On the delusional opinion of peace


This beautiful scene I photographed was possible because of two natural principles in nature: war and harmony.

Nature is the only source worth learning from when it comes to developing a personal philosophy.  If an idea is not observable in nature, then it is likely a delusional opinion with no basis in truth.

The Prince of Peace

It amused me seeing a discarded leaflet upon the ground with the declaration: Jesus Prince of Peace.  The Christian Bible is a blood thirsty book with its narratives, words and symbolism of war.  Even Jesus used warlike terms in describing the battles against adversaries and practices he disapproved.  The right-hand man of Jesus known as Saint Peter, upon the death of his master used the power of his god to kill an individual who did not donate to his church.  History reveals throughout 2000-years of Christian history that the Christians have advanced their religion under blood-stained sword and banner.

War rather than peace is the ideal state in nature

But it is not the hypocrisy of the Christian declarion of a Prince of Peace that annoys me, but rather the delusional opinion that could motivate anyone to say it, believe it, or even achieve it.  In nature, the only worthy source of truth, peace never has existed, nor will peace ever exist.  War is the primary principle of nature, this continuous and eternal truth that brings about motion, change and evolution.  All matter exists and continues because of the active role of strife between two or more opposing parts at all times.  The moment there is ever equality, balance or peace between two opposing sides, there is only stagnation, decay and death.

When I say war is healthy and good rather than peace, most people think I am crazy.  These people have been conditioned by society to believe a fiction, an ideal end state that can never exist.  I suggest to all these people, go for a walk in nature, observe, experience and learn.  Nature will confirm what is the truth.

Forget Jesus, learn from Mars God of War

People would be better to forget about Jesus and learn from Mars the Roman god or war about resolving their troubles.  Many would be surprised to learn that Mars is also a god of agriculture and the healthy city state.  The philosophy connected to Mars recognises that war is the natural state, but the struggle is focused upon finding the harmony between opposing forces.  The end state of the activities of Mars is crops begin to grow and a strong healthy nation state.  The farmer struggles to keep their field clear of weeds, working with the weather and local conditions to manifest a successful harvest.  The sick child struggles to clear their body from infection, become strong and healthy again.  The spirit of Mars is manifested in the battles of farmer and child.  The extremes of sun and rain brings death, but in the harmony of finding the middle way between these extremes, they are life giving.

The war of opposites is necessary for life

To move the individual requires two opposing forces in their muscles and joints.  The heart beats, giving life to the individual because of uneven opposing charges between body cells.  The individual thinks because of a difference of charge between brain cells.  If ever there is equality in charge between two body cells, the individual cannot move, cannot think, cannot pump the blood around their body.  The delusional people who desire peace will by force and control seek to create equality between two points, a frozen state of unchange, and history will always confirm the adverse sickly situation that emerges whenever this happens for any length of time.

Nature moves to find the harmony between opposites

The bee and flower reached their symbiotic relationship by seeking the harmony between their conflicting needs, and so a marvelous harmony exists between them, beneficial to both bee and flower, producing honey and food for humanity.  Even as war is the common state in nature, all living things work to find the harmony between opposing sides.  At some point in evolution mitrochondria was an opposing organism to other living things, now it exists in the cells of everything, providing energy for life.  All living things seem to be so harmoneus in their design that people think there must be an intelligent designer at work, but such states are the natural product of war and the desire for harmony between opposing parts.

Find the harmony between opposing sides

Think on this, two bones move against each other, join them together, you get a third new thing called a joint.  See how the bones continue to work against each other, but the harmony of this third thing the joint allowing motion of the body.  The wise individual accepts that war is the natural state, then they arrive by struggle and reason at a solution that retains the strifeful nature of opposites, but creates a third harmoneous state.  It is always through finding the harmony between opposites that the lost will be found, the broken repaired and health restored.

5 thoughts on “On the delusional opinion of peace

  1. I still think relative peace is possible, mainly in the form of co-existence. At any rate, I hold out hope that in today’s political climate we eventually reach the kind of harmony that exists between bees and flowers.

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