On turning midgets into giants


Pick your battles wisely in case you create a problem where you did not need to create one.  It is easy to turn a midget into a giant by giving them attention.

For many the internet has become the soap box of their own vanity, all looking for attention and influence from their social media accounts.  Some of these individuals such as Becki Percy (@becki_p20 on Twitter) and Sabine McNeill (Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax) are hurting people with their false allegation making, which is why I have devoted time, money and energy challenging them on the internet.

But, it is my opinion that each individual should pick their battles wisely, since for every giant that is worthy to challenge, there are a thousand midgets that can be ignored.  If the error is made to challenge a midget, there is a risk of turning the midget into a giant by giving them the attention they crave.  Such a midget is an individual called Thomas Dunn.

Thomas Dunn? you ask.  Exactly, he is a nobody, a midget on a soap box craving attention on the internet.  I choose Dunn as an example, because Hoaxtead who challenges false allegation makers is now turning this midget into a giant, because they give him vast amounts of attention out of all proportion to what he deserves.

Hoaxtead was originally created back in 2015 to challenge a large number of truthers I called Satan Hunters who made up allegations about a Satanic cult raping, killing and eating children in the schools and community of Hampstead London, a vindictive campaign of false allegation making that hurt both children and their families.  Hoaxtead became a well organised and successful machine that challenged and destroyed the Hampstead Hoax and its promoters, something I am proud to be a part of.  However, just as the Hampstead Hoax is dying and its promoters are now arrested, jailed and sectioned, Hoaxtead is seeking to evolve to justify its own existence, where I am sure there is a future role.  Hoaxtead is also evolving thanks to a recent new influx of activists, whilst some of their leading lights feel confident enough to reveal their true identities.

For the first time I personally disagree with Hoaxtead on their choice of challenging Thomas Dunn, which could do harm to the children and families of Hampstead by turning a midget into a giant, potentially reigniting the Hampstead Hoax.  Until a few days ago, Dunn was a nobody with 7000 followers on YouTube, an angry self-righteous and boring idiot who wasted hour-long videos saying nothing of substance at all, which few bothered to view.  Then, Dunn spotted a video of the Hampstead Hoax, jumped on the bandwagon with a declaration of a major campaign, supported with t-shirts, banners and other merchandise, that he was going to destroy Satanists and rescue the children of Hampstead London.

In a series of boring and vapid videos Dunn not only failed to offer any strategy of supporting the Hampstead Hoax, other than invites to buy his merchandise, he had no or weak connections to the existing promoters of the Hoax, and was ignorant even of the basics of what the Hoaxters were claiming happened in Hampstead.  All I saw was a bullshitter who was largely ignorant about the Hoax, had no strategy, following or offered any viable threat to anyone.

There is no justification that the well-oiled campaigning machine of Hoaxtead to jump onto Thomas Dunn to give him so much attention, turning a midget into a giant. It might be claimed that Dunn poses a threat to the children of Hampstead, but Hoaxtead has  created the threat where there was none at all to start with.  Whilst Dunn might give the new activists experience in challenging Satan Hunters, there are plenty of worthy targets such as Angela Power Disney, Belinda Mckenzie and Becki Percy worth challenging, individuals who are directly hurting people.

Hoaxtead has to remember that the reason it came to exist was to protect the children and people of Hampstead from false allegation making, and in the light of this, to ask if its current strategy of picking fights with a midget like Thomas Dunn is doing the very opposite that it intended to do.  Whilst I will be focussed on the false allegation maker Becki Percy, I will be taking time out with Hoaxtead for a while.

8 thoughts on “On turning midgets into giants

  1. Dunn has been around a while. Courted by apd prior to Rupert Q’s disastrous waste of our public resources. He’s a cynical exploiter of the rising online trend for insisting the paedolatti rule the world. Is he worthy of attention ? Probably not. Is he a genuine threat ? Probably not. Is hoaxtead a centrally run organization vertically integrated that has a specific goal ? Or is it a loosely organised group of individuals who sometimes work in a coordinated manner as a team or smaller units as and when they feel like it ? Does hoaxtead push an agenda or report on it as members suddenly rally over a shared interest as it evolves. Its all a bit chicken and eggy in my opinion. Yeah, you should definitely pick the campaign you most gravitate towards and it makes sense in a long operation not to dilute attention to external issues. I’ll reserve judgement till the exercise has played out but it’s certainly been interesting so far to see how a plastic crusader squirms under scrutiny he probably doesn’t warrant. All the best and looking forward to updates on the becki Percy front.

    • One of the great strengths of Hoaxtead was it allows people to participate in their own way as much as they feel they want to give to the fight.

      I personally always kept in mind that my focus was to kill the Hampstead Hoax and to decrease or eliminate the harm of the hoax on the children and their families of Hampstead.

  2. I don’t fully disagree with you. You’ve raised some good points, and I’ll address them in a post, as I think your argument speaks to much of what HR does as a blog and a community. Thanks for this. 🙂

    • You have probably noticed the pattern now that Thomas Dunn has been loving the publicity he has been getting, and that it has been encouraging him to further harrass the people of Hampstead.

      I hope that now that Hampstead Hoax is hopefully winding down, that Hoaxtead will evolve and find a new role of being a source of challenge to hoaxes and false allegation making. Your new set of recruits are the types that have been challenging hoaxes and false allegation making on a wider scale.

      In my opinion, if Angela Power Disney can be nailed down by criminal and civil legal proceedings, the Hampstead Hoax will finally die.

      Thanks for all your work against Hampstead Hoax and its supporters.

  3. I can understand what you are saying entirely i am working on bigger things in the long term including the 3 mentioned within your post. I do not feel Tom is acting alone there are people like APD and E. Isok trying to light fire under this and i was merely trying to endure his October shove with this was addressed whilst bringing to light the greater point that all these hoaxes do is end up harming innocent people by gathering frenzied and often mentally ill support to further there goals financial or otherwise it is a “modus operandi” i am trying to expose as well as safeguarding issues caused by these situations.
    I apologize if i have worsened any situation by my actions but was merely using him as an example of what how these people operate. I’m sorry to hear that you will be having a break and also look forward to what you uncover,

    • Hi Flo, you are an amazing campaigner and I am glad I have met you. Angela Power Disney is a notorious manipulator who is directly responsible for bringing Rupert Quaintance (jailed) and Jake Clarke (to be sentenced) into the Hampstead Hoax. In my opinion, focus on encouraging civil/criminal proceedings against Angela Power Disney is vital to stop her manipulating the weak minded and mentally ill into participating in hoaxes like Hampstead.

      None of the challenges on Thomas Dunn is working other than to encourage his ego mania, that my fear is that he could become a banner under which others would gather, then be encouraged by him to potentially harmful actions against the innocent of Hampstead.

      My focus for now will be on Becki Percy, ripping apart her false allegations, as there is a lack of an objective source of comment on her allegations on the internet.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Thank you if there is anything you would like highlighted i am more than willing to signal boost information regarding any of the people you are working on. On Tom Dumb i have ran my course with the man and shall be summarising it in the next few days i wanted to prove he was a coward as well as an abuser to take steam out of his campaign same as i did to Angela when she approached Brian and currently Dunn has a lot mor sway than APD this week the nails have been put in the coffin and doubts about him manifested within his own community.

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