The crossroads of life


Challenges that force an individual to a crossroads of choices are anxious times, but offer an opportunity to follow a new ultimately rewarding direction in life.

The period around 9th November (Trump got elected US President on this day) seems to have been a time of intense challenges for many people.  Even if Trump heralds a change in global paradigms that I have noted in a growing number of nations, individuals have also suffered massive challenges effecting their own lives, for instance the writer of the blog I follow.

Rarely is life a perfect linear journey, unexpected twists and challenges appear, and these come in groups rather than single events.  Suddenly the individual is no longer in known safe lands, the path has vanished, the crossroads appears, choices demanding to be made.  The undiscovered country appears, and all is alien, terrifying and confusing.

Alarming events have recently come into manifestation in my own life leaving me in a panic, stressed and a deep crisis.  I suffer ADD which makes it harder for me to focus and organise for solutions.  I have a short time to act, and I am so unprepared.  I am scrambling looking for solutions.

A crisis of a certain magnitude can put the individual into a type of creative and detached mind state, to see self, the world and the situation with new eyes, to explore and consider new possibilities.

Nature has been a useful healer and guide for me in times of challenge.  When I lost my hard drive on Saturday, all the stress was too much, the unfortunate cat that appeared at the wrong moment fled in terror when I screamed “get out!” I accidentally ripped the handle off the front door, as I shot out into the darkness and rain, then I ran until I came to an ancient wood, and got some clarity on my situation.

Yesterday I grabbed some leaflets for my business and delivered all day to promote my business door-to-door.  It is when I am in motion that I also get some clarity of thought.  This comes at a moment when my research into King Arthur came to a climax, the recognition that I had lost my passion, and there was a yearning for the wild mountains, forests and standing stones of places such as the Forest of Dean.  I no longer wanted to live in the tame surroundings of London and its mediocre green spaces.

At certain points in my life a set of challenges arise that tells me it is time to move on.  It appears my time in London is coming to an end.


7 thoughts on “The crossroads of life

  1. I had those moments when I was living in the States. However, the town I lived in is essentially carved out of the woods. But it’s important to recognize the need for change, and the environments which might be stifling growth.
    I’m sorry you lost your hard drive. That is one of the most heartbreaking things in the world (at least for me since I neglect backing anything up).
    I hope things get better.

  2. We do not change what we do, but what we are. The all is Mind, what we think, we feel, and what we feel, we Will, and what we Will, we do. Nothing rest, everything moves. Stillness is stagnation, activity is expression and maturation.

  3. I feel sympathy for your predicament. I’m on the autistic spectrum and I often tend to feel restless and I don’t find it hard to get distracted. Perhaps I too should find the opportunity to venture into the natural world more.

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