Measuring Satanism by a different scale


This is the symbol of chaos.  Those that walk the Left Hand Path such as Satanists are all aligned to chaos.  Those that are chaotically aligned will follow their own internal rules rather than the conformist rules of external authorities.

Everything in nature moves, evolves and changes through the opposition of two or more things, and thus this provides a way of measuring something based upon two opposites, for instance based upon the measure of temperature or activity.  The best measures are based upon something that is observable or demonstrated in nature, for instance how chaotic a thing is, rather than a subjective measure that exists only in the human mind such as how good something is.

People generally measure Satanism based upon a moralistic subjective scale of good and bad. In judgement of a rule, the individual measures if the individual is good or bad, for instance a Christian might judge an individual who practices witchcraft as bad because a rule in their holy book the Bible opposes witchcraft.  As the philosopher Heraclitus observes, all things in nature is good, but it is only humanity that divides all things up as good and bad.  Of course any action that falls outside of nature, such as an individual torturing a kitten for the fun of it, has to be measured in some way, which might be along the lines of teleology, which says if a process is in harmony with its natural purpose, it is good, and since the telos of life excludes torture of animals for the fun of it, this action is bad.

I suggest a better scale to measure those of the Left Hand Path is based upon the opposites of law and chaos.  Those that have read the Michael Moorcock books will be familiar with law and chaos alignments.  In nature the moon is lawful in that it moves in a predictable fashion, yet an electron is unpredictable making it chaotic.  Those that identify to the Left Hand Path are aligned to chaos, those that favor conformist group-minded religions such as the Mormons are lawful.  Some have tried to mix objective measures such as chaos-law with moral subjective measures such as good-evil, which is like mixing peas with custard, unworkable.

Those that judge based upon good and bad moral rules experience a challenge with me because I won’t sit easily in any moralistic framework.  On the one hand I delight in planting trees, installing nest boxes and feeding the birds; I have stopped the traffic to let hedgehogs safely cross the road, and picked up young birds sitting in the middle of the road to put them safely to the side; yet, I regularly break the law by riding my bike on pavements, through red traffic lights, without lights (people keep nicking my lights) and in places cycling is banned.  I will sit neatly in a chaos-law measuring framework in that I am not subject to external rules but my own, I am unpredictable and thrive in an anarchic environment.  Whilst people might debate about the creation and execution of something new such as AI, in an unknown situation, I will create and launch it and deal with the consequences afterwards, since I favour experience over theory.

It is a key measure of the nature of the Left Hand Path that those chaos-aligned individuals will follow their own internal rules rather than external authorities, and the lawful individuals such as Mormons will favor external authorities such as their church leaders, church, religious books and god.  Anyone can claim to be following the LHP, but they are easily discovered based upon chaos-lawful measures, a LHP individual is always aligned to chaos, following their own rules rather than that of external authorities.

In concluding, I would like to add that there exists a paradox.  Nature is the overall external authority, yet I tend to align my choices and actvity with the common patterns of nature, yet I say I favor my own internal rules over external authorities.  Nature and self are the same thing, reflections of each other, and all reason arises and ends in nature.  Inside, outside, above and below, everything is nature.  If the individual chooses to step outside of nature by unnatural action such as torturing a kitten, they have become unreasonable, they are outside of the common patterns of nature, they will get hammered one way or another for going outside of nature, since harming a kitten, harms the self, since all things are connected and reflect each other.  As Heraclitus says:

“The sun will not overstep his bounds, for if he does, the Erinyes, helpers of justice, will find him out.”

Those that push their hand into the fire will eventually learn what happens to those that step outside of the common patterns of nature, a reason why the human race is walking the path to extinction.


6 thoughts on “Measuring Satanism by a different scale

  1. An example of going against nature. The human species are designed for the environment of planet Earth, not Mars or travelling in space. Scientists have discovered in research with mice that the environment outside of our planet will give the human body cancer. Just as a polar bear is not designed for the Sahara desert, or most fish for a life on land, it is the inevitable truth that humanity is not designed for space travel.

  2. I think man can become the ultimate creation of nature. What is natural is decided by the capability to survive under the present circumstances. If we are able to survive in space, if we find a way to counter the obstacles nature imposes on us, then it will be natural. Of we do not succeed, then it is not natural. The naturality of an action is decided by the success of such action. The survival of the actor is what makes him a natural happening. Many things that mankind brought with the rise of civilization have lengthened our life expectancy to over the double of what it used to be. Any life form that can live long enough to have offspring has led a natural life.

