Real child abuse victims are not proud of being abused: Becki Percy

becki percy shows no apparent signs of abuse
Fake child abuse victims like Becki Percy use their abuse narrative as a way to get free fame, money and services. They often show no physical or psychological signs of child abuse, and appear never to be triggered by the memories they relate on screen. 

False victim of child abuse Becki Percy loves to tell the world about her fictional horror stories of being raped and abused by Satanists between the ages of 4 and 19.  Vague on details, the 23-year-old British parasite speaks into the screen on Youtube stories of being ritually sexually abused in as much gore and horror her little imagination can conjure up, as if she had been relating an interesting walk down a beach eating ice cream.

Becki Percy serves up a narrative designed to appeal to her religious and feeble-minded supporters, who probably never suffered abuse themselves, but with clever emotionally crafted words Becki spins her magic to wheel her audience in, together with donations, merchandise sales, and free accommodation.  Anyone who raises questions about her strategies and narrative are blocked, threatened and are conveniently labelled Satanic child abusers.

Stories of terrible mass rapes and torture are rolled off the slippery tongue of the parasite oblivious that if these things had happened, the experience would have left apparent scars and a shattered reproductive system.  Yet the photogenic face of Becki Percy shows no scars, and if the stories are true, she continues to enjoy orgasms in the beds of the women she sleeps with.

Despite her apparent anxiety and eating disorder issues, Becki Percy looks psychologically intact for someone who claims to suffer massive traumatic experiences.  Becki Percy wields her position as a victim of child abuse with pride, turning it into a brand, a badge and key she feels unlocks doors and entitles her to money and freebies.  Every product Becki Percy sells comes with the story of her fictional abuse, an invite to take pity on her, to buy products from the poor abused parasite.  Percy uses the abuse narrative in her job applications; attempts to invite dontions on crowd funding platforms; requests for free legal services; her application to become a US citizen; access to free meals and accommodation.  Becki uses the same fictions to speak for real victims of abuse, and point fingers at innocent people without evidence alleging child rape and murder.

It is how Becki Percy reacts to what are devastating alleged claims of child abuse that flags up that she is a fraud.  I have suffered child abuse, I have met many victims of child abuse.  I know how it feels to be abused, and the consequencies of that abuse.  It is hard for me to admit to being abused, let alone share details, or wave my experiences around as if it was something to be proud of like Becki Percy does.  Child abuse is like acid, it starts eating at you every time memories of it is triggered off, and yet Percy shows no ill effects of her alleged experiences.

Becki Percy is neither mentally or physically robust, thus any serious abuse that she alleges would have caved her in.  Percy is a fragile butterfly who unlike real victims of child abuse still has pretty wings to flutter to serve her purposes of getting what she wants. Percy has had an intense hunger for fame, playing the child abuse victim has had its costs and rewards, and Becki Percy has become good at playing this game to get the attention she craves.

4 thoughts on “Real child abuse victims are not proud of being abused: Becki Percy

  1. First off James, I’m very sorry you were abused. I want you to know I am sincere and I get you. You and I are similar in some ways. I agree people that I know who were sexually abused as children don’t act or react the way Rebecca has. When she told me she and Wendy made up post cards to hand out wherever they went with a link and ability to DONATE to the “cause” I literally wanted to throw up. Even if everything she said was true I would think it was wrong but when her testimony is one of garbage it’s worse. Those people will not know her. She could have donations flying in like crazy and the rest of the world wouldn’t know. I found where an elderly gentleman along with HIS MOTHER donated a substantial but undisclosed amount of money towards Rebecca. This guy is 60 so his mom is how old? My goodness! It IS a crime. It’s disgusting beyond measure.

    For whatever reason we have come to know each other James I’m thankful to know you. People’s minds have been blown and some have discredited me as a Christian or advocate of children because we have talked. That’s their problem. They can read about it or not. I’ve addressed it in my blogs.

    You and I know there is a line drawn in our religious beliefs and I’m going to respect you as a person. You’ve been respectful with me. I appreciate it. We don’t agree on some pretty major topics but setting those aside we can talk. We can be respectful.

    I saw you are off Twitter for a month. It’s good to take a break. You are always in my prayers and I will be praying for you this month. Be well. Take care. ♥️

    1. Thanks for your comment Catherine. Sorry for delay in replying, I am visiting this blog on occasion during July to reply to any comments.

      What Becki Percy is doing makes me feel ill, its something I feel does great injustice to all real victims of abuse. I am hoping that this long saga is drawing finally to a close when the Ninth district court case happens in Sept/Oct 2019.

      Thanks for reporting on your own experiences with Becki Percy.

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