A satanic view on children


The gender a child identifies with is natural and good.

Yesterday, I helped a friend with their business, they brought their 4-year-old daughter to their office.  Their admin assistant was given the task of keeping the kid occupied, but was stressed about it.  The admin person was of a generation that considered children should sit and be quiet, and complained about how children had changed, though all I saw was a child being a child, not one of those horror stories in the Super Nanny television series.

Today, I was at an event, and some grandparents brought a 13 or 14-year-old grandson to the event.  The kid talked a lot, and as I was teaching the family in relation to the event the kid in a matter of fact way on several occasions said they were bisexual, had boy and girlfriends, and was planning to attend a Pride event.  I had to throw up a poker face to hide my shock, not that kids identify with different genders, but that children are so secure, relaxed and accepting of their genders, that this identification is no more significant to them than supporting a sports team.  I did not prompt anyone to say any of these things, sexuality is sacred, a person’s religion, gender and personal life is their business, nothing to do with me.  However, the child in their interactions with their grandparents and with me, a random stranger, seemed comfortable and without any emotional anxt was happy and open in the gender they identified with.

In former years a gender identity other than heterosexual would attract persecution, anxiety and all manner of judgemental bullshit.  In Britain, a hate crime based on sexual identity leads to jail time, and even though I was aware of a shift in how kids viewed gender on YouTube, this was the first-time I encountered how a child dealt with it in real life.  Even though I am supposed to be on the ball on cultural shifts, the speed of change in how younger generations see our world has taken me by surprise.

As a Satanist, I take my concepts of the world from some of the philosophies of the Greeks including Heraclitus and the Orphic tradition, which helps me build my attitude to what I am seeing is emerging in a new generation of young people.  As Heraclitus says, everything in nature is good, only humanity divides things into good and bad.  Heraclitus considers that all things have a common desire to follow its own nature, which is good and just.  Heraclitus condemns opinion, encourages people to follow the common patterns of nature.  The Orphic Derveni Papyrus says how all things in nature “hears,” as in understanding and being taught, rather than being instructed and ordered, and will gain their purpose and strength by following naturally what is “uttered” in the cosmos.

If a child identifies as bisexual, this is their nature, all things are good in nature, therefore it is good and just, and I will neither hold opinion, or undermine, or destroy or interfere with anything that is natural.  Nature is the ultimate authority, the sum of all things past, present and future. I respect Nature, what is common and good in it.

In fighting Satan Hunters who promote Satanic Ritual Abuse fictions, I fight for what is common, good, natural and just.  Truth is only that which is common in nature, and if it is the natural state of a thing, then it is the only truth I recognise and will defend.  Satanism, regardless of its diverse definitions and concepts, is one of the few religions on this planet that hears the voice in the darkness and instinctively is following it in the same manner as the universe is, which is a key reason I identify as Satanic.  Satanists call this voice different things: Satan; Lucifer; black flame; will; Baphomet; carnal nature.  The Greeks call it the Logos, One, All, the Good; the Taoists the Way or Tao.  I call it the Common.

What is contrary to the way of things is unnatural, it causes suffering, misery and ruin.  So when a mother Ella Draper and her boyfriend starves, tortures and drugs her children in order to make them say Satanic Ritual Abuse fictions to make money out of them, this is unnatural, and to be opposed.  When the same children by their own choice selects their father to look after them, becomes healthy, happy and secure in his love, this is good and natural, something worthy to protect and defend.  So when Satan Hunters talk about killing the father, or abducting his children, or plot to separate children from father, or constantly harrass that family with sadistic sexual fantasies, posting their names, addresses, images, and even intimate medical reports across the internet, this is unnatural and contrary to the Common.

Those who identify with the Satanic religion, their families and their children follow a path that is good, natural, healthy and positive.  All those people, who follow their nature, and what is Common, deserve to do so without molestation by the self-righteous and Satan Hunter.

It is unnatural to interfere, persecute or undermine a child who naturally follows their nature, since to do is to set the self against all of Nature, which knows and understands what is common and good.  So this in conclusion is how I view things with regards to children, the liberty of Satanists to follow their religion, and a natural bond of love between a father and his children.

