Master or slave to technology?


Choice, master or slave to technology?

The Satanist is the master of their own life above all external authorities.  The Satanic path is where self is master and never slave, this includes technology.

Everyone thinks they are liberated compared to the past, the truth is technology for most people has made them more the slave.  How many people are slaves to their smartphone and Facebook?

I purchased my smartphone a year ago, within a month I had been subject to a theft of £50 by a third party app called tap4fun that had taken money from my telephone provider without my knowledge and consent.  I lost trust in smartphones after that.  When my contract ends in a year, I will stop using smartphones altogether.

I have two Facebook accounts.  Recently, my business Facebook account started sending spam to all my customers.  What pissed me off was I did not know how that happened, nor did my investigations enlighten me.  I closed down both my Facebook accounts, including my Satanist Facebook account.

As Satanist, if I am going to use any technology, I am the master, if I feel the service or product is forcing me into a slavish position where I am the loser, it is gone.  Technology is complicated, flawed with security issues, and works against the user, as a Satanist I have low tolerance for the shit I have experienced with smartphones and Facebook, and I manifested the black flame of my will to banish them from my life.

I am the only god in my life.


10 thoughts on “Master or slave to technology?

  1. Your Facebook account started sending spam because you either clicked on a silly link or used an infected app and downloaded a worm this way. This is how it works. It seems you blame technology for your mistakes. Sure, there are some bad guys online but they are there offline too. They can rob your house, still your wallet or even beat you up. Every time you go out, you take a risk. On the internet it’s not that different.

    • The matter of security of a house is straightforward, this is not the same thing as technology, which is overcomplicated, full of security holes and where security is never considered a core quality in the design of a system. Perhaps I unknowingly clicked on a link on Facebook, I have reasonable knowledge of technology, yet I was caught out. Spam to my contacts today, raid on my bank account tomorrow. It is not worth the hassle, Facebook is now exiled from my life.

  2. The questions you raise are something I’ve been contemplating over the last few weeks. I recently read this book called The Circle, that was all about social media addiction–a great piece of (non)fiction. Since then, I’ve been really examining how much technology has had ownership of me. It’s quite scary!

    • Technology is creeping into all aspects of life, it is concerning how most people are so willing to give up even their basic rights (example, privacy) in order to access technology.

  3. Technology should only be used as a tool, like the pen or sword. The statement the pen is mightier than the sword, is a matter of perception. A tool only becomes as powerful as the one with knowledge on how to use it. Sure they be hacking technology, but technology used off the grid is the path to it’s true purpose. The true power is easily secretly masked by the creators. To develop ones own technology that is not to be shared then becomes the most powerful in the hands of it’s creator. Non interference is the way of the universe or it would have done something by now. Alien technology may in fact mask this statement so in turn it all boils down to how it is used. Anything thecnology can be modded to suit the hands of it’s users. That said we may in fact blindly be inside the purpose it was built for.

  4. Master of your own life involves not conforming to technology that is being used for that said purpose. This is exactly why I deleted my FACEBOOK. You now need a phone number to join let alone the emphasis on installing their messenger. Did you program their messenger? Dig deep and let me know what you think it’s really being used for.

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