Hoaxtead and Me


In life, new paths demand travel companions separate to walk down different paths.

Back in 2014 I began a fight against a fiction of Satanic Ritual Abuse when a massive hoax sprang up in Hampstead London that hurt many people.  I teamed up with a group of activists from a variety of backgrounds and specialisation to combat the Hampstead SRA Hoax through a blog called Hoaxtead Research.

The Hampstead SRA Hoax is largely defeated, the legal system has slowly been catching up with criminal and civil damages actions against various promoters of this hoax.

When the Satan Hunter Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV was arrested and jailed for harrassing and stalking innocent victims in Hampstead, I retired from the fight.  However, when The Satanic Temple suffered threats to burn down their building in Salem USA and Lucien Greaves their leading spokesperson had his Twitter account suspended for protesting these Twitter threats against The Satanic Temple, I became embroiled in another fight with the Satan Hunters.

I have no desire to play superhero rescuing the world from its own sickness, yet I recognise I am unable to stop from fighting Satan Hunters who are attacking my religion.

The Hampstead SRA Hoax has run out of steam, and so everyone involved in Hoaxtead are looking for a new direction, a new role to fill an increasingly less necessary goal of fighting a dead hoax.  Hoaxtead is evolving towards a new role of becoming a scholarly resource against the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  I personally feel like a mammoth who realises its time is over as a new climate takes hold.

I feel the greatest weapon against fictions of Satanic Ritual Abuse is to offer an alternative narrative of Satanism, rather than the fantasy that my religion is only interested in harming animals and children in slavish devotion to some entity.  It would be great to know that when new generations of society think about Satanism, they associate the religion with planting trees, furthering liberty and science, rather than the backward stories of harming living things.  This strategy is only viable through the deeds of those that belong to the Left Hand Path.

There is a divergence in the road, most of the activists of Hoaxtead are not of the Left Hand Path, many of them have been uncomfortable working with Satanists during the long fight against the Hampstead hoax.  Our common foe is defeated and now we find our new roles won’t work in harmony, for only Satanists can promote the positive narrative of Satanism, and this new strategy will be unhelpful to the new direction that Hoaxtead is carving out.

There are no disagreements or conflicts between me and Hoaxtead, rather a melancholy sadness of the growing realisation that I no longer fit in with the evolution of Hoaxtead, and they with the strategy that I will follow.

Most of Hoaxtead have no connection to Satanism, and when the Satan Hunters say Hoaxtead are all Satanists, it must be challenging for some of the activists of Hoaxtead.  Likewise it is difficult to launch an effective Satanic strategy when there are non-Satanists on the team.  Separate, each plays to their own strengths without inhibiting the other, thus the Satan Hunters are easier to challenge.


12 thoughts on “Hoaxtead and Me

  1. Thank you for all your input and hard work helping to battle the Hampstead hoaxers. Before you came along i held the typical Hammer House of Horror view of Satanists and what they get up to. After reading your posts about your religion i realise you are totally the opposite to what we are told satanism is all about. So thank you for correcting my misinformed view.

    • It was one of my main aims to show an alternative positive viewpoint to the fictions of Satanism that Hollywood and Christians paint of my religion. It was an honour to work with you and others at Hoaxtead.

  2. I don’t know how many more times I will have to say this……SATANISM IS NOT A RELIGON!!!!A religon requires that you worship a diety .Satanists worship the self.So unless you are now elevating yourself to the level of becoming a diety ,SATANISM IS NOT A RELIGON!!! The correct phrase is Witch Hunters/Witch Finders.Satanists are not Witches,and I know from bitter experience that satanists don’t much like us either ,and can also take to Witch Hunting/Finding and other nasty behaviour.Also ,satanists are NOT Pagans.They are,in fact,Abrahamalines, just like xtians,who are their brothers in arms.If you want to worship yourself why not just call yourself a narcissist?You really shouldn’t use the misfortune of other peoples children as a publicity stunt for yourself either.Have you not read the rules of spiritual warfare? Have you not read what is said about involving mundanes in such things?Maybe you think you can just do what ever you like ,which would be most inadvisable.

    • Pru, re: your point of religion. It depends upon how you define religion. I know some like you think the word religion is about slavish worship to entities, however, I define religion as a worldview. Worldview answers three questions: Who am I? What is my world? What is my place in this world? I am comfortable with the idea of religion being nothing more than a worldview, so as far as I am concerned Satanism is a religion, and it is my religion. Others may disagree with my definitions, they can use a different term to define Satanism as they see fit.

    • Hello Heather Brown, since when were you the authority on anything spiritual, when you act so low, then it doesn’t matter what beliefs or methods are used, rebounding karma is bound to happen.

      Thanks for all of the evidence you provided.