5 thoughts on “A satanic view on children

  1. This sounds rather naiive. If a child identifies as bisexual, it is probably something they picked up from their environment, most likely from the media, and they are saying it because they think it’s hip and cool. Children are like sponges, and the media elites, who in the Anglo world are now pushing some rather radical ideas related to sexuality, understand that and use it to program children. What you saw is probably a programmed child, not an expression of the child’s “nature”.

    I actually think you’ve got it all backwards, equating Satanism with the Tao or what is natural. I agree with Michael Aquino when he describes Satanism and black magic as those ideas and activities that go against the natural order; that “disturb the Tao”; that are innovative, strange, perverse products of will and artifice. Darth Vader and the Empire are Satanic; a Jedi Master living a simple life in a swamp is not. By that definition, we live in the most Satanic civilization in history, and GMO food, suburban lawns, social media, postmodern philosophy and children who identify as bisexual are all part of that.

    • Thanks for your comment Dred Nightstalker.

      I know nothing about the situation of the child I mentioned, other than they identify as bisexual, and since gender/orientation is a natural thing that a human being will identify with, it is to me natural. Other than the unexpected revelations throwing me off balance, I accept things as “is” without subjectve opinion. I acknowledge that the gender/orientation a child identifies with is transitional, so that what they may identify with one day, may be different years later when they become adults.

      Heraclitus says that strife is justice, which is to say that the primary principle of Nature is war, brought about by the clash of at least two opposites, which causes things to move, change and evolve. Everything prefers to exist at the edge of chaos between the opposites of order and chaos. Since society tends to move to too much order, Satanism, and the ideas that Michael Aquino refers to as black magic is about introducing the chaos to bring the individual back to the healthy state of the edge of chaos, and this is natural.

      The Tao is always disturbed, this is why everything has motion, change and evolution. The Tao has its opposites of yin and yang, but it is only human society that seems to desire to stagnate things into a permanent state of unchange, then we Satanists come along and through our innovations and arts sabotage things so that the natural harmony is restored.

      The Jedi in the narrative are examples of a tyranny of Order, whilst the Sith is more natural, they are still another extreme, this time of Chaos. Regardless of which extreme holds dominion, all things naturally return eventually to the natural state of the harmony of the edge of chaos.

  2. If you’ll forgive me for what might come off as a silly comment, I must say I feel a little confused by the manner in which you talk of “gender identity”, but with reference to concepts like heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality, and I was of the impression that what people call gender identity and sexual orientation were different concepts. It makes confounds me when I try to make a judgement on the subject of children and gender identity.

    Beyond that, I will say that I don’t know if we can actually be certain as to whether or not what a child identifies in regards to gender or sexual identity. If I’m not mistaken, the mind of a child is very much still in what we would call a “developmental” phase, and they don’t have much awareness . I’d argue that, in the case of humans, the whole thing with sexual orientation or even “gender identity” is rather vague when you consider that, apparently, there isn’t actually a gay gene. This suggests that, perhaps, aspects of human sexuality are conditioned by the environment that the human is placed in – but then I suppose this opens up the question of what, precisely, is influencing the person within the broad environment. This is not to say that the human mind is a blank slate – there is, after all, a some biological or genetic basis for the way each person is – but the mind is constantly interracting . Human nature, in this sense, is not a static phenomenon, but in reality a profoundly dialectical process of being, where the biological being known as homo sapiens interacts with the environment in which it is placed, and all of the conditionings that envelop it as a result. Thus, for me, to say that it is the child’s nature to be of a certain identity at that point, is probably up for debate at the very least.

    • Hi Aleph, you are right that gender identity and sexual orientation are different concepts, my use in this blog post probably might lead to confusion.

      You are also correct that children are developing in many ways, and what they identify as one day might change at a later stage in their development. But, regardless of what a child identifies with at any time, I suggest this is natural, and the process is natural, and what they evolve from and into is natural.

      In my opinion gender identity and orientation might be created at the embryo stage rather than the genetic level.

      • Well, it’s not as though the way I describe human nature entails something that ultimately happens outside of nature. The dialectic of human nature can only really be a natural thing. So yes, it’s probably still somewhat fair to say that it’s kind of natural to some extent.

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