On the North Korea crisis

Gary Markstein / Cagle Cartoons

I personally hope this latest Kim and Trump showdown ends in a major war, the human race needs a wake up call.

Kim Jong-un, the obese spoilt play boy leader of North Korea has recently indulged in attention-seeking again, this time provoking President Trump of the USA.  Many people think this will come to nothing, but the rules have changed, nothing is certain in this unstable world.

Jong-un has the mentality of a teenager needing attention, he seeks to keep his image in the limelight, showing his people, associates and world leaders he is a big boy by poking the USA and its leader.  Trump is the type of guy, who if you troll him, he punches you in the face.  Trump listens to nobody, and he is currently in a corner with a lot of people seeking to expel him from the White House via an investigation of his connections to Russia.  Like any leader on the backfoot, a war is useful to win votes and take attention away from any naughty deeds he has been up to.

So now we have two men who are in a public muscle showing contest, unfortunately for both, this is a situation neither can withdraw from, bad news for the world.  Jung-un will have to carry through with his threat to fire missiles, Trump will have to show strength by answering in strong terms.  Both leaders and nations have managed to get themselves into a situation that if either lose face, the political consequencies are dire.  Thus to say, this political facedown has all the signs of flying out of control.

I personally welcome this crisis, I think a great war will be useful to wake up the vast population of lazy, stupid and inert sheep that make up the human race.


7 thoughts on “On the North Korea crisis

  1. I personally hope America does something about North Korea, but perhaps for not the same reasons as you. North Korea has threatened the rest of the world with nuclear strikes for years now and held our leaders to ransom, while the actual capability of their nuclear arsenal is highly suspect if not nowhere as dangerous as purported to be, while the Kim dynasty rule the North Korean people worse than cattle. I’d be glad to see the conflict end in America kicking North Korea’s ass.

  2. Lololol… Yes, I agree. I was thinking two months ago while looking at photos of the little Dough Boy, just how the hell is this little shit still in power? And I can’t wait to see what my man Mad Dog bringing the pain. This should be fun. 💥

  3. I hear tell te Canadian pm is going over to try and sort it out. I think the US needs a wake up call, for sure. Objectively, on the whole, I agree with you entirely. However, subjectively, 98% of the people I know and love are in the US, so I do t want bad things to happen them. But something HAS to be done!

    • I think the missiles of North Korea are too few, too likely to crash and likely to be destroyed by US defences to do any damage to the USA, beyond this the ripples of a fight between USA and North Korea will manifest on multiple levels, probably crashing the fragile global economic systems at the least. I am hoping just enough strife to wake the sheep up.

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