What the spirit cooking hoax reveals


The spirit cooking hoax sums up how the internet has caused politicians, media and the population to become lazy and unconcerned about truth.

As a UK citizen I have taken only a slight interest in the crazy 2016 US Presidential election, but it was hard to ignore my Twitter feed which was lit up on the subject of “spirit cooking” by Satanists buzzing like angry bees on the latest low that suggested that the Clinton team were involved in Satanic rituals called “spirit cooking.”  I cannot remember ever seeing Satanists united with one voice  as they became in condemning this hoax.

Spirit cooking is evidently an invention of a new age white lighter which includes in one “recipe” of mixing various body fluids such as blood and urine together and throwing this mixture over idols.  The Trump campaign have from the beginning tried to paint Democrats and Clinton as Satanists, they then took out of context a mention of “spirit cooking” in a Democrat e-mail and invented an elaborate fiction of Clinton involved in Satanic rituals.

What the spirit cooking hoax reveals is a disturbing trend in USA, UK and other nations that could have serious ramifications in an already unstable world: the politicians no longer bother with being moderate and factual, preferring to feed the media and population grand sensationalist falsehoods.  Both the Scottish independence referendum and Brexit was subject to “Project Fear” when politicians daily fed stories out of apocalyptic outcomes should the population vote against the official position.  With NATO trying to justify the huge expenditure to maintain it, the narrative is about the dangers of Putin and Russia, despite the reality that the Russian military can be summed up by the knowledge that their only aircraft carrier needs an escort in case it breaks down, and the aircraft carrier toilets don’t work.  The media and the population are willing to accept this fall in standards by their politicians, and even encourage it.

It is easy to blame the politicians for this situation, but the blame must rest with the individual, as the tool of the internet has been abused and misused to spread falsehood rather than factual truths, the consumer has become lazy preferring to accept without question the fantasy served up by authority figures.

The internet has become a fountain of enslavement and falsehood rather than a source of liberty and truth.


7 thoughts on “What the spirit cooking hoax reveals

  1. Well, if you have a Twitter feed, you are consuming the worst kind of electronic junk food: stuff that not only is not nutritious, but tastes horrid as well. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts, and find the internet useful and interesting.

    Just FYI, the “spirit cooking” issue is not a “thing” in the coverage of the election by professional media. I live in a so-called battleground state, and while I am constantly being shown advertising from the candidates, this is pretty much the standard USA political party fare. (I have to admit that some of the latest ads from Clinton’s supporters are, at least, amusingly positive toward her while ignoring the other side completely.)

    Nothing is happening online that hasn’t happened on the printed page for centuries. Knowing how to read and write, and being truthful and honorable, have no connection apart from wishful thinking.

    Back to the “spirit cooking”, I had never even heard of it before. Reminds me of Crowley’s Cakes of Light, or the quack medicine pills he made from his semen. I pay even less attention to New Agers than I do to social media.

    • I never heard of “spirit cooking” until yesterday either, I thought it had something to do with alcohol, I was disappointed it was not.

      Yes, Twitter is a source of internet garbage, still, I find it useful to communicate with those of the LHP.

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