This blog is coming back into action


satanicviews is back!

Hi everyone.

As an individual who loves writing it has been a hard struggle to keep away from writing again on this blog, then WordPress today sent to me a congratulation that satanicviews is five years old.

Lots have been happening, and some readers have wanted me to return, the temptation to start writing again was too great, so here I am writing again.

Have you ever been addicted to something? Well writing can be an addiction, but I think at least it is a healthy form of addiction.

Happy birthday to this blog, and I am back blogging .

James Hind

42 thoughts on “This blog is coming back into action

    • CoS couldn’t flame a burger at a barbeque. They’re merely the nyc branch of the church of satan fan club. The real church is still in sf and keeps as quiet as Anton kept it mid 80s onwards.

      • As far as I know, and I hardly researched it though someone passed me a link on twitter a while back when i took a good two minutes to decide she was a fake, she has been denied a visa and her appeal is a stopgap to allow the presentation of new evidence. As she has no proof, no new evidence and nothing else to say at the appeal, has no value as an alien of exceptional talent, no large sums of money and is obviously going to be perceived by experienced agents who’ve seen/heard everything under the sun as a workshy bullshitting little parasite who needs to go back home and grow up. When she returns to the UK and neither reports the murders or sets silenced by the sinister hooded sect of baby killers she’ll look a bit of a knob head. She needs to drop the crap, knuckle down to college or a job and get on with life. I don’t think she’s really ever faced such a challenge as deportation so far and I hope it serves as the impetus for her to drop the charade and accept more personal responsibility for her life. Gamblers, junkies and dipsomaniacs at least have groups to assist, she could do with bullshitters anonymous

      • I agree. Becki Percy has now surrounded herself with fundamentalist Christians who are happy to believe everything she says and give her the attention she craves. This fantasy that Percy has built up around herself is going to end, as those such as immigration officers, judges and the police who have critical thinking skills will see straight through her sham allegations, they will kick her out of the USA and arrest her for harrassing innocent people. Becki Percy in my opinion is a dishonest psychopath, someone with personality disorder who prefers living outrageous fantasies instead of dealing with ordinary life.

      • US immigration aren’t going to back down even if your story is true and you even applied for asylum correctly, which becki didn’t. They deal with some horrific animals of criminals, drug mules, terrorists, all manner of vicious, evil scum. They send mothers and babies back to lives of hell, because that’s their job. A callow teen with her inconsistent tales of being trafficked, rape hunted, used as a breeder and witness to hundreds of murders is just a Walter mitty limey brat who needs to get on a plane home. Zero probability she will reverse their original decision. Her fantasy that her twitter followers will all write to trump and he’ll intervene is ludicrous. Unfortunately she’s got this far with no major set backs, deportation is gonna fuck her plans right up.

      • I doubt she’ll be in deep shit, just robustly rebuked as a fantasist and roundly ignored for the bullshitting village idiot she so obviously is. If she returns to hull she’ll not be subject to anything other that police questioning, sarcasm and a lonely existence as a pariah. They’ll be neither people to believe or money to be scammed and she’ll slowly fade away into obscurity as she’ll not be able to make anymore wild claims when on British soil and can be legally assessed for any inflammatory statements. Donald trump won’t save her, immigration has never been stronger and there’s little anyone without a megalawyer or monsterous resources, eg owning your own island, being able to manufacture a new identity, ship her to another country unseen, can do at this stage. She’s coming home. I predict hull in tears, or Highgate for as long as Belinda’s patience and pursestrings allow… Her future is not very rosy. Brought it on herself and I’m just glad that no vigilantes harassed the poor people falsely accused. She was reckless, selfish and without conscience for the lies she told and should she face legal action deserves it. Also she looks like Vic reeves’ drawings, with her eyes too far apart.

      • Separated from her gullible US support base, and subject to UK law, Becki Percy will come back to reality with a bump when she returns to the UK. Sadly, she will be the source of misery and suffering for many people over the next 50 years or more who she connects with. People should be wary when getting into any sort of relationship with this person.

  1. The head mounted camera worn by the victim in the outdoors forest rapathon event ? Aside from the fact a passive night vision camera uses power like crazy, is pretty bulky and couldn’t Last long enough to capture the whole event. Aside from it being impossible unless you have navy seal connections and a weighty rig for the batteries. Aside from that. What dumb idiot rapist would allow the victim to video the assault and, should they escape the fictional forest and its macabre trees adorned with corpses, have evidence against the abusers. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    • If it was pitch black how could she see the dead children hanging in the trees ? Her eyes are continually up and to the left throughout the video. Can’t wait for her to come back to the UK and have to face adulthood and the fruit of her lies.

    • If her false allegations of child abuse, torture and murder were acted up then she is clearly a threat to people. Isn’t it part of the criteria for being detained under a mental health act thingy that someone is a danger to either themselves or others ? I hope the authorities consider this avenue. There’s a much greater opportunity to receive the mental health treatment she obviously needs to counter her delusional views and the abhorrent behaviour they inspire.

      • She’s very stupid. An IQ of between 75 to 90 tops. She speaks too slowly and is an incredibly bad liar, constantly giving herself away without the obvious contradictions. Her insistence on so many unlikely factors – seeing dead children hanging in trees in the pitch black woods, being able to run in the dark with no shoes in a forest, also in complete darkness. Her claims of everyone who cared for her being a satanic trafficking ritual abuser and social services orchestrating her through a series of wealthy Satanists involved in hunger games style rape events and the organised slaughter of hundreds, if not thousands, of children, trafficking her for sex (does she know that trafficking actually means moving people to another country ?) and generally putting the plots of Dennis Wheatley novels to shame for being sedate sitcoms in comparison.

        I’m summary she’s a slow witted attention seeking little wretch who manipulates people to attend to her baby like need to be pitied, fawned over and given a free puppy. She has no conscience for those she slanders and is only interested in money and sympathy. She will cut dead Anyone no long useful to her. A nasty individual.

  2. And as far as wild woods go. Remember order nine angles initiates are expected to spend 3 months living away from human contact, unseen and unheard on the wild. Three days is enough to mess most people up. Someone with military training would be losing their sense of humour after three weeks. Imagine the three months that badge wearing ONA members are supposed to have carried out. Just try one week living alone off the land and you’ll know that the ONA is just a rumour and cannot exist.

  3. With the fantasist ‘Nick’ being accused of fraud and perverting the course of justice thinks don’t look too clever for bullshit becki and her unfounded accusations. Be interesting to see if she faces any legal entanglements when (not if) she returns to the U of K.

    I can’t wait for her to be deported, what I’d give for her reaction to be live streamed.

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