Satanism and the Sith Code

Want success? Adopt the Sith Code.

In the Star Wars mythos the Sith Code is as follows:

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

About Star Wars morality and hypocrisy of the Jedi

Star Wars embraces a black and white morality, which reflects American values; example, for the individual to selfishly pursue an interest they love doing is evil (Sith), but to die for your country is good (Jedi.)  In the Star Wars narrative a group of people break away from the Republic in order to pursue their own solutions to challenges such as piracy which the Republic was unable to address, the Jedi then waged war upon those peoples through manipulation, invasion and assassination, a face of tyranny that I despise and would oppose.

In Star Wars the Sith are shown to be morally evil by having their looks, behavior and demise always portrayed in negative terms.  Yet, on closer examination, the Sith Code embraces something positive and true, and those that would embrace this code in their lives won’t necessarily become ugly in look, twisted by hatred, greed and madness or suffer an unfortunate end.

An examination of the Sith Code

“Peace is a lie…” I have covered this here, peace is a fiction, nature moves, changes and evolves through the strife of opposites; peace leads to all things becoming sick, broken and lost.

“…there is only passion.” As an individual who suffers from ADD (ADHD without the H) I suffer problems of low dopamine that impacts my motivation.  Only by embracing something that excites me can I get adequate dopamine, which is why passion is important to my ability to survive.  For me passion is dopamine, and so I have to avoid what kills my dopamine, and pursue what gives me dopamine in all my decision-making.

“Through passion, I gain strength.” If I gain dopamine from an activity that I have passion about, the dopamine will form noradrenalin a hormone that creates focus.  People with ADD/ADHD have problems of focus as well as motivation because without dopamine they cannot produce noradrenalin. If I have focus, I have my strength. 

“Through strength, I gain power.” People who have focus and passion at a certain level describe how they have gone into a zone.  People with ADD/ADHD have a useful ability called hyper focus, which is similar to being in the zone. 

“Through power, I gain victory.” Too many people fail because they don’t have enough focus and motivation, they are easily distracted and unmotivated by obstacles.  Those in the zone or have the hyperfocus ability will ignore distractions and will smash through obstacles to victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken. Those that are successful are usually breaking their limits and boundaries, for instance rejecting the noise of others that they are failures.  Society and self-imposed limitations can frustrate the self from achieving its full potential, once the individual however is in the zone, they are busting through any limitations.

“The Force shall free me.”  I prefer to replace the word “Force” with “Black Flame” which describes the hormonal process that brings about successful completion of goals. There is nobody more liberated than an individual achieving their potential.

On adopting the Sith Code

I have adopted the Sith Code, as from an ADD/ADHD point of view, it makes sense to me.  However, anyone who wants to embrace greater success in their lives, might consider how the Sith Code might be useful to them.

4 thoughts on “Satanism and the Sith Code

    1. War comes about because of unequal opposites, which allows brain cells to fire and muscles to move. If ever there was peace, then the opposites have to be eliminated, thus brain cells no longer fire, and muscles no longer move, death is the result. The definition of love is subjective, but it is nothing more than an effect of the hormone oxytocin, which also requires a state of war between two opposites to exist. Since all living things are moved to manifest their full potential, this is the greatest manifestation of liberty, but war through the existence of opposites is required to achieve this. There is no peace, there might be a state called harmony, but this is a different state, for harmony requires two opposites to be in a state of war to come into being. A bee and a flower are two opposites, yet they have created a third greater thing in their symbiotic relationship, which is the harmony. For peace to exist between bee and flower, one or both of these opposites would have to be eliminated.

  1. I think the Sith Code comes from the expanded comic book Star Wars universe, which Disney decided was no longer canon once it took over the Star Wars franchise. I know, it’s a tragedy. The problem with the Sith in the movies was that they became a totalitarian empire, with the Jedis all but wiped out, having been massacred by the Sith. I have heard the argument that the Sith were at least more honest about their intentions, with the Jedi masking it in the language of morality and so forth. But then I’m not especially familiar with the comics, so I don’t know if the Jedi ever go around building their own Empire and their own Death Stars.

    1. I think the Sith were more authentic and grounded in reality than ever the Jedi were. I have since amended the Sith Code a bit more for my own use. Thanks for the background.

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