Church of Satan throws tantrum about journalists


Church of Satan is increasingly becoming the dodo of Satanism, an irrelevancy waiting to go extinct.

A stark difference between the Satanists of Church of Satan and Satanic Temple is that the Satanic Temple are experts in working with journalists.  Either Satanic Temple is creating or seizing opportunities to promote themselves and their causes, which is why they are generating news every week.  In contrast Church of Satan has lost touch with reality and the media, they prefer to hide behind an elitist detached image, referring journalists to their website rather than offering relevant comments to media enquiries.

On the election of Trump as US President the journalists of Rooster approached both Satanic Temple and Church of Satan for comment.  Satanic Temple gave Rooster plus other journalistic outlets plenty of quotes, which became the headline story of thousands of Satanists joining Satanic Temple in reaction to Trump.  Church of Satan either are stupid or ignorant about handling journalists: rubbed the journalists up the wrong way with their arrogance; failed to give comment to specific questions; made it hard for journalists to get information they requested; and worse, made no efforts to control the story, leaving the journalists to write their own narrative based upon a referral to the Church of Satan website.

There is no surprises that Rooster wrote an article that pasted Satanic Temple in positive ways, and gave a story about Church of Satan which was not to their liking.  One of the problems of Church of Satan is their secrecy and aloofness, which makes them unattractive to the media and potential recruits.  Satanic Temple is approachable and open to both media and recruits, and day by day become the face of Satanism to the world, whilst Church of Satan is slowly forgotten and pushed into insignificance.

On issues such as Satanic Ritual Abuse, Anton Lavey preferred in his later years to avoid challenging false narratives against Satanism, whilst those outside of Church of Satan picked up the fight.  Satanic Temple has since its inception been a keen fighter against SRA.

In their ranting article against Satanic Temple and journalists Church of Satan said:

“—the feeling evoked when watching someone make a fool out of themselves while just sitting back to watch the whole thing play out..”

And this is a central problem for Church of Satan, fools who prefer to watch others manifest their Satanism whilst Church of Satan slide into irrelevant obscurity.

18 thoughts on “Church of Satan throws tantrum about journalists

  1. I’ll say what I will about The Satanic Temple, but I’m willing enough to concede that they clearly have the media advantage over the Church of Satan.

    Remember when the Church of Satan actually had a media personality of some sort? Remember when, during the 1980’s and its Satanic Panic, Zeena LaVey and Nicolas Schreck would defend the Church of Satan, willing enough to have an interview with Bob Larson of all people in order to defend their spiritual philosophy? Those days are gone, and it seems The Satanic Temple is taking the advantage that was clearly available for them to take.

    • I understand people such as Zeena Lavey and Nicholas Schreck split from the Church of Satan for a number of reasons, one which was that Anton Lavey was unwilling to get the CoS involved in fighting SRA.

      • Yeah. She left in 1990, a year after their first interview with Bob Larson I think.

        I watched a trailer for a film released in Canada called Satan Lives, a documentary about the archetype of Satan and its persistence in the modern world. Zeena is interviewed in the film and the trailer shows a clip of her interview where she does say that Anton LaVey had no desire to defend Satanism from the media and so she had to do so herself.

  2. Thank you for including a link to the excellent article from the COS. I have bookmarked it so I can read all the info concerning the antics of the TST at the included links. Well written and documented, but “rant” free. IMO, of course, since I obviously do not share your agenda.

  3. And yet, 50 years later, The Satanic Bible is still a big seller, and LaVey continues to have influence and mystique. In 50 years, Satanic Temple will be a long-forgotten footnote—a brief, ludicrous attempt to turn “Satanism” into a trendy social justice activist movement, led by a zero charisma dweeb and media troll with no detectable spiritual power or originality.

    • The thing about history is that those that continue to be of benefit and use to a new generation will survive and continue. The Satanic Bible will 50 years from now continue to be a useful source to Satanists. Anton Lavey will go down as one of the great thinkers of Satanic philosophy. The Church of Satan however, is of no use to new generations of Satanists, it will die.

      The Satanic Temple is still an evolving beast, so it is too early to say if it will exist 50 years from now. The Satanic Temple is relevant and necessary to the needs of a new generation of Satanists who desire something they can manifest in social and political activism.

      CoS is a corpse living off memories, reduced to being a spectator on the sidelines as it decays into obscurity.

  4. I’m going to play the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ here and defend the Church of Satan, even though I am not a member. The CoS has always had a detached, elitist image, as that is the image LaVey created and perfected. That will never change as Left Hand Path thinking will never become mainstream. I used to wonder why he called it the The Church of Satan and why he used the Baphomet symbol as it obviously evokes fear in the minds of the public. But after reading pretty much everything LaVey wrote, I came to understand his intent and the purpose of using said symbols, as well as creating an elitist, detached image. It’s because Satanists ARE detached. They don’t involve themselves in petty, mundane bullshit and they don’t waste their time defending their viewpoints or trying to convert others to their way of thinking. Plus he wanted to weed out those who were slaves to fear and doubt.

