Kick Jesus out of Satanism, please

Lets have a Satanism free of Christian baggage.

Every individual is entitled to following their religion as longs as they keep their religion out of my face, so whilst I respect Christians to follow their path, I object to anything related to Jesus corrupting the Left Hand Path.

I like Satanism because it is a pure path that embraces reason, senses and experience unlike religions such as Christianity that is based mostly on opinion and lies.  Perhaps Christianity was in the first decades a path that did embrace values that I respect such as wisdom based on experience, but it has long lost its way, indulging in fantasy and faith, and is now best consigned to the trash can.

Satanism is the path for mature adults who value the empirical path of experience, senses and reason.  In dismay I observe too many Satanists and other LHP-orientated people hanging onto the robes of Jesus by bringing Christianity into the Satanic religion.  Why must my path require that black masses, upside down crosses and other Christian junk be part of the Satanic religion? Why do some Satanists need to call themselves reverend, or their groups a “church” or their guide books a bible such as “Satanic Bible?”

Hanging onto Christian baggage is like an adult still holding their moms hand.  It is time to let go and embrace a path free of the backward religion of Christianity.  It is fine for noobs and children to embrace Reverse Christian reactions and baggage such as those in the Satanic kindergarten of Joy of Satan, but when Satanists are over 18 and with a few years of Satanic experience behind them, I would like to think they passed puberty and embraced a Christian-free path.

The religion of Asatru embraces a path free of Christian baggage, and there is enough of a tradition in Satanism to build a strong path in the same way without Christianity.

16 thoughts on “Kick Jesus out of Satanism, please

  1. What if someone were to use Christianity in a paganized form, or rather a form that has been reverse-engineered or regressed to the point that it resembles something closer to is pagan roots? After all, much of Christianity is ultimately derived from paganism.

      1. Nothing, but that’s not what I meant. I was very much talking about regressing something into a pagan form. You do so by shedding the layers of Christianity and leaving only the original pagan mythos behind it. A good example would be any of the commercial “Christian” holidays like Christmas. Strip away the Christian elements of that holiday in order to behold its olden spirit.

      2. All that Christianity is done is taken some pagan ideas and then twisted it into something else. To involve Christianity in Satanism in any way is like dumping cow shit in my bed and expecting me to sleep in that bed.

      3. I don’t mind the idea of black masses as a subversive device mind you. The idea of a Satanist being called reverend, on the other hand, is a bit weird. Pope even worse. For some reason I don’t mind Anton LaVey’s nickname of “The Black Pope”, perhaps because it was kind of ironic. Then there’s Robert Fraize, a guy who I think actually took the title of “Pope”.

      4. Any self-identified Satanist who actually calls him/herself Pope and fancies him/herself a real life Satanic Pope is a delusional jackass.

  2. if it is just a matter of props and aesthetics I think anything goes really, and the “reversal” idea does have a valid place, but it needs to be understood as a subjective tool. So I think reverse crucifixes are good fun, but no more than that. Seriously importing Jesus into Satanism, or worse, monotheistic ideas of “evil” (rather than La Vey’s camp, carnal evil) is a real blunder though.

    1. When it was proposed that Greater Church of Lucifer was going to call itself a “church” I thought they got off on the wrong foot. Now later it is discovered that its founder had considered it his personal army of Satan to destroy Christianity, then he was found to have been misappropriating funds, then converted to Christianity. Anyone needing to bring Christianity into the LHP I now treat with suspicion.

  3. The better question is why must a subset of atheist Enlightenment cultists use the trappings of Satanism? It is absurd, unnecessary and only makes you look confused and silly to the rest of us. If you take away every last vestige of Judeo-Christianity from your ideology, what are you left with? Richard Dawkins in gothic drag? How bizarre! Wouldn’t it make more sense to kick Satan out of atheism?

    1. One of the challenges of any path is it has its extremes: there are the Laveyans who say all who are not of their worldview are no Satanists; then there are theistic types such as yourself who think all those with more rational outlooks are no Satanists.

  4. Haha! I got a kick out of this conversation. ‘Pope Robert’ publicly threatened to ‘crash’ the LHP Consortium in Atlanta because I refused to allow him to present his narcissism, or even attend. I knew he wouldn’t show up, but if he had, he would have found out what real Satanism is about.

    When Jacob Mckelvey started ‘The Greater Church of Lucifer’ I debated with him about the use of the word ‘church’ and the pompous title he gave himself. The guy was a con-man and I publicly stated so. Fast forward a year, and my words proved to be true. He stole money from The GCoL joined a Christian church after getting caught red-handed. He recently uploaded his baptismal video to his Facebook page. He is where he belongs – a two-bit con man in a Christian church. How appropriate!

    I am not a Satanist, I agree that the LHP does not need to be sullied by Abrahamic undertones. I have nothing against those who practice the Abrahamic traditions, but I don’t see any reason to water down my path with all that dogma.

    1. “Pope Robert” gave support to those promoting a Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax in Hampstead London.

      It looks like your early concerns about Jacob McKelvey were manifested. I think it unfortunate that few others picked up and acted upon what McKelvey was doing early on.

      1. Yes, when I publicly called McKelvey out for his book scam, several people contacted me, telling me similar stories. He had advertised a book online and I pre-paid for two copies in August 2014. I kept asking him when it would be printed and distributed, and he kept putting me off. Finally in March, the following year, I asked for a refund and he said he didn’t have the money to refund me. I posted screen shots of that conversation and called him out for keeping my money. He finally refunded my money after much pressure from his ‘church’. I felt like he was preying on young people who are just learning about the LHP by offering them fancy titles and pseudo-notoriety in exchange for their monetary support. As far as I could see, this made him no better than a TV preacher.

        While McKelvey is just another 2 bit con-man, Pope Robert is a special kind of crazy. I’m never surprised at anything he does for attention. Seriously, in my humble opinion, he needs professional help.

        People say that the occult attracts crazy people. It’s true. But so does Christianity, Islam, and politics. There are crazy humans everywhere and the LHP is not immune to the numbers. The key is to be discerning and not let others represent you. I seriously considered calling myself something other than a Luciferian when McKelvey cheapened Luciferianism with his dumbed-down version. But then I realized that I had a moral obligation to uphold the high ideals I have placed on my chosen path. One of those ideals is to never, ever, let a dishonest toad drag me down to their level.

        It takes a hell of a lot to overcome society’s indoctrination; which is akin to climbing out of a bucket of slime. Once you finally make your way to the rim of the bucket, be careful who you reach down to help up, lest they drag you back down into the slime. This is why the LHP is a lonely one. We have all been burned by those who proclaim to be something they are not; clever sheep and wolves in sheep’s clothing. The only solution is to take a lesson from the mountain goat who independently climbs to the highest peaks, and focus on our own ascension.

      2. I have read that Jacob McKelvey had little experience or knowledge on Luciferianism, and if so I was surprised that so many Luciferians decided to join his “church”.

        The anti-SRA campaigners of Hoaxtead call Pope Robert “Reverend Strawberry.”

        The individual is as you say responsible for their own standards, and it is the lonely path we travel in being authentic and empowered in the LHP.

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