No doubt that the police in the California area will investigate if Becki Percy has made a complaint against you, which means you can make a complaint against her for fraud and harrassment as she now lives in the San Diego area of California. Such a situation might mean Becki Percy could be recalled to detention.

      I intend to get a blog site up about Becki Percy to warn everyone in future of what she has been doing.

      Conspiracy theories are a rabbit hole that can easily suck people into them, I try to stay away from them. I do a lot of gardening and being in nature, which helps me stay grounded in reality, also it heals and replenishes my energy.

      With Becki and Wendy becoming more active to promote their cause and get donations, I guess this will get more anxious for everyone opposing what they are doing, but we are near the end of this testing time, and there will be light at the end of it.

      1. Rebecca can move wherever she wants to while in Immigration status, she just has to tell them where she lives.
        I think the complaint against me was in Texas and in response to sending the sherif department to their door. The sherif department did a courtesy call after I called them. Or they said they would. A lot more goes on behind the scenes than the cool and collected version on Twitter.
        I had decided to step back and stay out of it until the conclusion by the courts but I am subject to change my mind without a second thought or apology.
        I have to stay away as much as possible though. It’s poisonous. Seriously poisonous.
        I garden too James. I am going to try to do winter greens. Carrots. I have herbs that I planted long ago. Fruit and nut trees. We have one walnut tree and the nuts are enormous. They are just starting to fall and I gasp when I saw the first one. They’re English walnuts. I hate black walnuts. The people before us planted the property with pecan tree, walnut and almond. Then peach, plum, boysenberry and a citrus, I forget the fruit. I’ve planted a plum and raspberries.
        I have seeds. You want me to send you seeds? Onion. Flowers. Cilantro. I harvest my seeds. I would totally send you seeds. Think about it. Take care ~ Catherine

      2. Hi Catherine, I have to take breaks away as Becki Percy is poison to the mind as you say.

        Thanks for the offer of seeds, I tend to get my seeds locally and my garden is not so large. I am preparing a part of the garden for planting spring flowers. I moved here last year, the garden was a wasteland, now it is becoming more beautiful. Under the ground is too much debris from a house that used to be situated on the site over a hundred years ago, and I have to remove this debris to make the ground suitable for planting.

      3. The soil under there should be rich. Lots of worms! Keep it moist.
        An old timer taught me to use Epsom salts when planting if you have ever used it or heard of using it. It helps everything. I think that’s why the walnuts are so big this year.
        Our property was very rocky and mostly we have to bring dirt in which is expensive. Not fun or too cost effective. It slows me down because I have more time and seed than I do dirt. There is always a goal to work towards. Lol Take Care. Happy gardening.

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