Does the Left Hand Path need buildings?

For most who identify with the Left Hand Path having a proper building to meet is unnecessary, undesirable and expensive.  As the Luciferians discovered with their building in Texas, such buildings attract trouble from Christians.

When the Luciferians founded the Greater Church of Lucifer, they took up a lease in a town called Old Town Spring in Texas USA, a building to meet and have events.  The building was attacked by Christians on several occasions, the Christians harrassed the landlord enough to cause him to evict GCOL from the building.

The Satanic Temple recently encountered an internet call to burn down their headquarters in Salem USA, and was attacked shortly after by a man who was arrested after damaging the building.

I have encountered a large number of members of the Left Hand Path who think that a building to meet in like the Christians is a desirable thing.  I say this is misguided.  When the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great made the Christian religion the official religion of the Roman world, the Christians made it a virtue to destroy the buildings of rival religions for the last 1700 years.

Buildings cost lots of money to own, rent and maintain.  Expensive security is required, as Christians will attack any LHP building.  Even though the Satanic Temple has caused the population of the Left Hand Path to double in recent years, those that identify with our path are thinly spread across the globe, thus having buildings is unsustainable and unwise.  Only the Satanic Temple has the concentrations of members in certain locations to afford and justify having a building in locations such as Salem.

If there is enough members in a location, it justifies the hire on an hourly rate some room or hall at a venue to meet.  Nobody has to say the meeting is for Satanists, call it a philosophy meeting or some other terminology that avoids anxiety in a non-LHPer.  Numbers are often small enough at most locations that those that identify with the LHP can meet in each other’s homes.

It is important to educate the world about the positive authentic points of the Left Hand Path, but when those of like-mind meet together it is neither necessary or desirable to tell Christians where the meeting places are, for this always attracts harrassment and attack from Christians.

I love the idea of the ancient Epicurean philosophers who met together in their homes in beautiful gardens such as the Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum as friends, sharing their philosophy over food and drink.

As the Left Hand Path places self as the centre of the personal worldview, having a building dedicated to the religion encourages the focus away from self to the building instead, which is one of the first steps to creating a Right Hand Path type of religion that places focus of the group as more important than self, a challenge that is encountered with organised religions such as Islam and Christianity.

34 thoughts on “Does the Left Hand Path need buildings?

  1. Right, stop calling yourself Satanists (particularly since you don’t believe in Satan) and Christians probably won’t bother you. Come up with some other name for theatrical, secular, progressive activism that is more accurate. But there’s the paradox: Satanism gets most of its power from its ability to trigger Christians, so if you stop using that word it will be hard to get any attention.

      1. I agree on your first point but the second? Satanism isn’t achieving ‘power’, you should already have it. It’s attainment. That can be anything in the world you want but if you have no power, you ain’t getting shit.

      2. Sean Ravensdale is correct in his second point, Satanism is a worldview and process of empowerment. Afterall, if an individual neither has the attitude or the deeds, they will never gain the experience of power in their lives.

      3. It’s not just a worldview. It takes deeds. Deeds that if you have zero power, you won’t do. Many people won’t even step over imaginary lines, let along get out there and grab life by the balls.

        If you don’t have any power, you can’t obtain more of it.

      4. @ SIN
        I see Satanism as Aristotle puts it as an entelechy, something complete, but also in a process of working towards completion. This is a paradox, deeds create power, but deeds require power.

      5. Which is just rephrasing what I said to an extent, but does not directly address the assertion counter. That there aren’t different ‘types’.

      6. @ SIN
        Of course there are many different types of Satanism, just as there are many different types of oak tree or cat. It is a common trap that an individual falls into to assume their truth is the only one that is correct in a world of many truths.

      7. You’ve written words there, I don’t think you’ve taken into consideration what you’re actually saying. You’ve said nothing. The LHP, is very specific. The oak is the oak, how we climb it may be different but the oak doesn’t change into a cat because we believe it can.

      8. @SIN Babies are born powerless, yet power grows in them. It is evident that power can be born where there isn’t any, as long as there is a potential for power to be there. In any case, that’s what I meant.

        Also, a Satanic worldview is enough to cause Satanic deeds, as Satanism is inherently about actions.

      9. Infants have more power than you realize. Every fetus has the potential to be an abortion. The chemicals attributed to pregnancy are strong and do influence that decision. There are less infants abandoned than are cared for. There are more live births than there are abortions. Do you see where I’m going with this? No infant is powerless. Neither is the individual that realizes what power they actually have to attain.

