More observations on power and control

The war of the opposites is a necessary and natural state for there to be healthy change, motion and evolution.  The individual seeks to find the harmony of the opposites where all opposites remain empowered and benefit.

A famous saying of Heraclitus “strife is justice” provides a useful introduction for my Satanic observations on power and control.  A common theme Heraclitus explores is how change, motion and evolution of all things in nature is driven by a war of two or more opposites.  Heraclitus considers if there was no conflict of opposites present, then nothing could exist, since this opposition joins two opposites together in a new harmonious thing.  This is so when you consider the motion of your body requires muscles and bones acting in opposition to each other, or the uneven chemical opposition of cells causing electrical firing of neurons allowing your heart to beat and your brain to think.


The strife of opposites is the principle rule of nature

The conflict of opposites is the number one rule of nature, everything that exists depends upon the active manifestation of this principle rule at all times.  The moment the opposing elements of rain and sun end, so does the rainbow.   With this rule in mind, when the individual comes into conflict with another individual or with nature, the worst action they can do is seek to control, dominate or disempower the opposing challenger, for this leads to the loss of an opposite, and no opposition means no motion, change or evolution.  I vaguely remember it noted that when Rome eliminated their principle rival Carthage, it was the beginning of the end of Rome.  Eliminating the opposite, which creates a state of stasis and peaceful stagnation, won’t automatically cause everything involved to vanish, it results in disintergration, decay and death over a period of time.  Nature needs a state of conflict, so if the individual destroys an external opposite, the individual usually turns in on itself, and conflict arises within, leading to other external agencies the opportunity to take advantage.

The love of nature for the war of opposites

Because nature loves to move and change, it will push for conflict, and so a controlling individual or agency will expend a vast amount of resources fighting against nature, an ultimately fruitless exercise.  Strictly controlled regimes, those such as communist North Korea and former USSR, seeks uniformity, stasis and strictly defined linear motions, historically are manifested as sick, underachieving and inefficient nations, doomed to fail at some point in spectacular fashion.

Control of nature causes dire results

The hubris of humanity which approaches nature from a controlling and dominating point of view has manifested a global environmental crisis that could potentially end human civilisation inside a hundred years.  A classic example of humanity seeking control of nature with dire results was communist China between 1958 and 1960 when it encouraged its population to slaughter sparrows; this succeeded in a proliferation of insects including locusts which attacked the harvests, a situation that contributed to a famine killing 20 million of the population.

Individuals who seek to control and feel powerful

My personal studies of individuals who harm the vulnerable, including children and animals, reveals a common pattern of a need for control and a feeling of power. Such individuals are getting their feelings of power through their sexual and violent activities, which encourages the production of hormone adrenaline, which works in conjunction with the brain structure the amydgala. Rather like a drug high adrenaline is short lived and the individual crashes in a depressive low, a pattern emerges that they need greater and greater adrenaline fixes through increasingly violent and sexual acts.  These type of activities requires the disempowerment of an opposing individual, which is a classic feature of paedophile activities involving the grooming and violation of children.

Shared power

In situations where power is shared, where both opposing sides feel empowered in an activity, different brain structures and hormones are in play, especially oxytocin, and the effects of feeling powerful are longer without the depressive low side effect.

Summary – the good natural strategy

In summary, the war of opposites is a necessary requirement for change, motion and evolution to happen.  The action that will lead to positive outcomes is the one that looks for the harmony between two opposites that allows all opposites to remain in play, both empowered and both benefiting.  How the harmony is found is down to the individual playing around with strategies, through reason, experience and the senses working out the right path to take in the situation.

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