    • You are correct that the human being has the power of a god given to them by the nature-given trait of imagination, to go beyond instinct to imagine possibilities, to turn a piece of flint into an axe or a piece of bone into a tool to sew cloth together. The great mistake of humanity is that they are hubristic, they believe that they are better and more powerful than nature, rather than acting in humility of cooperating with nature. The hubristic individal builds their house in a flood zone, then wonders why their home was flooded; the humble person avoids a flood zone, or builds their home in harmony with flooding by putting it on stilts. It is the hubris of humanity that may ultimately destroy it. My favoured philosopher Heraclitus has a lot to say about hubris.

      • It is not possible to be over nature. I don’t think nature has a will. Nature is a creator and observer. Nature is the condition in which our actions take place. It is for me logically impossible to go against nature, as we are her creation and our will a manifestation of her creation, therefore aligned with nature. The only condition is that we procreate. Nature gave us the ability to make our species go on and evolve, and as long as our actions allow us to procreate, we will be allowed to keep on existing (by the will of our own actions really)

      • It is true that nature is the ultimate authority, the sum of everything. Nature has no mind, it however moves according to common universal patterns, upon which scientists base their scientific laws. Nature is the source of reason, since humanity is born with brains that are largely empty apart from instinct, and then learns based upon experiences from interactions with nature.

        Humanity has developed a gift for thinking outside of instinct, to see possibilities, to have tool making abilities, and use those tools to fashion their environments into an easier and beneficial situation. Always, regardless of their opinions, humanity cannot step outside of common patterns of nature without suffering an adverse situation, but they do have a choice of doing that.

  3. Interesting and informative, thank you.

    Personally, I find the phrases RHP & LHP highly irritating. I experience them as verbal-linguistic equivalents to some people’s experience of fingernails on a blackboard. Hence my satirical, and meaningless, construct: “Center Foot-path”. I deploy it as a self-defense mechanism when my environment becomes (from my perspective) saturated with references to RHP-LHP, and that is driving me batty 🙂
    My very personal quirk, I imply no judgements about anyone else’s use of these terms. I have long understood that some people have a strong affinity for “RHP” and/or “LHP” terminology, including persons I consider to be friends, and this doesn’t make THEM irritating to me. Ultimately, people have an inherent ‘right’ to self-identify however they wish, and to apply whatever label words to themselves which please them.

    I appreciated reading your thoughts about what “being LHP” means to you, the meaning & role of Chaos, your perspective on moralistic conceptions about good & evil, the influence of Universe (nature and natural processes) on all these things. I usually find other (rational) people’s philosophical ‘constructs’ interesting, and most interesting when they have consciously CHOSEN to have such a construct, rather than mindlessly embracing and incorporating a “family” construct adopted and adhered to by some distant ancestors – primarily because “you have to believe in something, eh?”.

    Something that I do think is objectively ‘sinister’, would be the culturally pervasive, obsessive belief that every human action (or inaction) must somehow be expressing a religious/ moral/ philosophical belief system – even if the person performing the action is not always consciously aware of expressing one, or vehemently disavows having/ holding to any ‘belief system’ or ‘moral code’ whatsoever. Not a new obsession, that belief has been culturally pervasive in “the Western world” for many thousands of years.
    I don’t believe that all human acts necessarily express some underlying religious/ moral/ philosophical construct, and I don’t think it is necessary to have any formal ‘construct’ in order to be a ‘good’, kind, ‘just’ and happy person. I think it is possible to live a personally fulfilling and socially positive life – guided by your powers of reason and reflexive feelings of empathy & compassion for others, rather than by adherence to any external religious/ spiritual/ philosophical system, and even without any formalized personal construct delineating “principles by which I will live my life”.

    But there are ancient Judeo/ Christian/ Islamic mythologies about what will happen to you if you attempt to live that way, making the directives of any spiritual/religious authorities irrelevant to your existence. Many people will assume that you are doomed to degenerate into debauched antinomian libertinism, if you aren’t already ‘practising’ such a lifestyle. Even some otherwise rational persons with no apparent, personal Judeo/ Christian/ Islamic affiliation, still express a conviction that lusting to be an antinomian libertine must be your motivation for wanting to be a morally autonomous individual in the first place – you just don’t want to admit it, right? And that, regardless of any evidence to the contrary, you must actually be selfishly pursuing your every whimsical desire with no regard for the well-being of others, because adherence to some spiritual/ religious/ philosophical ‘belief system’ must surely be the only thing preventing any/every person from doing exactly that.

    Or, your determination to be morally autonomous must really be part of a plot to undermine, corrupt and destroy all morally righteous persons and their traditions & institutions, so you are surely secretly following an “anti-moral” belief system dedicated to fomenting anarchy and destruction. If you decline to validate this by espousing some such philosophy of evil, there are people who will happily invent one, based on their perceptions of you, and ascribe it to you anyway.

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