Measure others by deeds and results

Jacob McKelvy (aka Jacob No) the founder of the Greater Church of Lucifer being baptised as a born-again Christian.  Luciferians would have saved themselves trouble and damage to their reputations by researching this fraudster and judging him based upon his deeds and results rather than his words and manipulations.

When I occasionally commission artists, I research their portfolio of past work.  In using suppliers I look at reviews of what other customers have said about them.  In working with people I am interested in their deeds rather than their words, I have no time for salespeople.

In the Left Hand Path there is an expectation that all those that walk this path judge others by their deeds and results.  To enter into partnership with an individual or group in the LHP is to judge those parties by their deeds and results.  In entering a co-dependent relationship with others is to open self to success or failure based upon their deeds and results, and the self being the agent of their own success and failure would be wise to take great care in what relationships their enter into.

The more I learn about Jacob McKelvy (aka Jacob No), the more I am disappointed in those leading Luciferians who entered into partnership with him in founding the Greater Church of Lucifer.  McKelvy was a con-man who recently became a born-again Christian.

Jeremy Crow and Michael Ford have a strong track record of deeds and results in Luciferianism, but their lack of discernment and judgement in entering into the unholy partnership with McKelvy in founding their “church” is disappointing.  Hundreds of Luciferians joined GCOL based upon the reputations of Crow and Ford, and McKelvy made suckers out of all those Luciferians, the stinking shit of what McKelvy did will stick to the reputations of rest of the leaders of GCOL for years to come due to their profound naivety and stupidity.

Hind sight is a wonderful thing, but the signs were there if leading Luciferians behind the GCOL had taken the effort and courage to dig and see the con-man for what he was.  Tau Pneumatikos is a leading Luciferian (avoided GCOL leadership positions), one who has previously worked closely with Jeremy Crow on LHP conferences and forums, and had Crow talked to her, would have learnt that McKelvy had conned her over a book order in 2014.  The reputations of Crow and Ford based upon deeds and results is strong, but McKelvy was a name I knew nothing about, and neither I am sure did many others in the LHP.  Ford made the point that McKelvy did not know much about Luciferianism before he proposed the founding of GCOL.

Words and an initial financial investment by McKelvy seduced the leading lights of Luciferianism, who jumped on board the Luciferian wagon to suckerdom without using their senses, experience and reason to see what a fraud he was, who used the reputations of Ford and Crow as the platform to swindle money out of hundreds of Luciferians to buy himself holidays, musical instruments and to prop up his own business.

When McKelvy finally was caught out, resigned and then found Jesus, the leading Luciferian Ford publicly whinged like an old woman how early on he witnessed McKelvy was demanding Luciferians bow before him and was acting without consultation with other Luciferian leaders of GCOL.  Even in the early days of GCOL when more red flags were raised about McKelvy based upon his deeds, Luciferian leaders such as Ford was cowardly and submissive in failing to get to grips with a blatant acts of unLuciferian and uncooperative activty by McKelvy.

Whilst I initially considered that a Luciferian platform such as GCOL was a great idea to bring together many Luciferians in cooperative activity, the poor judgement by the leading Luciferians such as Ford and Crow, plus the damage to the reputation of GCOL makes that “church” in my mind a worthless car wreck that should be dissolved.

I conclude by quoting what Luciferian Ford had to say about this matter:


Michael W. Ford August 28 at 10:21pm ·

There have been a lot of questions regarding my involvement with Jacob No (aka Jacob McKelvy). As he continues to try to undermine work that has been around since he was a country DJ and a mormon at this time I would like to make a public statement even though I dislike even writing the name of this parasite. Two years ago, he approached me about getting involved in a group he had been trying to start based on the work of myself and Jeremy Crow. I was very hesitant about going into this with someone I knew little about but I felt there was a need for this platform within Luciferianism and had always wanted to do something like this but had little time to do so. Although I won’t get into most of the details about the issues that we had with him from the beginning, I am going to outline a few reasons why I have NOTHING more to do with this “man” and warn anyone who decides to involve themselves with his endeavors.

1. He had never really read my books or any other books on Luciferianism except for the basic, short-book The Kybalion. Even after I had discussed and explained over and over again the importance of knowing and understanding what you “trying” to be a “leader” in, as of the time of his leaving, he had still not read, practiced or done any studies except for the random Wiki page.

2. This man who speaks of “ego’s” as if they are a bad thing (as if he has none – anyone who met him shares that laugh with me), My first experience of the original “ceremony” of self-illumination at a July 4th meeting in 2015 (I was asked to attend) he had his “wife” robe him (yes, she did) and then had a potential member “KNEEL BEFORE HIM” and pledge his “allegiance” to the group. I actually left in middle of it as it pissed me off so badly I could not be respectful in his domain any longer. At this time I was going to leave the organization but he called me and asked me why I left and was I angry. I told him I was personally offended that he would ask another to bow before him and as Luciferians under NO circumstance DO THAT (Any of you that know me personally can attest to my dislike of flamboyant egocentric performance). He actually “CRIED” (yes, there were witnesses on speaker phone) to which he told me he was sorry, he was just learning and if I stayed he would have me re-write the ceremony so it would be “luciferian” in nature, etc.

