The dawn of a new world order


Welcome to the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

I was stunned.  How could I have been so wrong?  How did I not see this? The world changed today, 9th November 2016 in the US Presidential election, 9-11.  I lost my £100 bet on Clinton winning.  I lost my 100% record of guessing correctly political outcomes, because the rules had changed.  Like most of the world, and probably Trump himself, everyone thought Clinton would win.

I watched as the results came in.  I saw the rules and world I was familiar with crumble, shiver and vanish.  I feel I fell down a rabbit hole into an Alice in Wonderland scenario. Now with many dice are rolling, the future is uncertain.  The election of Trump as US President marked the emergence of a new world order, the same force that caused Brexit in the UK when the people supported leaving the EU against the position of the status quo in their referendum.

The US voter also gave the Republicans control of the US Senate, the House of Representatives, and ultimately control over the appointment of supreme court judges in addition to the US Presidency.  In the past the voter cautiously split control of the different wings of US government between the parties to provide a check on power.  The Republican Party now have the mandate and the authority to change any process or law they wish to make without worrying about opposition.

The winds of change are blowing, nobody can predict what will now emerge.  The people are hungry for change, they hate globalism, the intellectual dishonesty, the manipulations, the sweeping away of their rights and liberties in the name of security and political correctness.  Trump is a raw angry voice, one who is immune to the subtle influences of special interest groups such as Israel or bankers.

Deep down I am delighted at the kicking that the system is getting from Trump, but at the same time it is frightening, because so easily a monster can emerge on a wave of political revolution.


9 thoughts on “The dawn of a new world order

  1. This is a wonderfully honest post. I think most people in the US are numb today with the realisation of change. Its how we were in the UK the day after the Brexit vote. This is what happens when the backbone of a country are not listened to and marginalised, ignored. It is happening all over the world. Times are tough and the pendulum is swinging.

  2. You have to love the injection of antinomian venom that will lead to the deconstruction and subsequent remanifestation of US politics. We have the same thing here in the UK with Brexit. The rebirth for both sides of the Atlantic will be a painful one, yet we must remember that in order to remanifest, we must first dissolve.

  3. You know what’s interesting? If those #ClintonCult people are right and Hillary has devil worshipers and magicians on her side, then those magicians may well have turned out to be pretty crappy magicians.

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