Every challenge is an opportunity


Regardless of what unexpected challenges a path in life throws up, those that act in a positive and honorable way harvest beneficial opportunities.

Life is an adventure, if the individual walks the Left Hand Path, more so.  This path has many twists and turns, unexpected events manifest, throwing the unwary into chaos.

One challenge this morning has thrown me into chaos, but from it four opportunities emerged which will put me in a better position in the long run.  I however don’t feel very jolly about this, I am having to bridge a crisis between now and the long-term opportunities.

In another part of my life a business investor has come on board for a product that has been in limbo for lack of capital investment, but they want the product to go down a path that is not as I had planned.  I have decided to let the product run to wherever it will go, using this product as a stepping stone for something else I have planned.

Since so much is going on right now, this blog will be taking a holiday for a month whilst I travel through uncertain terrain in my life, home and business.  I am now on a road that is unknown, I do not know where the road will go. Experience has taught me that when the individual hits challenges in their road, as longs as they have acted in thought and deed in a positive and honorable manner, then what is sown comes back as a harvest of beneficial opportunities.

See everyone in a month.


11 thoughts on “Every challenge is an opportunity

  1. I believe in resting, meditating, and sufficient sleep being tendentiously beneficial to most mortals. Still I think that what you call ‘thrown into chaos’ includes an opportunity to practice. Not to downgrade or belittle what you wrote, but alike ‘lead us to temptation, for only that way we can really learn to resist’.

    Every time we are surprised or thrown into chaos includes the chance to self-train our vigilance, our stress handling, and our ‘chaos-mastery’. Yesterday I ran into someone who, factually right, reminded me, the author of stuff, that mentioning the drug dealers having never been a pest STILL meant I told that they are dealing drugs, and hence caused some anger against me… x-) Could still get me knife-stabbed, beaten-up or killed.

      • There is no direct connection, still I wonder HOW they all became experts on demonology and satanism, when they hide in their comforting ‘normalcy’ without ever even observing ‘the enemy’..? 😉

      • True Christians are meant to love their enemies as themselves because people are all the same in the eyes of their lord. (Sinners.) The Christians branching into a religion is their fault. Sure the species is the same on the right. The left is extracting the phenotype of ones self and not conforming to the types, groups, thoughts of others.BOth Christianity and Satanism are not meant TO BE RELIGIONs. Self cultivation. Hail Satan, Hail thyself.

      • In my opinion religion is a worldview explaining the self, the world and the place of self in that world. The worldview is the tool by which the individual navigates the world, it becomes useless when the individual becomes the slave of the tool.

        The religion of the Christians is tribal, like many movements, loving only what is alike to itself, but hating anything to the contrary. The Christian religion in my view is built on the foundations of fear, guilt and hate, which will never bring about fruitful outcomes for its participants. I like Satanism, it has a better positive outlook to life, self and the world.

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