The indifferent silence of a religion


Fanatics such as David Myatt (Order of Nine Angles) who promote murder in the name of religion opens a choice for members of that religion, either to accept it as truth of what their religion is by their silence, or challenge it with alternative narratives.

Deeds rather than words marks out the integrity of a religion, so it is unfortunate to see a leading religion of Islam manifested as a vehicle and/or knife attack upon innocent men, women and children around the world by Muslims. The newspapers and internet media outlets now carry the face of a seven-year old boy, the latest death from Muslim lone wolf attacks on innocent people, his only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time in a city in Spain.

Of course, those who believe that their religion is all about finding a crowd of pedestrians and mowing them down in a car on behalf of God and the Prophet are a minority. Still, the greater crime is that a religion of a billion members is deafening in their silence and lack of activity to engage, educate and curb the fanatical ideas and deeds of a few. It is this silence, apathy and inertia by Muslims that speaks loudly of a religion that has lost its way, hijacked by a vocal minority who flood the internet with their ideas, and encourage the murder of women and children by whatever method is at hand in the name of their god and religion. The younger members of Islam, like all the young, access their ideas from the internet, and what is mainly available to those young minds is the twisted version of those such as Islamic State. The voices of moderation in Islam have seemed impotent in getting their message onto the internet, and seem to have divided rather than engaged the younger generations from the older.

I am proud of my religion, the Left Hand Path celebrates liberty, life and responsibility. When Order of Nine Angels promotes the LHP as a vehicle to harm and murder people, I challenged them. When outsiders said the LHP was about the rape, torture, killing and eating of children, I challenged those as well. I earned the hatred of the ONA and those that promoted SRA fictions such as Hampstead; my lone LHP voice did significant damage to both the ONA and those SRA promoting Satan Hunters at Hampstead.

If one lone voice in a LHP religion of less than half a million can make the difference, where are the voices in a religion of one billion? The murder of a seven-year old boy in Spain by a representative of a billion strong religion is a public relations disaster of epic proportions for Islam; does this event cause many to do something about this in Islam? The indifferent silence is the deed that measures the quality of that religion.


7 thoughts on “The indifferent silence of a religion

  1. I don’t know much about Muslims in the UK, but in the USA and Canada – despite paranoid accusations to the contrary – the imams and the laity are very much speaking out against Islamist violence and working with law enforcement to prevent radicalization or apprehend suspected radicals.

    • I have heard of no issues with Muslims in Canada, so they seem moderate there. The imams in the UK often are often financed by Saudi Arabia, and they have a more challenging worldview than moderates.

      • Yeah, that’s my biggest issue with Islam: the religion and the culture are bundled, and when the priests and the mosques they lead are being taught, exported, and financed from other countries, this makes for a challenging combination.

  2. I take it you and Maajid Nawaz are of the same mind then? He’s a Muslim – a liberal Muslim but a Muslim nonetheless – and he pretty much shares the same frustrations as you.

  3. Wow. Way to demonstrate that you have absolutely no insight into Myatt’s motives. You also demonstrate that you have failed to understand Islam. There are no “bad guys” making Islam look bad by advocating the abuse and murder of women and children, there is a “bad book” called the Koran which specifically instruct all Muslims to abuse and murder women and children, and anyone who believes differently than they believe, and so, if you had any sense you would realize that the only “bad Muslims” (or Christians for that matter) are the ones who take up the title of that religion while NOT raping and killing everyone as their book/god has commanded them to do… There simply isn’t any issue of past Islam and new Islam, as their religious beliefs, and the commandments in their Koran, have remained consistent across the entire history of Islam…

    It may nearly be safe to assume that there has been no greater cause of needless death on Earth, than the rape and murder of innocents by Christians and Muslims, other than the killing of Christians and Muslims by one another… How do you not know this? Please study a bit before you post anything else on this topic, thanks.

    Now, as for the issue of you believing that you register on the ONA hatred radar, or that you have caused damage to the ONA in some way, I can only say LMMFAO. I am easily the most hated individual associated with Order of Nine Angles, and I have been for years and years, and other than these totally uniformed blogs which you produce, I have never heard of you, at all. Who are you exactly and could you please point to this damage that you speak of? Thanks.

    And please, stop calling LHP a religion. You could not be more clueless. The term Left Hand Path is a Eastern statement stemming from Vamachara, which indicates a direct rejection of “The Right Hand Path”, which represents the socially acceptable adherence to politic and organized RELIGION. “The Left Hand Path” represents a rejection of the socially acceptable politic and organized RELIGION, see also the Aghori. Did you conduct any research whatsoever before you published this nonsensical post? It sure doesn’t look like it. Could you please read a fucking book?

  4. The LHP is a philosophy, not a religion. And just like any philosophy, there is no right or wrong way to implement it. In other words, the way I view the LHP is way different than the one you view, with the exemption of the core principals.

    As for your issues with the ONA, at least they embrace the LHP for what it is. Unlike the mundane and mainstream Satanic church who basically but a smiley face on Satanism to be more acceptable, the ONA , for all their faults, do not. They embrace extreme measures and illegal activities, but at least they embrace who they are… Satanists.

    • The LHP is indeed a philosophical outlook, though many religions or branches of a religion fall under it for example Satanism and Luciferianism. The liberty of the LHP means many who identify with the LHP have different views from each other.

      As many in the ONA will tell you, the ONA are not Satanism, they are a parasitic religion that operates happily identifying with Catholics, Buddhists, Pagans, Islam as well as Satanists. ONA are best described as like cuckoos who hide their eggs in other people’s nests in the hope that the bird of another religion will nurture them. The ONA only hang out with Satanists more than other religions because other religions don’t give them as much attention as Satanists do.

      If leading writers of the ONA such as Chloe Ortega and David Myatt had any individuality, they would cease their bitching and moaning about Satanism and forge their own religion separate from Satanism.

      Satanism celebrates life, creativity, liberty and individuality contrary to the ONA obsession over harming people and property.

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