Reverse Christians and Satanic Ritual Abuse


When Reverse Christians in the Order of Nine Angles and the Roman Catholic Church ritually abuse and harm children, it is Satanists who get the blame, and we support this impression by saying and doing nothing.

Large numbers of cases have emerged over the years of Catholic nuns, monks and priests indulging in the most perverted and sadistic abuse against children in their care, with an enquiry in Scotland revealing the horror inflicted upon orphan children at Smyllum Park by the nuns and their associates of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul in Scotland.

Amongst the many allegations given to the enquiry by victims at Smyllum Park is that of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

‘There was quite a lot of us, with the sisters, five or six of them, maybe more. They would take us out into a big field and make us stand in a circle and dance around a tree.

‘They would take us to the back of a chapel, they would take us down the stairs – it was dingy and dark with candles. There would be a big square slab, they laid me on that.’

Janie said: ‘I was sitting on one of the nun’s knees, they gave me a lollipop. They said, “The Devil’s coming out now”.’

She said she did not know who her abuser was but ‘it was a guy in a hood – and they said it was the Devil’. She was sexually abused by the man then taken outside, where they ‘buried me alive, left me there’.

One of the nuns whispered to her: ‘Don’t worry, you will get back out.’

She said she was ‘buried in a drain’ and left overnight, and released in the morning.

Janie said the nuns dragged her upstairs in the home, where she was forced to take a bath in what she was told was blood, but now believes to be ‘red dye’.

She said: ‘They made out it was blood, they soaked me under it.’

In the context of the scale and depth of the horror being revealed at Smyllum Park I believe this is an authentic example of ritualistic abuse, however, this is by Catholic nuns rather than Satanists.

Reverse Christians, those that invert the Christian religion, but in essence are still Christians indulging in their Christian interpretation of Satan, have nothing to do with Satanists and Satanism.  It is a small step to take by the Catholic nuns at Smyllum Park after indulging in neglect, sexual, emotional and physical abuse, to include Reverse Christian rituals to torture children, then we Satanists get soiled with the taint of the depravity expressed by those of the Catholic religion.

Ritualistic abuse happens, and this is going on by non-Satanists, those connected to the Roman Catholic Church, Order of Nine Angles or mentally disturbed individuals.  Whilst the majority of Satanists and others of the Left Hand Path remain indifferent, the Reverse Christians are going to write our narrative for us that Satanists are ritually abusing, killing and eating babies.


5 thoughts on “Reverse Christians and Satanic Ritual Abuse

  1. Again, the solution to being confused with “reverse Christians” is obvious: stop calling yourself Satanists. The name is as inappropriate as people calling themselves Christians who don’t believe in Jesus or Buddhists who don’t believe in the Buddha. Just because a circus performer named Howard Levey subverted the meme by turning it into hedonistic materialism without any spiritual content (i.e. Satanism without Satan or black magic) doesn’t mean you have to respect that subversion. And if Satanism was an invention of the Church used to scare believers into line, there’s no reason to respect that either. Why are you so stuck on this inappropriate and outdated name?

    • Not all Satanisms are purely materialistic and hedonistic. Theistic currents put a lot of weight into spirituality. Some theistic/spiritual Satanists try to balance materialism and spirituality as opposites of the same coin, or as myself, we consider materialism and spiritualism to be paths that can be walked simultaneously.

  2. What should we do, as Satanists, to divert the wrong accusation? Are we supposed to act locally, and individually, or globally, as a group. The former seems more in line with a Satanic approach to things, while the latter could be more effective in the long run.

    • One of the primary ways to challenge false narratives about Satanism is to show outsiders a positive experience and view of Satanism, in addition challenging any Reverse Christians who seek to hijack our religion according to their twisted fictions.

      There is nothing to stop individual Satanists either working as individuals or forming temporary alliances with other others in common goals of challenging false narratives about Satanism.

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