Samhain an example of a liminal point

Bridges, gates, caves, doors, harbours, train stations are all liminal points where things begin and end.  The points between the seasons such as Samhain, or solar changes such as Winter Solstice, or lunar points such as full and new moons, or between sunrise and sunset are liminal points in time. There is always a spirit of place at a liminal point, and it is a fierce point of strife between two or more opposing fractals. Any road between two towns has a spirit of place that folk in Britain call the shucks, these hounds I call upon to protect me when I am travelling between places.

Tomorrow is Samhain what ordinary folk call Halloween.  For most people Samhain is an occasion to dress up and party, but for me it marks an important point of transition from Autumn (the time of plenty) to Winter (the time of hunger.)  Samhain is an example of a liminal point, a type of gateway between two states, in this case between Autumn and Winter in the Northern world.

As a philosopher I reject the concepts of time and space as inventions of the human brain.  To explain what exists and how things operate in a situation where time and space is absent, I consider that nature is composed of fractals.   I could describe each fractal in terms of the branches and roots of a tree: the potential state of each fractal is the roots; the kinetic state is the branches.  What I see in the visible world is only a part of a fractal which is in motion, and all these motions are causing changes in the potential state of the fractal, which then ripples into reflective changes in its kinetic state.

All change, motion and evolution in things in nature is brought about due to a conflict of two opposites, or two fractals that clash like the tectonic plates in the earth.  Where the edges of two fractals collide is the liminal point, thus Autumn and Winter being two fractals have collided in time in an event people call Samhain.  The same principle applies in space, where the places of Wales and England collide at a liminal point marked by the River Severn, and places where there are bridges and fords between the fractals of Wales and England become particularly potent points, such as Gloucester, a city that is subject of a few significant legends in Celtic mythology.

It is at the liminal points in time and space that I will look for the spirits of place, which become the vehicle by which I weave my magick.  If I can combine a liminal point in time such as the Winter Solstice with a liminal point in space such as the River Severn I can weave extremely powerful magick.  The spirit of place in the River Severn is impressive by way of how it manifests as the Severn Bore which is significantly impacted by the cycles of the moon and sun in the strength of its tides.  As I work with one particular spirit of place, there is usually a lot of communication going on backwards and forwards between me and that spirit, and on most occasions both I and spirit are working together as a team.

Because I can discern fractals and their liminal points, I can usually make a rapid assessment of a situation and weave patterns into the liminal points to achieve my various end states.  I have no need for rituals, only a spirit of place, a liminal point, a clear mental design, and then an act of launching that design into the formless darkness at the liminal point as activity.

I never celebrate liminal points such as Samhain, they are a potent tool to use for whatever end state I desire to manifest through my weavings.

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