      10. Please, you’re only citing external forces and influences. The baby is cared for because it is in our animal nature to care for our offspring, and to feel sympathy for them and stuff.

        I can agree that infants have a potential of power, but definitely not any power that can be harnessed by them.

    1. @ Blackstone.
      I am a Satanist, that is the name I feel comfortable with and I identify with. There are many definitions of Satan, it does not have to be as an entity. Power comes from self.

  2. Also, you should probably first ask: “does the LHP need organizations?” Once a group of similar-minded people join something like GCOL or Satanic Temple, they start look like just another Church or political party, which are RHP by definition.

    1. @ Blackstone
      There is always the risk that groups of people organising together can become RHP in nature if the participants places authority in their own lives with the organisation rather than self. I think Satanic Temple is still in the safe zone of the LHP.

      1. The “satanic” temple was not even l.h.p. at the start they’re a leftwing political org masquerading as Satanists for media attention, they also have never accomplished more than getting their name in the news ex. The oklahoma 10 commandment monument the lawsuit that actually removed the monument was underway for 2 years before tst even talked to the sex offender they partnered with to make their big move , the Florida school bible same thing.

      2. @ James
        In my opinion the Satanic Temple is Satanic and LHP. Even within Satanism the Satanic Temple has been a popular disrupter offering a new alternative face of Satanism to what is already out there.

      3. @James
        What “Sex offender” are you talking about? The TST and it’s members are not “masquerading” as anything. We are Satanists and You certainly don’t get to label or dictate to us who we are or what we believe.

  3. The TST are as Satanic as your run of the mill libtard. The apprehension to ‘stick it to the man’ on churches, abortion, religion, etc. is the furthest thing from the Satanic I can fathom. Why are they fighting for others anyway? It’s always been a path of the individual and self-responsibility. The CoS has been pretty outspoken about it, not that their the Don of Satanism but it does tend to piss people off when you put lipstick on a pig.

    1. @ SIN
      There are many forms of Satanism, TST is one of the forms. TST embraces the whole human being, which is that the individual has empathy, a sense of justice, and a desire to manifest the will of self to make change in the world. TST manifests the adversarial nature of Satanism when fighting various authorities in its many causes including on issues of abortion, corporal punishment in US schools, and maintaining the core principle of separation of religion from the state in the USA.

      1. I disagree. It’s the same thousands year old practice that people try to package when it doesn’t fit their world view. The TST just apprehends it for their political endeavors. Fighting for those that can’t or won’t fight for themselves, is not Satanic. That’s White Knighting. The problem with Post-Modernism is that it’s a castrated devil used by otherwise powerless people to posture and nothing more.

      2. @ SIN
        Satanism starts in self, and from this source comes many definitions and interpretations of what is Satanism: you have your version, I have mine, TST has their’s. We may not all agree with each other’s form of Satanism, though we can all see that Satanism has common patterns which makes us Satanic.

        It does not matter what the end goal is, the process of action is what matter. Thus, if the individual is fighting cancer, or make a million $, or is fighting for victims of Christian tyranny, the process is adversarial, and this is a common pattern of Satanism.

      3. While I agree, the impetus to move starts within; there aren’t different types. Heterodoxy is Heterodoxy. Seeking to find your core under all the layers of bullshit and determinism, isn’t a different type. While there are a lot of different things one could describe as taboo, that’s not the same thing as saying there different types of Satanism. The end goal does matter, and to dismiss it as a difference of opinion is disingenuous.

      4. @ SIN
        Its a pattern of nature, that whilst all things come from a common source, when it is in motion it becomes different faces, forms, types. Thats how it is in nature, and is in Satanism. Example is O9A, they have an essence, which they manifest in different forms such as the opposing philosophies of Fascism and Anarchism.

      5. I wouldn’t open that can of worms if I were you. People shouldn’t speak on things they know very little about.

      6. That you describe it as ‘their philosophy’ tells us things about your ignorance of the matter. It distracts from the core discussion here.

  4. Reblogged this on Satanic Muses and commented:
    Interesting points. While the Temple of Satan has established a role for itself in breaking down barriers and demonstrating aspects of Satanism and LHP philosophy that most people don’t know; and therefor may need physical and real estate manifestations; we don’t think most of us need that. We agree with Satanic Views that such things actually detract from the central philosophy we follow.

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