A basic introduction to memetic magick

This image has been effectively used by me against Satan Hunters who promote narratives of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) which offers a positive relationship of a child with Satanism, this challenges and shakes their mind map narratives, they find these attacks upsetting and uncomfortable.  In of itself this memetic attack has limited impact, but as part of an overall campaign where you want a Satan Hunter to do or say something that destroys them or their message in the eyes of other people, they are powerful attacks.

There are many different ideas about memetic magick, here I offer my own.


I consider that memetic magick is a branch of mentalism, the discipline which Derren Brown practices.  I also consider that memetic magick is aligned to the ideas of magician  Alan Moore the creator of the stories such as V for Vendetta,  who considers magick as art.

Influence of memetic magick

Memetic magick can influence how the individual thinks, feels and acts; can influence how others react and treat the individual; or controversially what events happen to the individual, for instance if the individual believes a pigeon will shit on them tomorrow, they might suffer a metaphorical or actual experience tomorrow of being shit upon.

The focus of memetic magic is the human mind

The place of action of memetic magick is in the minds of the individual or of other people.  Memetic magick is scientifically sound, those who wish to practice memetic magick will find the study of how the brain and mind works helpful to the application of this skill.

The memetic magician works with mind maps

The individual deals with self, the world and their place in their world via a map in their brain.  As an example, when light hits the eye, electrical signals are sent to parts of the brain to process and then throw up an understandable image of what is being sensed, if the image is useful, it is added to existing images in memory, or a new memory is created.  Incoming data is usually incomplete, so the brain attempts to fill in blanks to make a complete image.  All images in the brain become a map, and at all times the individual is working with this map rather than with what is outside of the brain.  The memetic magician is working with these mind maps.

On mind maps and body image

Body image in self is due to a mind map.  If an individual suffers loss of limb, the mind map may cause the the individual to believe the limb is still present, they suffer a condition known as phantom limb syndrome.  Those who identify as transsexual have a mind map that has a different gender to that which they physically have.  Some individuals suffer a fault in their image map so that they believe a limb does not belong to them, or belongs to someone else, this experience causes the victim great distress, which doctors sometimes alleviate by amputating a healthy limb.

Motivation coaches uses memetic magic to change attitudes

Positive thinking coaches work with mind maps by attempting to persuade individuals that they can change their mind maps, and hence their attitudes and lives.  Sean Stephenson is a motivational coach who invites people to change their mind maps, in a video he teaches prisoners that prison is only a state of mind.

Mind maps impact how individuals see others

The mind maps of individuals impacts how they see other people. The mind maps of many causes them to only see Hitler in purely negative terms, they will ignore some of Hitler’s positive contributions such as his passion for animal rights.  The individual can observe their own selective biases due to their mind maps, seeing only the positive in those they like, and the negative aspects of those they dislike.

Mind maps as paradigms that hold back progress

Groups of people can be caught in a group mind map, a paradigm, that can hold back scientific progress.  Ignaz Semmelweis suggested that death rates would fall if doctors washed their hands, a challenge to a paradigm of the time which resulted in him being sectioned in a mental hospital.  Artificial intelligence is obsessed with AI that replicates a human being, ignoring the possibilities that plant AI can bring.  Everyone is obsessed with the internet of things, a paradigm that in its current form will end in failure for many due to security and complexity issues.

My use of memetic magick against Satan Hunters who promote SRA

I use memetic magick against Satan Hunters who promote Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) narratives.  The mind map of a Satan Hunter describes a world that is ruled by Satanists who harm children.  Appeals to reason or emotion, nor any threat will stop a Satan Hunter believing and acting upon their SRA narratives.  A Satan Hunter however is vulnerable to memetic attacks on their mind maps, rather like an individual can hack into the software of a computer system.  I can deliver to the Satan Hunter experiences, images and video that shows Satanists caring for children, or children adopting Satanism, or the Satan Hunter as a clown or monster, all that are contrary to their mind maps.  The Satan Hunter have strong reactions to these type of attacks in which they feel uncomfortable, their mind maps shaken, they might obsessively pursue a campaign against me, or against Satanism, or block me.  I can in a positive way deploy images to motivate and enhance the mind maps of those that fight SRA, and some images I have created for Hoaxtead are being used by them.

Memetic magick can be used with animals

By studying how the brains work of different animals I can manipulate and enhance their experiences in situations, for instance I tap on a thing rather than point to it if I want to draw the attention of a cat to a thing.

Business uses memetic magick

Advertising, marketing and branding are forms of memetic magick I successfully use in my business.

Memetic magick can be used with other forms of magick

If the individual believes that the human mind can influence events in nature, then memetic magick can be effectively used with other forms of magick.

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