Satanism and child abuse


Satanism celebrates the life of living things, contrary to what non-Satanists say.

I am proud to be associated with a religion that celebrates the sacredness of life of animals and human beings, and abhors harm to children.  I follow people on Facebook from different branches of the Left Hand Path who have families and children, who are passionate about and love their children.

One of the reasons I aggressively fight Satanic Ritual Abuse hoaxes is that the promoters of these narratives promote dishonest stories that Satanists rape, torture, kill and eat children, narratives that threaten the lives, homes and families of we of the Left Hand Path if ever these stories gain traction and support in the eyes of politicians, media and the public.

For over two years I have been fighting it out with Satan Hunters, those that promote SRA narratives, in the London-based Hampstead SRA hoax.  A second UK SRA hoax is now brewing surrounding a deceased former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath.  The Hampstead SRA hoax has been targeted at specific named people and children who are not Satanists, but are being accused of being Satanists, of harming children, and are subject to death threats, having their children abducted and their homes burnt down.  The targets of the Hampstead Satan Hunters could have so easily been any of the families and children of those LHP individuals I follow on Facebook, and this is why I am motivated to fight the Satan Hunters, and perhaps a reason why more Satanists should be challenging SRA hoaxes also.

I take my fight very seriously in fighting to protect my religion and those that are being unjustly targeted by Satan Hunters, such that I have had one Satan Hunter lodge a complaint against me to the police, so the police authorities are going to be all over my social media accounts in relation to Hampstead SRA hoax.  Point I make is that I am putting my neck on the line to fight SRA hoaxes because the stakes are high, a SRA hoax can result in families being broken up, homes burnt down and people murdered.

At this point I will also call out a few individuals of the parasite religion known as Order of Nine Angles (ONA) that are passively or actively promoting narratives about harming children.  The ONA are not a Satanic religion, they are a bunch of fuckwits who cling on to our religion like leeches.  I call out the two UK-based individuals David Myatt (leader if he claims otherwise) and the parasite called Ryan Fleming, one who has been promoting harming children.  ONA do not belong amongst Satanists, they should be kicked out everywhere they try to get a foothold in the LHP.  Those of the ONA who talk honor need to kick their fellow child-harming associates into touch as per their honor code on children.

In conclusion Satanism is an honorable religion that celebrates the sacredness of life, and those Reverse Christians and Satan Hunters who promote an alternative narrative of harm to people and animals need to be aggressively challenged so they do not taint the Left Hand Path with their bullshit.

26 thoughts on “Satanism and child abuse

  1. Very well said. We’ve greatly appreciated your support in combatting the Hampstead SRA hoax, and I know you to be an ethically upstanding person, who stands firmly behind what you believe.

  2. I was angered to read that you have been accused of harassment, SV.
    If anything, it has been the likes of yourself who have suffered harassment from those pushing the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoax.

    • Hi Jake, thanks for your comment. Unlike the cowardly Satan Hunters I won’t play the victim card. Let these Satan Hunters fight me rather than pursue innocent vulnerable people and children. The Satan Hunters are the agents of their own misfortune, they are weak-minded and cannot handle the heat when their activities cause reactions they dislike.

  3. Well said! I met some of your fratres from the Satanic Temple at The Occult Conference in Glastonbury last week. It was heartening to see the positive, life-affirming and humanistic tenets which they espouse and promote. Equally good was seeing the public interact with them with intelligent questions and lots of conversation.

    • It is great to have the Satanic Temple now operating in the UK, their global membership is growing fast, over 100,000 members so far. They are inclusive, grounded and pragmatic.

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  5. Quite sad to see you accusing individuals whom you’ve never spoken to Julian. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure Mr. Fleming gets all the details of yourself, Nikki and the young one so you and he can have a chat face to face 😉

    • Threatening me? Specifically threatening two innocent parents and a child who have no connection to me? Not clever. Perhaps you should research Mr Fleming and the ONA before you go and do that.

      • How utterly typical. Apparently someone’s been talking to the boneheaded Kristie Sue Costa and her completely reliable (snort!) informant Nathaniel Harris. So not only are they threatening you and three people completely unrelated to you, but they can’t even get the names right. Smh.

      • The threat is hollow, any attempt to get ONA to fight their battles for them will backfire. Because of the complexity of the ONA philosophy, all those associated with the ONA are smart, they won’t be easy to manipulate.

    • There are only two people who would make this type of threat: Nathaniel Harris; Kris Sue Costa.

      It is dishonorable to threaten an innocent child. I am not impressed that you have effectively threatened my partner and my child with harm, even if these two people you name and their child is not associated to me. Even though your threat is hollow, I can’t say I am happy about that. Anyway, you are not as anonymous as you think.

    • Hmm, violently threatening an innocent man and his wife and child, eh, Sledotuye? That’s won you the argument and gained you the moral high ground, has it? Tell me – your strategy of threatening little children in order to present yourself as an anti-child abuse campaigner – how’s that working out for you?

  6. Some people might feel that a person using the name satanicviews and having your beliefs would automatically mean you are a bad person, however your posts here and elsewhere show that not only are you a good person, but many of the ones claiming the moral `high ground’ are actually of much more dubious backgrounds

    • The negative associations with Satanism is due to 2000 years of Church propaganda and Hollywood fictions. The Satanic religion is a positive religion. There are those that are called Reverse Christians who are seduced by the Church propaganda and label themselves Satanist and then do terrible things giving the real Satanists like me a bad reputation. The emerging Satanic Temple hopefully will totally transform the public perception to what we really are than what the Church and Hollywood has been trying to depict us as.

      • Well your actions speak for themselves

        Others (like APD) who profess to be christians, also speak for themselves

        I think you can guess who I would prefer to be around (chain smoking `journalists’ need not apply)

  7. @ observant9
    I am not publishing your threat and bullshit. I refer you to my POLICIES page on this blog on death threats and being constructive in your comments. Did you think I am so weak-minded to be swayed by you or anyone elses threats? If you are going to harm me, man up and come and get me, or fuck off. For the record I am not Julian.

  8. Anyone that thinks you are weak minded is certainly a fool. As for threatening children that just goes to show how low these people really are.

    • It is frustrating and annoying that children and innocent people are being targetted in some deluded attempt to attack me and my family. I don’t know how many times I must repeat myself to those donkeys that I am not “Julian.” I have had to warn this “Julian” of all the threats being made against him, his partner and his child.

      I can only place on record that threats have little impact upon me, that anyone targetting children and innocent people to try and get at me are dishonorable cowards.

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