Satanism as a process of activity


Rainbows are an example of entelechy, which is a process of motion that is moving to completion, but paradoxically is complete.  Satanism is another form of entelechy.  It is worth considering what process of motion to manifest Satanism to pursue each moment of the day.

Entelechy is a word in philosophy that expresses an idea, a paradox of something complete but which is at the same time in a process of action to completion.

In nature is the rainbow, a final state of completion, but is maintained by an ongoing activity of the interaction of rain and sunlight.  Once the motions of sunlight and rain ends, the rainbow vanishes.  The rainbow is an example of entelechy.

Consciousness and aliveness is an entelechy.  The neurons of the brain are firing every moment giving rise to consciousness.  The parts of the body is in motion such as the heart at every moment, giving rise to a sense of aliveness in the body.  If ever the motions of heart or brain neuron ceases, so will consciousness and aliveness in the individual.

The true artists describe their art as a process rather than the end products, which is why some might destroy their artwork without much concern.  What these true artists describe is an entelechy, a process of activity that is completing and working to completion.

Satanism is an entelechy, a process of action that will go on until the individual dies.  To define what Satanism means to the individual is variable from individual to individual, but a starting point would be to consider it as a process of motion.

I describe my own process of Satanism as a continued pursuit of wisdom born of experience, of knowledge born of senses and reason born of following the patterns of nature.  From reason, senses and experience, all other things manifest in my Satanism, for instance those in power who desire to enslave me will always attack my process of following senses, expereince and reason, and in this I quickly can identify the parasites from those that empower me.

It is worth considering what processes of motion the individual can manifest every moment of the day, and use this as the foundation of their Satanism.

8 thoughts on “Satanism as a process of activity

  1. Entelechy/Entelecheia are essential to the pursuit of the LHP goal. Such is to embrace the cycle of remanifestation that leads to the realisation that life is death and death is life. It is the pursuit of the definition of ones own essence, under ones own will in an existentialist sense. Ultimately, it is our divine teleological imperative that we will remanifest continually until we pursue and achieve the realisation of our potential.

    There are many upon the LHP actively engaged with their pursuit of their entelecheia.

  2. For some reason I read this post and thought about something I read from The Humanistic Pagan about the divine as being something that originates from the earth rather than from God.

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