Satanism and Fake News


Regardless who is publishing information or where it is published, question everything.

A core rule of Satanism is question everything, including everything published in the media.  2017 is the year of two significant paradigm shifts:  firstly, the rulers are throwing a tantrum over fake news;  secondly, a Trump rally in Florida on 18th February marked the end of the supremacy of the traditional media.

Fake news is another word for propaganda.  There is nothing new about disseminating information into the public domain to manipulate public attitudes and behavior.  Plato considered it a virtue for the leader of a State to deceive the population for the benefit of the State, in a philosophy that considered the State more important than the individual.  Hitler made propaganda an art form.  The recent Scottish Independence Referendum was subject to an unholy alliance of traditional media, corporations and politicians indulging in a fake news campaign dubbed Project Fear to successfully retain the bondage of Scotland to the UK.  Project Fear backfired on the Establishment during the Brexit campaign in the UK, and failed again in the Trump election.

Fake news has always been around, the noise about fake news is only now evident because the propagation of propaganda has switched from traditional media to a chaotic largely anonymous group of activists on the internet, since the consumers stopped trusting anything the traditional media had to say; the rulers are currently upset because they have lost control of the information narrative through the controllable mediums of the traditional media.

Equally important, something that everyone has missed, was the silent paradigm shift that happened in a Florida political rally on 18th February when Trump signalled to everyone that the traditional media was no longer relevant.  Before Trump, nobody would have dared to have treated the traditional media with such disregard and contempt as Trump did, nor have been so arrogant to blatantly place into the public domain false claims as Trump did about immigration in Sweden.  In the days after the storm about Sweden and the fury of the traditional media, Trump emerged stronger than ever, and the traditional media suddenly became irrelevant in the eyes of every ruler and authority who saw what happened.

Trump is part of a new paradigm shift where a ruler will place more importance on the dissemination of information through his Twitter account than through a spin doctor or traditional media tycoon such as Rupert Murdoch.  Idiots such as Milo Yiannopoulos has become the new face of media, more trusted than a highly qualified and experienced typical BBC journalist.

Regardless of who is now king of information dissemination into the public arena, propaganda aka fake news is here to stay, and the primary rule remains that it is down to the individual to question everything rather than protecting ignorant snowflakes from false information.


6 thoughts on “Satanism and Fake News

  1. Fake news to me is nothing more than a buzzword for the already existent phenomenon of propaganda. Hell, the term itself is almost propaganda, having been invented by the mainstream media in response to Trump’s victory – and the defeat of a candidate they open supported to the point of betting the farm – mostly invoked in reference to media outlets that were either pro-Trump or just outside the likes of CNN or ABC and so forth. The idea of the media calling out the spread of propaganda is laughable when they have been doing a lot of it themselves, particularly during the election cycle. I can’t blame Trump for rejecting mainstream media because they have constantly been against him in a painfully biased fashion to the point of often distorting the truth. The turn away from mainstream media to alternative media is unavoidable, and unfortunately that does mean you’ll people on that side who have their own propaganda to push.

    However, this is where the wonderful burden of actually thinking for oneself ought to be placed on the consumer. In the end, none of this scares me. In fact, I think it’s wonderful that a media class that implicitly owes its worldview to a bunch of died-in-the-wool elitists from the past is soon to die off. It can either be reformed (which is unlikely), or find itself replaced by the new media – which frankly sounds like the natural order of things to me anyway.

    On the subject of Sweden, though, I would point out that, although the “last night in Sweden” incident that Trump referred to was fictitious, it’s possible that he may have been referring to an Ami Horowitz interview on Fox News, where he talks about a very real increase in criminal activity in Sweden (particularly sexual crime mind you, as statistics will bear out: I think it’s possible he was trying to refer to something else that may or may not have happened, but was very clumsy (let’s face it, he’s not the best of speakers even though he said “I know words, I have the best words”). And after the speech, by what seems to be coincidence, a riot broke out in a Swedish suburb predominantly inhabited by immigrants. After that, people in the media (including CNN) tried to say that the riot started because of Trump’s speech, which is curious because I thought the Swedes were all laughing at him.

    • I agree, it is funny how hypocritical mainstream media have been about the so-called fake news issue. It is time for the status quo to be shaken up, but nothing will improve until everyone starts thinking for themselves.

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