    As LaVey CLEARLY pointed out in the Satanic Bible, one is Born a Satanist, not made a Satanist. Satanic principles and sense of honor and morality are innate. Most of the Satanic Bible is about not so common sense! I used to call it the Book of Common Sense, but sense is not as common as we would like it to be. Neither is logical thinking, honor, and integrity, which are things the CoS was all about promoting.

    Unfortunately the masses have become weak and complacent under our current state of spiritual and mental slavery. They naively believe everything they hear on Faux News and from the pulpit of their local churches. LaVey was right all along and nothing has changed since the Satanic Bible was published.

    Satanists ARE detached elitists, as many have uncanny insight into how things really work in the world and they have consciously chosen to forge their own path. Those of us who are on our own path don’t feel the need to involve ourselves in the drama around us unless it suits our needs. We also don’t feel the need to defend ourselves, our actions or philosophy. We live in a society which does not look kindly upon those of us who live by our own rules, therefore we tend to fly under the radar in order to create and maintain the lifestyle we choose. I am sure that there are many members who are successful in their careers and lead happy lives by adhering to the principles laid out by the CoS as they peacefully fly under the radar of mainstream fear-mongers.

    The CoS has posted several articles on their website which explain their position. It is their right not to be interviewed be an organization for whatever reason. They have no obligation to talk to anyone and yet they are criticized for exercising their rights to respond or not to respond. I don’t agree with everything they say and I don’t always agree with their position on certain issues. But I respect their stance of neutrality on many mundane, political and social issues because it makes sense; as their members, being free-thinking individuals, come from diverse backgrounds and have varied opinions and viewpoints.

    • Thanks for your independent viewpoints on this subject.

      In the first years of its existence CoS was a groundbreaking movement, but like so many LHP organsiations over time it became stale, and I am very critical of the manifestation it has now become.

      People such as Michael Aquino recently commented on CoS on 600Club:

      When Anton Lavey was captain of the ship, CoS was something of value, then he died, Gilmore took over, and it has gone downhill ever since.

      To me CoS have become anal, passive, hubristic and out of touch, living on memories of a former glory rather than embracing a new era of Satanism. It has only in recent years caught up with the internet era with a decent website.

  5. Haha! I LOVE Michael Aquino, and read his book ‘The Church of Satan’ cover to cover when he first posted it on his website. And one of the things I love about him is that he treated LaVey with complete fairness in the book. And given the animosity between the two of them, I have to commend Dr. Aquino for taking the high road. Dr. Aquino has always been very cordial, honest and kind to me in our correspondences, so I admit a little bias toward him, and for the most part, I agree with his assessments. However, I must take into consideration that he too, has bias. He left the CoS and formed his own organization the Temple of Set.

    I have several friends in the ToS as well as the CoS, and I am not associated with either organization, but have read and heard both positive and negative about both. And of course opinions are going to span the spectrum because we are all independent thinking individuals. But regardless of whose at the helm at the CoS, I stand by my original assessment, as a person from the outside looking in, that the CoS has absolutely nothing to prove and like the Freemasons, they refuse to defend or explain themselves because they really don’t give a rat’s ass what others think of them. That is an attitude I can wrap my brain around because that is very much part of theirs and my philosophy and moral code.

    Actions speak louder than words. Most Satanists I know are honest, hard working, highly motivated people who have helped our society to evolve in positive ways by contributing great things on all levels, including science, technology, medicine, philosophy, music and the arts. Don’t be surprised if you find out the doctor, nurse or EMT who saved your life is a closet Satanist.

    At the end of the day, does it really matter what organization an individual is associated with, if he/she is striving to reach their own potential and doing great things for humanity? To me, that is the true litmus test of someone on their own path, regardless of the label they choose for themselves.

    Dr. Aquino contributed massively to our society both during his military career and in his civilian life. Anton LaVey did too. But I guess it is human nature to not appreciate those who are blazing new trails and breaking new ground right now. People like Eric Vernor a.k.a. Corvis Nocturnum, who has written several books, made documentaries for A&E and the Paranormal channel, is an accomplished artist, writer, producer, and presenter. He is also a media spokes person for the CoS.

    There are so many others who have accomplished great things, like Lon Milo Duqette, who is a member of the OTO and has produced countless albums, books, instructional videos, and has done hundreds of workshops and probably thousands of performances. He is one of our generation’s unsung heroes as he wrote books which made Crowley’s and John Dee’s work more understandable to the average reader.

    Toby Chappel, a member of the Temple of Set, is another example of a humble guy who produces great music and presents his research in various venues around Atlanta. He helped me host the 2016 LHP Consortium in so many ways that I can’t thank him enough. He was one of those people who quietly did whatever he could to help without expectation of anything in return. Bill Duvendack also contributed much help behind the scenes – again without expectation of anything in return. And he is another honorable, highly motivated, contributor to the greater good of humanity. He is a member of the Temple of Ascending flame and has contributed to their publications as well as authored his own books.

