An opinion on degree education

degreesMajor debate in the media about students leaving degree courses with huge loan debts, a burden that will impact them the rest of their lives. Yes, in the corporate world a degree might open doors, but degree inflation means hundreds of students chasing one graduate level job, they are required to bring to the table extra selling qualities such as work experience, most lack. In my opinion degrees are worthless.

I have Attention Deficit Disorder, meaning I cannot handle the left-brained linear education system, thus I avoided the well walked path of the masses to college and university degree courses. I went straight into the world of work, eventually becoming CEO of my own business.

As an employer I favour meritocracy based upon ability and results. A paper qualification such as a degree means nothing to me, it only shows that the student can think in a certain way, often in a mechanical restrictive way which is utterly useless to my business needs. Often, degree students flood onto the job market with limited work and life experience, entertaining foolish entitled opinions of expectations, for instance that they should be instantly rewarded larger salaries on account of their degree education over a worker with five years experience in the job. Employers such as me are being instructed that I must mollycoddle a bunch of self-entitled infantile products of helicopter parents, who will get a rude awakening when I reject them.

Experience matters to me. Who am I going to employ? The business degree student with no experience, or the individual of two failed businesses? The challenge of the degree student is that they come to the table with worthless opinions and theories, untested by real life experience, whereas the individual of the failed businesses has been on a steep learning curve from raw experience, thus has gained wisdom, lacking in the degree student. I prefer to pull in students from High School as apprentices and teach them on the job, this way I can shape someone in the ways of my business rather than having to fight against someone who is already shaped by useless preconceptions based on theory untested by experience.

In the Left Hand Path, wisdom based on experience, knowledge based on senses, and the value of the individual based upon results and ability is a recognisable set of traits in the path, no different than what I expect and demand in my business.

The modern education system in the West sucks, turning out unthinking robots suitable for a bygone age of corporate production line mediocrity. The students that are thrown out of the education factories are utterly useless for the needs of the modern businesses such as mine that require multi-skilled creative and flexible employees. The degrees are worthless, and added to the challenges the student has is a debt they will never repay. The Western modern education system is an unsustainable, worthless dead-end.


15 thoughts on “An opinion on degree education

  1. I think some degrees still have some value – mainly any degree in the STEM fields, which might teach stills for subjects most likely to actually matter to most people, like engineering and maths. I myself do game design, so I can’t see myself being able to get a job at a game company without getting a degree (plus I’m already on the way to doing a Masters so I can’t complain). The problem as I see it as that the value of the degree has lessened due to the fact that, despite what some politicians say to the contrary, more students are in university than ever, and lots of them spend it getting drunk off their ass. In addition to this some students tend to take courses like “Gender Studies” that don’t teach anything that can be applied in the real world except ideology and how to be one of those insufferable far-left activists we keep hearing about on the news and on the Internet (although if I’m being completely honest they are at least worth a laugh).

  2. couldn’t agree more – and all this outrage over this “education” costing the student rather than the public, well maybe directly employable subjects (such as sciences) should indeed be cheaper, just as nurse training should be, but does anyone really think that people working their butts off should be paying for entitled progeny to get their bit of mental furniture before they claw their way into the media and academia? In do view it as a pretty enormous sacred cow by now

    • In the UK 70% of the student loans will never be paid, so the taxpayer will have to pay for that. Interesting when at the same time taxable revenues are going to take a hit for instance when the ongoing campaigns against tobacco and gasoline means they are abolished meaning loss of tax income to the UK government.

  3. Thanks for sharing! As I’m about to start uni at Durham I’m pretty nervous about the debt I’m about to accru–especially as an international student! I keep getting told that o have life experience and that will help me, but so far I haven’t really been able to pull myself out of the service industry, which is what I desperately want to do!

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