Myatt death hoax gone wrong


Despite rumors David Myatt is alive contemplating leaves, riding his bicycle and translating Christian texts at his home in England.

After my recent blog post on the alleged death of Order of Nine Angles (ONA) founder David Myatt, there has been developments that confirm this was a hoax that went wrong.

A rumor was started on an ONA blog called “Sinister Polemics,” which was met with skepticism.  Then far right forums were also posting about the death with additional details suggesting Myatt had died in a male brothel in Egypt. It was at this point that those in the ONA intervened.

Myatt published a blog post confirming he was alive and contemplating the meaning of existence in falling autumnal leaves at his home in England.   Meanwhile the far right forum thread that suggested Myatt died in a homosexual brothel was deleted, and so was the entire Sinister Polemics blog.

ONA supporters of Myatt suggested that enemies of Myatt had started the rumors of his death, whilst a critical observer of ONA activities Anna Czereda said that it was an ONA test of ONA initiates that had gone wrong.

“Satanic Views, the whole “Myatt is dead” prank was started by the Sinister Polemics blog, which was run by the Inner ONA members. One of its authors were Kerri Scott and June Boyle, the nicknames once active in the O9A Facebook groups. They deny being the Old Guards but they have knowledge that ordinary people associating themselves with the ONA don’t have. Also at some time, they were recruiting people to the ONA inviting them to Colette restaurant in New York. Nobody was recruited because those selected failed the recruitment tests.

“Myatt is dead” affair was also a test designed to check whether the O9A fans believe everything that is written online. It was also a kind of a riddle containing allusions to the 10 and now 13 “esoteric” questions for the O9A adepts, which they, themselves, admitted in their “Connecting some dots” article.

It has nothing to do with the O9A enemies, it was an inside game/test. However, the brothel thing was added by some careless or ignorant or spiteful internet trolls. The Sinister Polemics authors wrote only that Myatt died in Egypt. If you start a rumor, other people will repeat it, adding some crap of their own.”

If this “prank” was indeed a test, then it was an incredibly naive tactic since now a large number of people think Myatt is dead, and also that he died in a homosexual brothel.  Perhaps ONA types might keep their testing in-house to prevent the rest of the world taking ONA japes in directions they don’t like it to go.


11 thoughts on “Myatt death hoax gone wrong

  1. 1. By what criteria are you labeling anyone ONA, and how have you discerned genuine ONA from the ONA tag-along, or ONA troll. Certainly not everyone using the title ONA is offering a serious statement, and certainly several using the title ONA are doing so in order to give ONA a bad or silly name. Lumping everything together without verification and reporting it factually is, from my position, naive.

    2. Disrespectful-ness to the gay community. Even if Myatt had died in a brothel, even if Myatt was openly gay, so? What, in and of itself, is wrong or funny, about being gay, or going to a brothel? What freedom would you revoke that enables one to go and do what they enjoy with their bodies? What sensibility of yours has been violated, that you would mock and slander those who do not adhere to Victorian notions. You’d better get a longer table cloth, you don’t want the proper company to see the tables legs!

    • You don’t know the Inner ONA, Darryl? You don’t know who Kerri Scott is? She’s been around for years. The Old Guards are Myatt’s friends. So, in your opinion, they give the ONA a bad name? It is you being naive.

      • I do not care who they are. I am liberated from such concerns in that I have absorbed what is useful from their expressions, and moved on that I myself express. Those who I effect should consider me no more important. You dwell in base consciousness, and are blind to the dialectic, the aeonic diagnosis, the metamorphic shapshifter, the nexus, and the plane of causation.

    • 1. As an outsider of the ONA, neither do I know or care who is ONA or not, that is for ONA people such as you to deal with.
      2. Anyone being gay is not an issue to me. The sexuality of an individual is their own business. I am indifferent to the issue.

      • 1. Yes, that is correct, and thus I would question the motive of one, such as yourself, who refuses to accept any responsibility for those vulgar rumors, and refuses to investigate the verisimilitude thereof, and yet insist upon personally spreading and propagating said rumor. A proud representative of the Satanic community, you are not.

        2. If you were indifferent, and refrained from judging another according to their sexuality, I see no reason for you to be amused by brothel stories, or to associate homosexuality with pedorest. You seem to be conflicted.

      • This blog posts on a wide variety of groups, individuals and subjects relative to Satanism. David Myatt has notability, so when ONA blogs and far right forums were posting about his death and its circumstances, I am going to report it. During the whole process I made it clear these were speculations and rumors. I made commenting available to anyone to add updates and opinions to this story. When new information came to light, I created a new blog post confirming the story was an ONA hoax that went wrong.

        I think if you dislike the direction that narratives that your fellow ONA associates put out, then you need to take your concerns to them rather than outsider blogs like mine who are not in the loop of ONA mind games.

  2. “I think if you dislike the direction that narratives that your fellow ONA associates put out, then you need to take your concerns to them rather than outsider blogs like mine who are not in the loop of ONA mind games.”

    Perhaps you would include that you are “not in the loop” the next time you go about telling the world about ONA?

  3. To the man who calls himself Satanic Views,

    You have shown yourself to be dishonorable in spreading falsehoods pertaining to DM and the ONA in general.

    Thus, I, Jason Swinton of the Nexion Q-YiG64, hereby challenge you to a bare-knuckle fistfight.

    If you accept my challenge, the fight will take place in a secluded out-of-use warehouse in Maidenhead, England. You may take as many of your friends with you as you like to spectate, but not intervene.

    The rules are simple: the loser is the one who gets knocked out or concedes with word of mouth. Only bare fists or elbows are allowed in the fight, no kicks, headbutts, biting or any other unsporting methods are allowed. It will be a gentlemanly pugilistic engagement.

    After the fight, whoever is the winner or loser, we shake hands like gentlemen.

    I will give you 24 hours after this post has been posted for an answer of whether you accept or decline my challenge. If you accept, then you will have proven to us that you are not a coward and you will have our respect. If you decline, however, you will be seen and treated like a coward and mocked, vilified every time you post a blog about the ONA.

    Yours awaitingly,

    Jason Swinton

    • Firstly, dishonor by what standards? Your personal standards? The standards of your nexion? The standards set by Myatt? Standards set by your religion? I recognise only my own standards as an independent minded Satanist.

      Although I am relatively good in kick boxing, I am not going to be wasting my life running around fighting anonymous nobodies who get a bee in their bonnet over what I write on the internet.

      I neither seek your approval, judgement or care about your opinions. I suggest you grow up and get away from the internet until you are mature enough to handle it.

      Any further retarded comments from you, I will delete it.

  4. In his youth Myatt did have bisexual tendencies. I had asked Richard Moult about this, and Moult did confirm that Myatt was “intimate” with at least one male classmate.

    It should be understood that there is nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, or bisexual in the ONA. Only the Mundanes will demonize a person for being gay, or lesbian, or bisexual.

    There are in fact all female nexion in ONA, as well as all gay nexions. We, the ONA also see nothing wrong with group sex, prostitution, or brothels.

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