  3. I have to admit to great misgivings, when you first were liking posts on my site……. I had to take a big breath, relax and really look into why… where was it actually coming from ? It turned out pretty simple, I knew that it would then be easy for them to assume that I allied with satanism, but as they described it and saw fit.
    Part of my self empowering came through learning alot about the history of women, from some great books & writers, including pagans, and the motherpeace tarot deck, which explored the idea of the horned god and other myths that were about natural cycles being honoured, celebrated, with meaning….which the christians stomped out, with much the same fervour and prejudice and stupidity, cruelty justified, by their beliefs being forced to create fear of the target enemy…..

    So it wasn’t just the word satanism, by then I had found CW Chanter, who talks about quite a few cults and also the mad panic reguarding devil worship during the dungeon & dragon years, black rock, and so on….. it helps me, because I was never drawn to alot of the things that have plagued the narratives about all things really.

    fI had to also admit that in your case, James, I was making an exception, that I would not necessarily make for a catholic priest for example, nor a jehovah witness, if their religion was their driving force……. but in those and most cases, it is that they push their belief system whatever it is, and charlatans a plenty claiming to be pagan, which for me just means peoples religion, usually tribal, pre christian…….takeover.

    So, why woud I ? Well, it was because after reading your site and your comments on the blog, I realised that you were in no way, doing that…….. and you showed a profound love for life.
    I can’t though agree with your unforgiving ness….. That is where I part ways, regardless of religious or other beliefs.
    I have appreciated the knowledge that was new to so many of us, which has changed, too, my thinking, take me out of a comfort zone………..helped me face a fear. And I am glad that I did….
    And thankyou too, for being a go to, person for advcie on dodgy looking satanist bots, you saved me time. I trust your judgement.

    Angie trusts the worst kind of un satanic gurus, that you could find…so disingenous, sich acting, such playing for an audience……….. I’m a bit of a loner, just because I don’t get enmeshed into groups and just can’t……. Independent me.

    • Hi Sheva, knowledge is power. Many run away when the word “Satanism” is mentioned, they believe 2000 years of Church fictions, assisted by Hollywood. I salute you for taking the trouble to look into my religion, and to keep an open mind to alternative points of view.

      Unlike most religions, Satanism does not seek converts, it is a path of the individual. Those who play the recruiting game are in my opinion not real Satanists, we call them Reverse Christians.

      Satanists have been fighting hoaxes and frauds for thousands of years, what goes on today such as Hampstead Hoax or Fresh Start Foundation are the same old faces that have persecuted and murdered those of my religion going back to the first years of Christianity.

      Satanism has always embraced life, only those of the Church described it with negative fictions.

      Anything that seeks to do harm to the individuals and families who identify with my religion I will actively oppose. My work is mostly completed with regards to Hampstead Hoax, though I am only getting started with Fresh Start Foundation.

      • It was the ease with which prejudicial hatred and fear could be inflamed, engaged and venomous lies so easily spread, that made me pay particular attention to gaining some knowledge….. I have been really glad to listen to Lucien Greaves’ Lectures and read articles written by people that have been studying these fakes…… I am sure that many like me, have not realised the extent of their dangerous activities, many have ignored or givne them a pass….. I am hoping that The Real Fresh Start Foundation will be helpful to present the information to people who really do need it.

      • Good luck in your campaign against Fresh Start Foundation. Lucien Greaves is a worthy and excellent source on fighting these fakes, the Satanic Temple started out as a way to challenge those such as Fresh Start Foundation.

      • Yes, that was the first thing I found out. After David Sharter wrote that blog about me, which came after me writing a blog exposing the dirty tricks employed by Fiona Barnett and him, OpDeatheaters and Pedohunters downunder who rebranded as pedophiles downunder, hampstead hoaxers and other various trolls from their cohorts of various stripes…… They also tried to defraud the Tim Minchins Fund meant to finance the trip by Ballarat Survivors to go to Rome and watch Cardinell Pell be questioned….. I had evidence, links and a recorded death threat, which caused me to be suddenly attacked by him and others more severely….. That Heather Brown and Angela Power Disney along with HopeGirl QEGScammer have all shown clear links to him and also her links to Sasha Stone of ITNJ which Brian Gerrish of UK Column, host to David Scott, Director of Fresh Start Foundation……. Another of their directors; Penny Pullen was also having secret meetings with Belinda McKenzie to make sure that the Satanic Panic mongers took over our platform, organised by me, 2010. But yes, the first thing I found re Lucien Greaves was the videos explaining the reasons for beginning the Satanic Temple and the protest, which made sense and then I watched his lectures regarding the 80s/90s satanic panic mongers, and some of that rang bells with me…..he certainly covered well, some of the UK people.
        I’ve also found out some info re S.M.A.R.T. not alot, but happy to share.

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