Founder of Order Nine Angles dies in brothel?

After rumors emerged recently on ONA blogs that founder of the Order of Nine Angles David Myatt died in Egypt in 2016, the extreme right forums have also been mentioning his rumored death.

The latest post yesterday on Vanguard News Network forum by a senior member called “Andy” a poster of long standing said:

“Movement crackpot and deviant in all senses of the word has died.Myatt went “native” in his latter years died in an all male brothel in Egypt.”

Despite lack of evidence of his death lewd details apparently are emerging from those who claim to be in the know which suggests that Myatt might have been indulging in homosexual or pederast activities with males in a brothel at the time of his death in Egypt.


Until there is some official confirmation such as a death certificate the alleged death and circumstances surrounding it of David Myatt can only be treated as speculation and rumor.


17 thoughts on “Founder of Order Nine Angles dies in brothel?

  1. This post is shameful and mundane. It is a mockery of both David W. Myatt, whose achievements and insights are both numerous and obvious, and it is disrespectful to the homosexuals in our community, suggesting a link between homosexuality and the pederast, which is untrue and reeks of the nazarene sensibility. I am disappointed in “Satanicviews” for having posted this bigoted nonsense.

    • This is a matter that you need to refer to the source who alleged Myatt died in a male brothel. Anyone that reads that will infer “homosexuality or pederast.” Nothing personal against Myatt, I report only what I have read.

      • You are an intelligent human being, in possession of mind and Will, which mind ought discern and differentiate between legitimacy and propaganda, and which Will ought not to spread lies and vulgarity. This post is unsubstantiated and unbecoming. I have lost respect for your publication.

      • The alleged death and its circumstances of David Myatt has become a matter of interest to many. It is down to David Myatt or those in the know to put the record straight if they think it is wrong. If new information comes to light, I will publish it. I have made it clear in this blog that the latest information is rumor and speculation, I cannot say with any certainty if it is true or not.

  2. Hahaha. I saw that post yesterday. I was laughing so much. I think those Niners didn’t predict it would turn this way. Gossip is like that. Once you start it, it sort of gets its own life.

  3. Satanic Views, the whole “Myatt is dead” prank was started by the Sinister Polemics blog, which was run by the Inner ONA members. One of its authors were Kerri Scott and June Boyle, the nicknames once active in the O9A Facebook groups. They deny being the Old Guards but they have knowledge that ordinary people associating themselves with the ONA don’t have. Also at some time, they were recruiting people to the ONA inviting them to Colette restaurant in New York. Nobody was recruited because those selected failed the recruitment tests.

    “Myatt is dead” affair was also a test designed to check whether the O9A fans believe everything that is written online. It was also a kind of a riddle containing allusions to the 10 and now 13 “esoteric” questions for the O9A adepts, which they, themselves, admitted in their “Connecting some dots” article.

    It has nothing to do with the O9A enemies, it was an inside game/test. However, the brothel thing was added by some careless or ignorant or spiteful internet trolls. The Sinister Polemics authors wrote only that Myatt died in Egypt. If you start a rumor, other people will repeat it, adding some crap of their own.

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