King of Mad Hatters – David Shurter


David Shurter – mad hatter and self-proclaimed antichrist.

One of the positive aspects of fighting the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax is that all those who promote the hoax provide episodes of entertainment better than anything found on television.  The whole army of these hoax promoters fall into the psychopathic, mentally ill and personality defective elements of society, and has provided we who fight them with plenty of opportunity to create satire and funny videos about them.

Since late 2014 the hoax has been an endless soap opera reminiscent of a Mad Hatters Tea Party, and the king Mad Hatter of them all has to be David Shurter, his blog is linked here.

Shurter is a seriously deluded and rabid individual well known to some leading Satanists such as Lucien Greaves and Dr Michael Aquino.  Shurter is a major promoter of Satanic Ritual Abuse fictions, accusing his own family of cutting up babies and hiding them in the walls of his home.

In an amusing video Shurter associates himself to a type of Dark Jesus who is the new boss of Hell which he has fashioned for all we Satanists who do not bow down to his will.  Shurter claims that Satanists have given him all our magick to make him all-powerful, to the extent that he has defeated all the fallen angels, and he is now best mates with God.  Despite being the next anti-christ, and the next big thing since the Dark Lord in the Lord of the Rings, the all-powerful Shurter seems worried about his mortality, since it takes only a vehicle to park outside of his home, or a blog comment on Hoaxtead to send him fleeing behind his sofa in terror.  If he was not such a wet blanket the murderous members of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) would be having orgasms over Shurter as their new leader and Vindex. Move over David Myatt, there is a new ONA leader in town – David Shurter.  Heres the video:



15 thoughts on “King of Mad Hatters – David Shurter

  1. I’m surprised that I haven’t heard of this man before, given that apparently he’s recognized by the likes of Greaves and Aquino.

    Also, curiously enough for a Dark Lord who doesn’t take shit from no one, he disabled the comment section for that video you showed me. One wonders…

    And thanks to Mr. Shurter by the way for apparently offering his services as a new Dark Lord, but I’ll stick with Satan and the almighty Kek,

    • I did not know about David Shurter until I began campaigning against the Hampstead SRA hoax, but he is well known to people like Greaves and Aquino who he has often targetted.

  2. This delusional attention seeker is new to me as well, and with the new cycle of SRA shenanigans we get new faces. Where’s Geraldo Rivera these days?

      • I concur and have observed the spread of this social virus as the price of technology dropped enabling any mentally challenged serf with extra pocket money to misperceive themselves as a voice of reason. This phenomenon has opened doors to a cross section of minds otherwise segregated by education and intellect. Watching this unfold since my first online experience with the BBS system, CompuServe and MCI mail was a disturbing experience then as much as in the here and now. The gates are off their hinges so buckle up and navigate accordingly.

      • Sadly the tool and medium of the internet has been abused and misused by fools and parasites. It gets harder to find the quality from the dross as the internet creaks and groans under the weight of mediocrity and poison.

    • Very well said cerebraltraveller! Technology is like Pandora’s Box. While I try to stay above the fray, it is rather disconcerting that so many of these people are taken seriously. However, I see this phenomena as a ‘blind’ to weed out the dabblers and frauds. Sincere seekers who think for themselves can see through all this rubbish and generally dismiss it and move on. Much like American politics, I don’t see much difference between one narcissistic dictator and another. They are simply there to push their agenda which usually results in limiting our freedom and providing limitless twisted entertainment if we take them seriously. Again, I personally try to rise above it all.

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