Winter Solstice marks a new chapter after adversity


The Winter Solstice marks both endings and beginnings for many.

In the North of this world today marks the start of the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest or darkest time of the year.  The Celts mark the Winter Solstice as their New Year since in their religion they believed all things began out of darkness.

The lead up to the Winter Solstice has been for me one of adversity, one marked by endless projects on the theme of decluttering, cleaning, clearing, repairing and destroying.  I moved to a new house which required daily I had to cart out rubbish from house and garden.  In my mind it felt like I had achieved nothing, since all I have done is destroyed and cleared rather than built and created.  It is the way of things that before anything is built and created there is a period of destruction, adversity and clearing.  Before I can plant my apple tree and flower bulbs I had to clear the rubble, rubbish and weeds from the garden.  It is only in recent days that something positive is emerging from the endless struggles I have had.

The run up to the Winter Solstice is rather like the adversity in my life as the light and warmth is sucked out of the land, and it was a period that was extremely hard going for me.  On Friday 23 Dec I can safely say that the lowest point in the year is reached, that the daylight will begin to emerge, and the warmth will return.  Unusally spring flowers are showing their green shoots, and daffodils are on sale from the warmer parts of the UK many months early, hope is emerging.

For a lot of people I know the last two months have been hard upon them, and the Winter Solstice for others has been the marker they used to end projects and begin new chapters in their lives.  All walk into the new year that will be 2017 with hope and visions of a positive new era in their lives, and I do wish all such people the greatest success in their adventures.


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