A case of mistaken identity

“If you want to be taken seriously don’t dress like a fucking clown.” Zach Black of Satanic International Network.

It has come to my attention that a mentally disturbed misfit called Nathaniel Harris, self-styled occult nobody,  professional clown and the former mentor of Luciferian Michael Ford, has teamed up with Satan Hunters, those promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax in London to wage a campaign of harassment against a group of magicians that they think are either me, or connected to me.

Let me be clear that those running The Blog of Baphomet have no connection to me.  I did not want innocent people pursued based upon misidentification that they are me.  I am happy for Harris and the other sheep to entertain me with their delusions that they can do anything to me other than write some bullshit on social media on what I might have done, or who I might be associated with.  Even though I have warned the magicians to expect clowns at their door, I have no interest in associating with those connected to the Thelema religion, a RHP outlook of little relevance to the LHP outlook of Satanism.

The Satan Hunter Jake Clarke was sectioned in a mental asylum by his own agency, encouraged by Satan Hunters Angela Power Disney and Rupert Quaintance.  I warned Clarke what to expect since I foresaw what would happen to him if he continued on his path, he ignored me, he suffered the fate he deserved.  Any misfortune that Harris and his Satan Hunter fellows bring upon themselves is by their own agency, it has nothing to do with me, Satan or any other external agency.

Established occult writer and possible inventor of the term “chaos magic” Peter Carroll recently offered me his opinion on the claims by Nathaniel Harris.  He said:

“…I have come across no evidence whatsoever that Batley ever had any association with the people Harris accuses, perhaps your article should make that clearer.

I think Harris merely noticed Batley in the news and then tried to add him into the mad mix because of the alleged SRA, however the case for SRA seems pretty thin there, a mere bit of window dressing borrowed from widely available Crowley books.”

Harris and his partner are failed magicians, they are discredited dishonest individuals who create fictions of Satanic Ritual Abuse to cover their own inadequacies as parents and scholars.  People don’t buy the books by Harris because they are badly written poorly researched containers of bullshit.  Harris cannot work as a children’s entertainer as he is a potential danger to children.  Harris and his partner used a child as a means of pursuing personal vendettas against people in their failed relationships.  Appropriate to his creepy clown persona Harris no longer has the support of occultists and magicians, because nobody takes him seriously and he borders on the psychotic.  The issues Harris and his partner faces is their own agency, nothing to do with any criminal conspiracy.

The type of magicians Harris used to hang out with in the UK are a small intimate circle of specialists of occult literature who Harris seeks to smear on the basis that one bad egg called Colin Batley participated in their events, who was later arrested and convicted of sexually molesting children in his personal sex cult.  There is no evidence that anyone Harris and his partner besmirches with their wild SRA fictions is connected to any wrongdoing.

Even though I am now retired from campaigning against the Hampstead SRA hoax, considering that it is now a dead hoax, I am happy to be entertained by the clowns, but please target the right people for the right reasons.   Better still, go and piss off the Order of Nine Angles.

The Black Flame and Power

This intelligent orangutan was spotted by me in a zoo last weekend caged, stared at and disempowered, it spends its days hiding under a blanket.

The Black Flame resides in every living thing, it moves all life to live, grow and create.  I define the end state of the Black Flame as manifesting my will to act and choice as master of my own life in any situation.  The Black Flame is another word for power to make change in both the self and the environment in the material world. I can quantify the Black Flame by many measures: time; money; skills; fitness; knowledge; wisdom; relationships.

Three ways power is manifested

The manifestation of the power of the Black Flame is in three ways.  Firstly, the giving or withdrawal of this power to a thing, such as casting of a vote in an election.  Secondly, the sharing of this power with another, where both benefit, such as a bee gaining nectar from a flower, whereas the flower is pollinated by the bee.  Thirdly, where through domination or submission, self or another have their power taken from them, such as when a rapist sexually abuses a child.

