Former GCOL leader becomes a Christian

The fall of a Luciferian leader Jacob No (Jacob McKelvy)

A fellow blogger made me aware that former Greater Church of Lucifer (GCOL) founder and leader Jacob No also known as Jacob McKelvy has converted to Christianity.

McKelvy under his Luciferian name Jacob No was instrumental in bringing together the leading thinkers of Luciferianism such as Michael Ford and Jeremy Crow to form a well defined Luciferian “church” in 2015.  The GCOL had a slick web site, clearly defined administrative systems and rules, and a fast growing membership, especially in South America.  The GCOL opened their first physical church building in Houston USA.

According to leaders such as Michael Ford things did not feel right about McKelvy, for instance in an initial GCOL ritual McKelvy required that he be robed and that a new Luciferian member bow to him, an action that seriously runs contrary to the idea of the LHP where the individual is their own god, bowing to nobody.  McKelvy a former Mormon apparently had not studied Luciferianism, yet most were happy for him to represent them as leader of a Luciferian group.

“My first experience of the original “ceremony” of self-illumination at a July 4th meeting in 2015 (I was asked to attend) he had his “wife” robe him (yes, she did) and then had a potential member “KNEEL BEFORE HIM” and pledge his “allegiance” to the group. I actually left in middle of it as it pissed me off so badly I could not be respectful in his domain any longer.”  Michael Ford via Facebook 28 Aug 2016 10.21pm

Early fears expressed by Luciferians such as on the Luciferian Research Society forum that GCOL might become a source of tyranny seemed to manifest in the activities of McKelvy who was acting without consultation with other GCOL board members.  Events came to a head when board members insisted on looking at financial records and discovered that McKelvy was using GCOL funds for his own use such as holidays and the purchase of musical instruments.

McKelvy resigned from the GCOL, and the board discovered they were insolvent, unable to pay suppliers for services rendered or honor orders for products paid for.  The GCOL board came under fire from those who considered the group should have taken McKelvy to court to recover monies he had apparently misappropriated.  From a personal business point of view, if an individual in my business had committed fraud, I would have referred this to the police, and instituted civil court action to recover lost monies.

GCOL today is a shadow of its former self, though it continues to limp on despite a damaged reputation and resignations.  Former and current members of GCOL have bitterly clashed over the toxic fallout of McKelvy’s activities and over Luciferian philosophy.

McKelvy recently became a born-again Christian, a propaganda boon to the Christian evangelists, where he is training to become a prophetic pastor, which some cynical observers consider is another financial scam by McKelvy.

According to McKelvy in his public speeches to Christian gatherings, he considered GCOL his army of Satan founded to destroy Christianity and Islam.  The ideas of McKelvy contradicts the attitudes of Luciferian GCOL leaders such as Jeremy Crow who promotes Luciferianism as an individual path of empowerment rather than as anything to wage war on other religions.

It remains to be seen if GCOL can overcome dire challenges to its reputation, finances, administration and the ongoing civil war between various former and current members over the direction of Luciferianism.

15 thoughts on “Former GCOL leader becomes a Christian

  1. Well written.

    Honestly, I don’t hold Jacob McKelvy’s actions against the GCOL, but I do agree that they should have taken some action against McKelvy in the form of a suit.

  2. This article has several inaccuracies. I’ll clear up the worst of them: The GCOL has never become insolvent. At no time did the GCOL run out of money. Jacob settled out of court and has paid a settlement in order to avoid legal action. At this point we have fulfilled almost all the back orders and should have the remaining few cleared up shortly. A lot of rebuilding activity has been going on in the background to fix issues that we have identified with the original structure, etc… We intend to come back with a stronger, more useful organization that is even more closely aligned with Luciferian philosophy than before.

  3. I have known Jacob since we were kids, he has done this several other times before the GCOL, if you want to know more I have LOTS of information about who he stole from, including his mother, father, sister, and friends.

    1. Thanks Martin. I would love to know more about the background of Jacob, as anything that can warn others of his fraudulent and unethical ways would be beneficial to everyone.

    2. I am not surprised. Jocob preys on people’s emotions, gains their trust, then takes advantage of them – Christians and Luciferians…. it doesn’t matter. This is not a ‘Christian’ or ‘Luciferian’ thing, it’s a narcissistic, sociopathic, con-man thing. He obviously has no conscience or sense of honor.

    3. Martin Felts, I would like to know more about this character. I have a few friends dealing with him now. I decided to run his name and see what he’s really about.

  4. Personally, I feel betrayed by Jacob McKelvy aka Jacob No. Jacob McKelvy was the individual I spoke with over the phone regards to joining the Greater Church of Lucifer two weeks before I became an official Member of The GCOL on June 27, 2015. I felt skeptical about Jacob McKelvy and continued my Luciferian Path while Applying my work with the books of Michael W Ford beginning with Wisdom of Eosphoros. Today GCOL Greater Church of Lucifer is The Assembly of Light Bearers ALB We focus on the Triad Path of Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis become your own God or Goddess. Luciferian Beth Katehis.

    1. I think many like you felt betrayed by Jacob McKelvy. Although I was not associated with GCOL I was pleased to see it come into existence, and I was deeply disappointed by what happened under McKelvy. I hope that the new direction as The Assembly of Light Bearers will be fruitful and positive for all.

    1. I was disappointed that this individual had become so deeply involved with the Left Hand Path and then betrayed us for the Evangelicals. I was disappointed so many were taken in by that fraud. It was annoying to have Evangelicals gain a major propaganda victory from this. I am glad he is gone.

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