    I could go one forever about great people in various organizations, but the bottom line is, it doesn’t matter to me what the CoS is doing now. I’m looking at the individuals who make up these various organizations as that is where the real work is coming from. And if these individuals find what they need in their chosen organization, then more power to them! I’m a Freemason and I get the encouragement and esoteric stimulation I need from that. Obviously some of you want to turn your brand of Satanism into a more active one. I’m not sure what the intended goal is, other than to piss off the mainstream Bible thumpers; but whatever it is, that is your choice.

    I still believe that Anton LaVey was right in his assessments of society. His book “Satan Speaks!” is still relevant today. And one thing I have learned in the half century I have been on this planet is that you can’t fix the ignorance and corruption of the world. You can only work around it and rise above it.

    • Your independent-minded and neutral assessments add a great dimension to this issue. It is so that most Satanists bring to the table constructive and positive contributions regardless of what flag they identify under in Satanism.

      My personal criticisms of CoS and its leadership is harsh. It is so that neither Satanic individual or group would seek approval or judgment of external authorities. I do consider that the current outlook in CoS prevents it from evolving and will add to its decline.

      I have great respect for Michael Aquino, he has also recently beaten off cancer.

  6. I’m so glad to hear that Dr. Aquino has beaten the cancer!

    And yes, I agree with you that the CoS leadership is harsh and I will add that I feel it is much more judgmental with it’s narrow definition of Satanism.

    Again, I don’t consider myself a Satanist, so I am on the outside looking in. But like other spiritual paths, Satanism takes on different flavors. Personally, I see theistic Satanism as a Christian construct, and feel that it completely misses the point LaVey so clearly conveyed. And other forms of Satanism are equally repugnant, if not more so, such as those which promote neo-Nazi ideology, racism, and human and animal sacrifice. Perhaps the harsh, elitist stance that CoS has taken was in response to groups like the JoS which uses Satanism to promote their neo-Nazi agenda, and the ONA which advocates human sacrifice.

    LaVey was clearly against these things, and I am glad to see that most Satanic organizations don’t associate with such craziness. But there are other so-called Satanic organizations (which I will not name), whose agendas are questionable because their leaders ridicule and attack other organizations and cause unnecessary drama in the both the Left Hand Path community and in mainstream society as a whole.

    Case in point: I was personally threatened and harassed online by the leaders of 3 different organizations because I refused to give them a presenter’s spot at the LHP Consortium. They each acted as though they were entitled to speak at my event; as if they had some sort of divine right. When I made it clear that I would not provide a forum for their hate-speech, things got ugly and I wound up blocking them. In one case the police had contacted me and in another case the threats where made public and several Satanists provided security at the venue as well as personal protection for free. So there you go…..

    The lesson I got out of that, is that anyone can call himself or herself a Satanist, a Luciferian, a Christian, etc., and anyone can start a church and solicit donations. It doesn’t necessarily mean they adhere to the morality or the values associated with that label. And perhaps the CoS is harsh for that very reason. Perhaps they are trying to hold on the the purity they see in LaVey’s original concept. I’m not saying it’s right, but I do see their logic.

    Also, if this form of Satanism is dying, I don’t think it’s because of anything the CoS does or doesn’t do. I think it would have more to do with the decline of our civilization as a whole. Our society rewards stupidity and weakness while penalizing the smart and strong. The schools are dumbing down and our media glorifies the lowest common denominator of society. Our heroes are people with pretty faces and shapely butts who have never worked a day in their life, let alone actually contributed anything to society. How can any organization that values honor, integrity, and service to community survive in the sea of ignorance in which we are all drowning? During the dark ages, the scientists, scholars and philosophers had to create secret societies in order to carry out their work underground because the church of ignorance was in power. Perhaps the CoS and others are declining because the religious right everywhere is taking control of political systems and media outlets, indoctrinating millions with their propaganda. Here in the U.S., Trump promised change – I don’t think he ever qualified that with any kind of a plan or direction. But judging by the direction we are headed, it’s not going to be good.

  7. The media likes to take things and make it so they look good. If they don’t like you, your ideals don’t suit them or the world they live in. The satanist should document their ideals on their own, or help spread individualism without question. Besides, who needs media to tell you what you are? If one wants power why have others involved? THe power of Thyself is hailed. The satanist that renounces religions and thoughts of others is hailed as true to thyself.

      • Yes, why follow, it is for the lost. Why preach unless it’s never been heard. The left hand path is carved from the will of the individual. The will of the right hand path rejected the mark of mans individualism and called it sin. The only sin is the one that weakens the mind. The left hand path religions cannot be called followers unless they work On destroying religions, including the ones in themselves.

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