3. During the opening of our first building, he asked us if we should reach out to the media and announce our presence. We voted no as we had safety concerns for those attending and did not want to make this a publicity stunt. He then asked again stating that Jeremy Crow had an interview in Toronto and they would find out anyway and it would be good publicity. Again, we voted NO. Within two days of this conversation, someone contacted the news about us (our sign was not yet even UP) and the news started interview requests. We were suspicious about the timing but felt the interviews had to be done to state our side rather than their own one-sided approach. The very first interview request was from the Houston Chronicle and after the interview, Jacob asked them if it would be in the Sunday paper. The reporter replied “he did not know” and Jacob responded: “this is pretty big news and people will want to hear about it”. The reporter said in a sarcastic manner “they would probably have news like terrorism and other things to report for Sunday”. He gave the reporter a book and without the reporter asking, he suggested that “we sign it for him”. As the reporter was leaving, we asked how the reporter knew about us. He responded that a anonymous concerned male citizen called to make the public aware of us. I later questioned Jacob because I suspected it was him, he chuckled and said “I don’t know nuthin’ bout that bubba”…to which he said “I’m Media marketin’ Genius, bubba”. Hope and I wanted to leave at this moment but we were in the middle of a full throttle opening of the GCOL and could not just stop then.

4. There were many other things leading up to this but they very last thing was the refusal of him to allow us to see and review the financial records even though he wanted Hopemarie to be responsible for filling our sales with the state. Jeremy Crow asked him again and in the same evening he resigned and signed everything over to us with a commitment to fulfill ALL outstanding membership orders. We finally got him to turn over MOST of the records and found SIGNIFICANT amounts of monies misappropriated for things such as his wedding, honeymoon, guitars, studio time, restaurants, etc. He left us with virtually no money in the bank for thousands of dollars in orders not completed or fulfilled. He later made an agreement with us and paid back monies from January to March of 2016 ONLY. 2015 has never been paid back. He still never completed the orders and complains that he had charge-backs for them.

5. Since the time of his leaving he has bad mouthed myself and others within the GCOL as well as the organization itself. He has even gone so far as to try to steal my copy written artwork to sell on T-shirts. ( I was able to contact Etsy and have it removed)

The reason I am writing this is because there were a lot of questions regarding my involvement and my choice to get involved with this person. As a warning to those who may want to get involved with ANY of his other endeavors: My experience with this man is that he is a manipulator who constantly plays the “victim”, he is untrustworthy; he is NOT a true Luciferian in ANY sense of the word. One of the reasons I think this is not only because of the reasons above but also because when he resigned he asked to meet with me by myself. At which time he told me the only reason that he started the GCOL was to make money as he was living on a friends’ couch at the time. He also stated he was still a registered Mormon at the time of the formation of the GCOL. After doing a little further research, I found a funding site that he created before the GCOL called the “Greater Church of Satan” to which he was trying to raise money for.

As a Luciferian I am always trying to find insight from my experiences and what I have learned from this and take from this is that you should always trust your instincts and if a person does not seem “right” and the “creep alarm” goes off, cut your ties immediately and don’t look back! I hope that my insight will help others who have experienced or who may be experiencing a parasitic plague like this individual.

Ba nam i aharman,

Michael W Ford

6 thoughts on “Measure others by deeds and results

  1. One should always judge an other based upon their current behaviors and abilities, as these “titles” hardly tell you anything about them. That being said, when people introduce themselves as “insert title”, that does tell you something specific about their character. Titles are much more trouble than they are worth. I have personally spent endless hours explaining that I do not believe, or do, such and such simply because I advocate the Order of Nine Angles, and codify a distro of my own. When you take on a title, Satanist, Luciferian, ONA, you inadvertently let a bunch of old books do the talking for you, which ultimately, can be rather self defeating.

  2. I think, on the bright side, we can all learn from the whole McKelvy saga. I think we will probably be more sensitive to the kind of red flags that Tau saw from the start and Michael, for whatever reason, downplayed, and all parties involved will likely serve as examples for what to do and what not to do in the given situations.

    I’ve already moved on from Jacob McKelvy becoming a Christian. I’ll never forgive his actions, but I’m not about to let him weigh me down and prevent me from continuing my path. As I said to one of my good friends in this Satanic blogosphere we inhabit, the difference between the Satanist and anyone else is that, though we’re all capable of becoming the victims of some misfortune or malevolence or feel bad about ourselves for some reason, the Satanist has no desire to stay a victim or fall into any kind of victim mentality.

    That said, Michael’s actions still worry me a bit. He saw the signs but downplayed the signs of McKelvy’s fraudulent actions and personality. If I may make an educated guess, I suspect that Michael and Jeremy downplayed those red flags because of the opportunity presented by the platform that is the GCOL. The prospect of both revenue for the organization and spreading Luciferianism through a bold new institutional platform might have been enough that they were willing to put up with McKelvy and cover his ass, and it was only when McKelvy began appropriating their finances and later resigned that eventually the GCOL leaders could no longer maintain their silence. This is however just speculation on my part, so feel free to treat it as such.

    1. Good point, that is all anyone can do after a disaster is move on and rebuild. I hope the leaders of GCOL do learn from this experience as it shows despite their rules that fraudsters have been allowed to operate with significant power at the heart of their organisation.

  3. Yes, Rebuild is Key! Luciferian Philosophy Indeed. The Greater Church of Lucifer GCOL Is Now The Assembly of Light Bearers ALB. I will continue my Luciferian Path Which consist of the triad Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis. The 11 Points of Power I apply to my daily life. Luciferian Beth Katehis

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