Archaeology is a source for my philosophy

Round Earthworks at the Hill of Tara, County Meath, Leinster, Ireland

Hill of Tara in Ireland; Avebury Stone Circle in South England; a Pictish stone carving in Scotland; a bronze age ring in East Anglia UK. Note the common symbol that repeats in the landscape, monuments and jewellery of different peoples and times.  What is the idea hidden in this common symbol?

There is nothing in the ideas that form the foundation of the Left Hand Path that is new, they are recycled from ideas that have been in play since the dawn of human consciousness.  It is useful to study my ancestors, to look at the world with their eyes, stand in their shoes, and thus gain insights into the ideas of the modern day.  I look at archaeology, I can infer ideas from archaeological discoveries that I build into my own personal philosophy.  I am animistic in outlook, thus looking at the ideas of my neolithic ancestors is important to me.

Neolithic people in the UK left no written record, so the archaeology is important.  The neolithic people used bone and stone as their tools, though some of them could work with copper tools.  Anything a neolithic person did had purpose on a spiritual or utilitarian basis, archaeology can provide useful information by uncovering purpose for an ancestor’s activities.

Grimes Caves

Norfolk UK over 400 mine shafts were dug with antler picks to reach flint deposits.  Flint can be found on the ground and fashioned into tools without much trouble, but the efforts ancestors went to was bizarre and practically unnecessary at Grimes Caves.  A huge industry and many people were dedicated to digging vast shafts to get at the flint.  Once a shaft was dug, perfectly good antler tools were abandoned in the shaft without being reused.  The fashioning and polishing of one axe would take hundreds of hours, and then dumped in a river.

Interpretation.  I have yet to figure out the ideas associated with axe heads.  The ancestor worldview considered that all things emerged out of the earth and rock.  To dig deep into the ground, extract the raw material and fashion it into axe heads had a major spiritual significance.  The Anglo Saxons had an idea of the purpose of the mines because they name them after the archetype Grim (Woden) a promethean figure that incorporates all the qualities of Mercury and Mars.

The blue stones of Stonehenge UK

Archaeology has shown that the blue stones originally come from the coast of South Wales, involving a logistically challenging transport of heavy stones over hundreds of miles.  Stones could have been mined from closer sources in Wiltshire UK, so why extract stones from so far away?

Interpretation.  Just as people come from rock, they return to rock on death.  Each stone is an ancestor.  A people have moved from South Wales to Wiltshire, and have taken their ancestors with them.

The reversal of defenses at Avebury

Normal hill forts have a rampart followed by a ditch facing outwards so that an attacker has to climb into a ditch then climb a hill to attack the fort.  Avebury includes an impressive stone circle where the ditch and rampart is the reverse of a hill fort as if it is trying to keep something in.

Interpretation.  Ancestors tend to go wandering, so the defenses keep them from doing that by keeping them penned in at Avebury. The ancient hill of Tara in Ireland has a similar structure as Avebury.

Seahenge – the place to leave a rotting corpse

Seahenge was an impressive discovery in Norfolk UK.  A stump of an oak tree was reversed upside down, surrounded by a wall of timbers.  The replica shows what a creepy structure it was.  The reversed oak stump serves the same purpose as the altar stones of stone circles.

Interpretation.  If an important individual died, they were placed on an altar stone or the seahenge oak stump for a period of time to rot.  In theory, but often not in experience, the body would have sufficiently rotted to collect the bones for ancestor worship.  Long bones and the skull were important parts to collect and deposit at a communal shrine, to be taken out at special ancestor worship events such as Samhain.  The rest of the bones were either cremated or buried in communal or individual locations.  Bodies that had failed to rot well had to be hacked as noted at Danebury hillfort to get at the important bones.  Archaeologists would often find incomplete skeletons, or a bizarre mix of incomplete skeletons and animal bones, basically due to parts being taken to another location for ancestor worship purposes.  Ignorant idiots think evidence of incomplete skeletons, hacking and altar stones are examples of cannibalism and sacrifice.  There was a waiting period between the placing of a body to rot and the funeral feast celebrating the deceased ancestor, a reason why such places have a kitchen or cooking area in the vicinity.

Stones with cup and ring markings are maps

Chatton in Northumberland UK has examples of stones in the ground that have intricate cup and ring patterns engraved into them.  These type of stones are found all over the UK where there is access to stone.

Interpretation.  It can be a practical challenge to work out where an ancestor has been buried, a map is a good thing.  These stones map the location of a grave or other feature relative to the stone.  Most neolithic monuments are aligned to the stars, moon, sun, seasons; geographical features such as springs, hills, mountains, rivers; and other monuments including hill forts, graves, stone circles and farmsteads.  Locations such as Stonehenge have nothing to do with lost civilisations and space aliens.  Everything is grounded in the land, seasons, nature and ancestor worship.


I live in a worldview where time and space are fictions, where regardless of where it is in the universe, all points begin and end in the same origin, which some refer to as the omphalos, and I call the genesis point.


The omphalos in Delphi in Greece, and carved stones found all over Scotland which might have had a similar function.

This omphalos can be the local mountain of the Basque, or the cave in Chauvet or the local spring where I live.  Just as consciousness has no specific location in the body, neither does the source of all of reality, so the individual can choose any place as the location of their genesis point.  Out of the rock, ground and earth all the universe emanates and cycles back towards from the genesis point.  This is the reason why I focus all my magick through a spirit of place at a genesis point rather than via a glyph.

Because I can see from the point of view of my ancestors, reincarnation, spirits and magick are seen as concrete and natural to me.  Sure, the people of books might argue against something like reincarnation, but because I process nature like my ancestors, the scholars cannot sense, experience and reason what I can.  I have an awareness of something greater than the artificial intellectual realities that a scholar clothes themselves in. My ideas are in harmony with nature, it is difficult to undermine me with intellectual arguments, as my ideas are based upon empirical natural outlooks rather than faith based opinion, ideas that I can argue.


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