Embracing down to earth basics


Satanists are grounded in the reality of real human concerns.

I was underwhelmed by the NASA announcement yesterday of finding several planets that might be capable of supporting life by a nearby star.  NASA scientists justifying in the era of Trump why billions of dollars should be pumped into their space programme were excitedly telling the world about a bunch of planets that the human race had no chance of reaching; 40 billion + years of travel away by jumbo jet; 40 years away by travel at speed of light, speeds that produce forces that would destroy the human body at 1% of that speed.

As our world experts and scientists in their ivory towers argue, produce useless scientific papers and research things that have no immediate or tangible benefit to humanity or this planet, I walk through the streets of London and see homeless people freezing in winter conditions unable to get a roof over their heads.  These scientists excited about a possible ideal environment for life on another world, whilst our own world is destroyed by relentless indifference and consumerism.  In Wales hundreds of 150-200 year-old beech trees were illegally cut down to make way for an environmentally friendly solar farm, even with replanting these trees will take three human lifetimes to replace, against an activity that took hours to destroy them for short-term monetary gain.

As a Satanist I live in the real world, grounded in tangible concrete and earthly concerns about those homeless people and the loss of trees.  I am personally glad I am a Satanist rather than those blind scholars who have their priorities wrong.  Stupidity is a common trait in our rulers and experts, this is why I no longer have confidence in them, a reason why I walk my own path as my own authority as a Satanist in my own life.  Just as the rulers waste billions of $ on scientists who offer no solutions to earthly real concerns, I plant trees and buy Big Issue magazines from the homeless, and in my own small way have made a greater difference to this world than these useless rulers and experts.

7 thoughts on “Embracing down to earth basics

  1. Cutting down trees to lower our carbon footprint? Talk about irony!

    But seriously, I’ve often thought the same as you on this. Why are we talking about leaving the Earth instead of saving the world? On the other hand though, it’s just as possible that we’re all doing this because deep down we believe that we have already doomed our world.

      • I think that’s generally said to be the case, but to be honest I think that self-destruction is actually the consequence of something else. No one really destroys themselves for its own sake, just as no one actively believes themselves to be evil for evil’s sake without their tongues planted in their cheeks. Even a psychopath likely doesn’t see his/her own actions as bad. For the largest part, I think that the self-destruction and chaos we see today is the result of misguided actions carried out because of either ignorance, perceived self-interest (as opposed to calculated rational self-interest) or more likely a lethal combination of both.

  2. I have been reading your posts and I think I would characterize you as more humanist than Satanist. Satan is a rival for the throne of God who is awaiting his final judgment, having been defeated by Jesus Christ at the cross. He will ultimately be cast into the lake of fire. He is the King of Darkness, the Prince of the Power of the Air, the Father of Lies. There is no compassion in him. I sense a great deal of compassion in you. Why do you call yourself a Satanist??

    • There are many different types of Satanists, some such as me are more empathic than others. Some believe in Satan as an entity, others such as me see Satan more a symbol or idea. I am a Satanist for many reasons, but for me Satanism is about embracing self as the principle authority in their life in choices and will to action rather than giving this to external authorities such as a priest, church or a god.

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