Society is built on predatory behavior

Human society is built on predatory behavior, where encouragement is given to one or the other party of a relationship to sacrifice their power, their will to act or choice to another.  In the relationship between humanity and nature, it is about domination, control and exploitation of nature, rather than harmony in shared power with nature.  The end state of the war of domination of nature by humanity is the dramatic decline of mostly all the animal species across the globe, an alarming fact I discovered repeatedly on visiting animal after animal at a zoo.  When the predator rapes the child, the power in that child is broken, perhaps for ever.  Nothing but ruin, misery and famine is born from the denial of power of others or self in a relationship.  Power needs to move to and fro from two opposites to benefit all, the denial of one side power in a relationship is like removing the wall so that the ball cannot return on the rebound, power lost to the abyss of entropy.

The ideal state of power is one shared by all parties

The ideal state of power is shared, where all sides move in a way none are denied their will to act and choice, where there is no slave-master, where shared power becomes greater than even the sum of the parties involved.  Imagine the difference of a hound and its owner working together in a mutually beneficial activity compared to the effort expended through violence and fear to make a hound do a thing, that wiped out the power of the hound the choice and will to act of its own agency.

Notions of predatory behavior lead to the end state of human extinction

If the Satanist values power and liberty, these qualities are a two-way process, or all become the loser.  If this situation continues where one side must benefit on the basis of another losing their power, the fish and bees will vanish, the hungry will strike down every pillar of human civilization just to feed themselves, and everything and everyone will fall into extinction and ruin.  The Satanist that blinds themselves to these obvious end states by foolish notions that they must be the predator where others and nature must always be the prey and loser, only gladly dance the tune of human extinction.

What are your views on the Black Flame and power?

Satanists question everything

question-everythingOne of the core ideas of the story of eating the apple in the Garden of Eden is that humanity reached a point of evolution to step out of animal instinct, gaining an imagination to explore and redefine the self, their world, and their place in their world.  This difference in mind means humanity can build rocket ships to the moon, but the rest of the animal kingdom can’t do that.

The ideal Satanist questions everything

The individual who can question, can imagine, can create, is the ideal human, the ideal Satanist.  Sadly, most people choose to reject the gifts of evolution, they prefer the level of base beasts that follow their fears and lusts.  These people never question, choosing to believe and act on faith, upon whatever authority serve upon their dish.  These people are the ignorant, stupid and lazy, embracing all the qualities Satanists despise.

Question everything

Question everything.  This attitude is one major step to embracing reason over faithful ignorance.  Accept nothing on face value, dig deeper, find the source and look for empirical evidence based on demonstration, experience and observation.  What one authority states as fact, might be dishonesty, error or fiction.  A large part of the internet is manipulation, fraud and fantasy.

Errors of history ripple into the present

Some examples. The idea “light bearer” in Luciferianism is built upon a transcribing error by Jerome who translated the Hebrew bible into Latin in around 390 CE.  The Hebrew for “Morning Star” is “shining one, son of the dawn,” which is different to the Latin error Jerome used, which became “light bearer.”  In Occult circles the archetype Harpocrates is associated with secrecy, silence and confidentiality, because ancient writers mistakenly associated his finger to his lips as an action of swearing to secrecy.  Harpocrates is a child god, who in reality is expressing the Egyptian hieroglyph for child with his finger to his lips, but writers continue to repeat the ignorant error from ancient times to the present.

The ONA hoax that backfired

Those attention seeking religious parasites the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) recently announced on a Satanist forum and through blogs that their founder David Myatt had died in Egypt.  Satanists and some associated with the ONA religion treated the claims with immediate skepticism, one demanding evidence of a death certificate.  Under the light of intense scrutiny the claim of Myatt’s death fell apart as no evidence or details were forthcoming, and those who claimed this falsehood saw their hoax backfire upon them.  Anyone can claim anything on the internet. Images, documents, video and audio can all be manipulated to appear authentic, but even a cursory examination by questioning everything can reveal the lie.