My fight with a false witness Becki Percy

becki percy
Becki Percy aged 23 is a false witness and allegation maker who I am challenging.

Many ancient civilisations considered the penalty for a false witness, those who falsely allege things against innocent people, was death.  The penalty for the false witness in Rome was to be flung from a cliff to their death.  The Christian Bible has dozens of statements against false witnesses, which they considered a terrible crime.  The act of being a false witness is considered so serious because it undermines family, community and society.


Since 2014 I have been involved in a battle against false witnesses who allege hundreds of innocent people in the  community of Hampstead London have been raping and killing children as part of a sinister cult.  In recent times I have been fighting a new false witness called Becki Percy, who alleges her family is a cult who has been killing and raping thousands of children in Hull UK.

From the age of 14 Becki Percy has built a personal brand through accusing multiple innocent people of sexual abuse and murder of children without evidence.  With a serious grudge against her own family she had herself put into care as she accused all those she fell out with of sexual abuse, first her father, then mother, then an uncle, and then her temporary foster carer.  The police looked into her allegations, and found no evidence to bring charges, her social workers labelled Percy an “allegation maker.”

As a false witness and alleged “victim” Becki Percy has enjoyed a free stay in the USA for several years where she has seduced two American families to indulge her every whim; where several crowd funding campaigns pay her expenses; has built a business selling overpriced candles, greeting cards and bath products; she enjoys the attention of 25,000 Twitter followers feeding her need for fame; where lawyers work free of charge fighting her case for political asylum, where she hopes her allegation making will get her citizenship in the USA.  As an added bonus Percy wages constant war by public opinion through social media against her family, making allegations without evidence, in the hope of destroying reputations, encouraging her followers to attack her family.

Aged 23 as a false witness Becki Percy has built a life of a somebody where in the past she was a nobody.  Since she arrived in the USA Percy has evolved her narrative from being a sex abuse victim to one of being a victim of a Satanic cult which rapes and murders thousands of children in Hull by her family.

Bizarrely Percy prefers to sell candles and fight for convicted murderers in the US prison system than providing statements to the UK police about the alleged murders of Hull children.  Whilst I and many others encourage Percy to report the alleged crimes to the UK police, provide justice for crime victims, and to stop the alleged rape of children, Percy has reacted by blocking and threatening people with hacking and doxxing.

Percy never offers evidence in support of her allegations, for instance photos of scars she says were inflicted upon her during torture, or medical reports to support her sexual abuse.  Neither does Percy desire to reveal the locations of dead children she says she personally witnessed being buried.  Percy claimed political asylum to the USA alleging her family will murder her, though her lack of evidence to support her claims has caused her to lose every immigration court hearing so far, and she now waits for a final appeal hearing in California against deportation.

Becki Percy is an opportunistic parasite motivated for money, fame and revenge to become a false witness against innocent people.  Those like Percy who pretend to be child abuse victims, undermine the integrity of real child abuse victims, and steals essential resources of law enforcement and child protection necessary to bring to justice abusers and to support the abused.  Dishonestly claiming political asylum denies genuine applicants political asylum by clogging up the US legal system with a frivolous and unwinnable case.

I became involved in the Becki Percy case because of the support given to her by promoters of the Hampstead false allegation making case.  The internet currently lacks a quality contrary point of view to the allegations of Becki Percy, which allows her to make allegations without challenge against innocent people.  I hope to change that.


14 thoughts on “My fight with a false witness Becki Percy

  1. I know it’s not relevant to the content of the post, but I looked at the photo and thought “good lord, she even *looks* retarded”.

    But on a more serious note, I was initially surprised to read that she has been racking up financial and moral support in the United States for her bullshit, but then I remembered that this is the same country where you have an entire bloc of voters who believe that, for instance, Pizzagate, QAnon and spirit cooking are all real, and that Latin American countries are using immigrants to subvert the United States of America somehow. It demoralizes me to think about it.

    1. You are not the first to comment that Becki Percy looks “retarded” in some of her pictures, though she has the mind of a cunning snake.

      Becki Percy has been growing her Twitter support base by plugging into the conspiracy theory movements of Pizzagate, QAnon and the MAGA bullshit.

      1. It sort of figures in a way. If she’s as cunning as you say, she has to know about these types and how they’re willing to believe just about anything because facts don’t actually matter to them.

  2. Why do you want to fight a crazy person? I would be a good thing if she gets to remain in the US; she has lots of company here. She’s already snuggling up to the QAnons.

    The fantasies about a US political pedo-Satanist underground have been around for at least 3 decades now. Maybe you’re too young to remember Diana Napolis aka Curio?

    It’s been like 4 centuries since you Brits started sending your WASPite religious k00ks to North America, and their descendants have flourished. One more won’t create any additional bother. And I think it’s a good thing to have as many of them concentrated in one country as possible. It was “addition by subtraction” for the UK when Becki Percy came here.

    1. Unfortunately the tough US immigration system will kick Becki Percy out of the USA back to the UK, then she will become our “problem” again. I only deal with the UK SRA scammers, and I have seen the terrible suffering they inflict on families and children. This is not something I can turn my back on.

    1. Hi Mary, I believe that Becki Percy started reporting abuse against various people from around 13/14 years old, initially in senior school.

      The allegations of ritual abuse are new ones that Becki Percy started making when she moved to USA, these she never reported to the police. It is my intention that Becki Percy will be interviewed by the police about these new allegations when she is deported back to the UK.

  3. Can you link me to some of her USA or UK court dockets proving her lack of evidence? She wouldnt still be in the US if she was found guilty of making all this up… i have unanswered questions ..

    1. Hello Lrs. Becki Percy is being deported back to the UK. Percy was unable to prove her case to stay in the USA. As to the matter of her allegations, when she is back in the UK, and she repeats them here, I will make sure she is arrested and her allegations finally investigated. When Percy is back in the UK, she hopefully will go to a police station and provide them with the evidence to have those allegations properly investigated, and the claimed ongoing murders and rapes of children stopped.

      I am not going to waste any further time on Percy other than dumping her into a police station should she ever repeat her allegations and fraud.

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