On Nature and Harmony


What is common in nature is good, just and true.  Choice: to follow what is common in nature, be happy; follow hubris, suffer.

There is a music video on YouTube of a little kid who is connected and in harmony with himself and nature. He (the kid) reminds me of me, my ideal of being in harmony with self and nature. One of the reasons I identify with the Epicurean outlook is the concept of ataraxia, a contentment of mind that comes from being in harmony with self and environment. What follows is my philosophy on nature and harmony.

What is Nature?
Nature is another name for cosmos and universe. When I say nature, I mean everything there is: hidden and observed; material and spiritual; kinetic and potential. Nature is the sum of everything, the ultimate authority. Nothing is beyond, outside or above nature in past, present and future.

Self and Nature is a Holon
I am of nature and nature is me. Just as my hand and my whole body is one and the same thing, so nature and me is one and the same thing. Just as something can be a whole and a part of a whole, there is a paradox of one and the many being the same thing. I describe thus, I and nature is a holon, the part and the whole is the same thing. Whatever is the common pattern of nature, also is the pattern my body and self must follow. Nobody can step outside of nature, because they are nature.

On the Common and Hubris

As I am of nature, then the common patterns of nature apply to me. I am of nature, nature is everything, I cannot step outside of nature, for there is nothing beyond nature. If I attempt to follow an opinion that is contrary to the common patterns of nature, I have hubris. If I have hubris, I separate self from nature, and since there is nothing beyond nature, I suffer, I vanish and I die. The common patterns of nature is Common, what is Common is all there is, to do anything but what is Common is hubris, and hubris leads to suffering and death.

I follow the authority of Nature
Nature is the ultimate authority, what is Common to nature, is the only common pattern worth following. I need no god or bible, nature is my authority, I follow the Common. Nature is indifferent and blind: either the self is in harmony with the Common, or self is suffering in hubris. To need something, is to need what is essential to existence, to be in hubris is to hunger for reconnection with nature. The wise study what is Common, the wise follow the Common.

Truth, Justice and Good
What is common and of nature is truth, all else is hubris. What is common and of nature is good, all else is hubris. What is common and of nature is just, all else is hubris.

On Hubris and Harmony
The choice, hubris or harmony? Follow the Common, enjoy harmony and connection, ataraxia; follow Hubris, be hungry and disconnected, suffer.

My primary principle, my arche
What is my cause of my existence? Nature. What shapes and instructs my choice and deeds in life? Nature. The cause, and what instructs and teaches, becomes the arche of a thing. I follow the Common of nature, this is my arche, my cause, my strength.

Nature, my teacher
Nature instructs and teaches. The Common is the voice of nature. All things in nature hear, understand and proceed according to what is Common. What nature teaches and instructs, is truth, just and good. The wise listen to the voice, the Common, they understand and proceed accordingly.


6 thoughts on “On Nature and Harmony

    • Hubris, pride, arrogance, words that mean the same thing, destroyer of nations and individuals. Hubris is an opinion or delusion that blinds the individual or a group to the reality, and they suffer, even are destroyed by it. Hubris caused many empires to enter into conflict in the First World War, five of the empires were destroyed, and millions died. Hubris caused Napoléon Bonaparte to march upon Russia, and that Russian winter destroyed his army, and fatally set in motion events that ended his rule. Hitler in Hubris did not learn from the experience of Napoléon, he suffered the exact same destruction of his armies by the Russian winter, the turning point that eventually destroyed him and his Nazi regime.

      When people in hubris build their homes in zones that floods and fire naturally and historically happen in, they are in hubris, and wonder why disasters destroyed their home.

      If people take actions that poison bees and starve them to death for lack of the flowers such bees need to survive, this is hubris, and no bees, mean no population of food crops, which means mass starvation for the human race.

      • There is no greater pride than to work at being meek. Humility is often a competition among the pious with the most developed gaining status as if it were an achievement instead of a state and of course this is a phony humility.
        Hubris is likewise a state and we are told that it’s a sin and we should feel guilty for our sins…but of course nobody does!
        The problem is nobody can force themselves to feel anything; guilt, shame, love, hubris, humility. And when you focus on a vice you fixate and draw on it even more than if you were smart enough to just let it go!

      • The last test of the Quest for the Holy Grail was that the Knight had to ask the question “who does the Grail serve?” The answer to the question was irrelevant, it was the state of mind that caused the question to be asked. Only a humble person with a child-like questioning mind, who is open to the possibilities as children do, would ask the question. The hubristic come to the table blinded by their own egos, so they never asked the question. It is no accident that it was a fool that asked the question and achieved the Quest of the Holy Grail.

      • And the source of western hubris is the underlying assumptions associated with a tyrannical creator who lauds himself over humans and demands from them because they are inherently unworthy of life and this world.

  1. You are no more in control of what’s outside your skin than you are what’s inside your skin; do you beat your own heart or do you shine the sun?
    What’s both inside and outside the skin together form the universe. You don’t play the universe, the universe plays you and you are just one tiny point of focus of everything.

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