A UK Satanic view on US Presidential election

Presidential US candidate Cthulhu would get my vote if I could vote.

As a UK citizen I keep a dispassionate eye on the ongoing US Presidential election, mainly because I may bet on the outcome.

It is interesting that on my Twitter feed for “Satanism” Hillary Clinton gets plenty of mentions of being a Satanist, even though I think Trump has more in common with Satanism on account of him being an individualist, an asshole and a major challenge to the status quo.  As an enemy of globalism and the banking system I welcome disruptive elements to the system such as Trump, though I think this crazy maverick having access to nukes and probably sending Satanists to concentration camps is unsettling.  Islamic State and Russian President Putin would like Trump to win, probably because Trump is such a divisive figure capable of plunging the US into a new civil war.

With three weeks to go before voting day, I think that the outcome is already known: the US will join the UK in having a female leader in Hillary Clinton.  Even if Trump had done everything right, his core vote of the white Christian patriarchal conservative is a demographic too small to get him into the White House.  This is a numbers game and the Republicans have failed to reach out to other demographics such as the ever expanding Latino vote.  Trump has killed off a large part of the female vote and also the Latino block, even his core Republicans might be voting elsewhere.

It is unfortunate that the US population has to face voting for such a crap set of candidates.  If I had the vote I would not vote for either Trump or Clinton, and since the only third choice candidate I know about is Cthulhu, I would vote for the god who promises to end of the world.

If I placed a bet on Clinton today, I would get a 18% return for any investment, which is the only positive outcome I can expect from this election.

5 thoughts on “A UK Satanic view on US Presidential election

  1. The idea of Trump sending Satanists to concentration camps sounds like fear-mongering, I doubt anyone will have the power to that. One wonders where you get that idea besides, I don’t know, other so-called Satanists who’ve actually bought into a lot of hyperbole surrounding him to the point that they invent their own fears for what Trump might do them – which I consider to be very un-Satanic a thing to do. So I have reason to suspect that this may be a fabrication, especially if Trump really is an individualist as you say (that I also don’t know where you get that from).

    Also Trump’s core vote isn’t just conservative Christians. It’s actually either working and middle class individuals who are fed up with the Democrats and the GOP and find Trump to be a breath of fresh, even if he does seem extreme, or many people who are only voting for Trump because, in their minds, the only other option is Clinton and they despise Clinton. Expect negative partisanship to be a major phenomenon. I would also point out that there are still women willing to vote for Trump, possibly because the alternative is still unacceptable and it’s easy to see why: Trump talks about bad things, Clinton has had a history of actually being involved in bad things. It’s not just because of the stuff revealed in Wikileaks either; I’m sure you’re familiar with her history as a career politician. As long as that’s the case, I think many people won’t trust Clinton.

    The Libertarians would have been awesome this year. They had the best opportunity they ever had because both Trump and Clinton are really divisive. But they nominated Gary Johnson, throughout this campaign he’s been pandering to the left while acting like a retard. And he didn’t make it into any of the debates despite all the hype from his campaign and promising appearances in the media.

    1. Donald Trump has considered putting Muslims into internment camps, and his Christian supporters compares Muslims to Satanists. If a large religious minority can be put into camps, there is little reason why other minorities including Satanists would end in those camps as well. Considering the fanatical support of Christian and supremacist elements to Trump it is reasonable he will address their demands on being elected.

      My interest in the election is mainly objective in that I hope to make money from a bet from it. The numbers are against Trump, he does not have the support of much outside of white Christian patriarchal conservatives.

      1. He’s considered shutting down Muslim immigration entirely, that I know for certain. But I think he’s since scaled that back. I doubt that he’ll be throwing anyone into camps let alone have the power to do so once in office. You said it yourself once that political reality tends to prevent people from keeping some of their more ambitious promises.

        I also explained how Trump’s support is actually wider than the Christian conservative. This guy actually had trouble getting the evangelical vote at first because the Christians didn’t want to vote for him at first because they saw him as too secular and too unconventional a conservative. Obviously that opinion has changed. He has the working class on his side, and that is powerful in a democracy.

      2. I agree to that. I wonder if it’ll be anything like the outcome Brexit, at least if Trump wins – with crowds of shrieking harridans demanding that the vote be changed and taking to meaningless protest, or worse given the hype in America. If Clinton wins, I don’t think Trump’s supporters are going to take it lightly either. This may indeed be interesting to watch, and we should try to keep our eyes open once we get to November.

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