On mindless sheep that follow fashions

The global scary clown trend is a manifestation of people following a fashion like mindless sheep.

The difference between the Satanist and those described as sheep is that most Satanists calculate the benefits and liabilities of following an action, whilst the sheep unthinkingly follow the fashions or trends of where all the other sheep are running to.

In Newcastle UK today a man was arrested by police dressed as a clown, and on arrest he was discovered carrying a “bladed article.” Men chasing after children, regardless of if they are dressed as clowns or not, are going to excite the attentions of the police, or get in a hostile confrontation with someone.  This clown was following a global trend of dressing as a clown and frightening people.

Some of these clowns create videos of them chasing after people with fake weapons, and because some people in recent history have been brutally murdered in my part of London in random attacks, I will attack and ask questions afterwards anyone chasing after me, a situation that can only end badly for all involved.

All these clowns are mindlessly following a trend, because everyone else is doing it.  They do not think about the consequences, the end states, of their activities for themselves or those they target for the lulz.

In my local High Street, the trend is about opening an electronic cigarette shop, the area is swarming with zombie clones thinking they are going to make a lot of money, because they see everyone else doing it.  Similarly, the trend of start ups that run from a standard template of building a business around a mobile phone app.  Few of these sheep entering into business have the faintest idea how to run a business, they merely copy everyone else, and their ignorance is plain to see asking the most basic questions on business forums.

I currently have a trade mark being registered, and my letter box is full of scam letters from zombie clones trying to persuade me if I pay a lot of money to them, that they will enter me on their super-special databases and publications, a service that offers no legal protections to my trade marks.

There is no harm in following the crowd, for instance it is probably a wise move to evacuate an area with everyone else if a tsunami is on the way, but the Satanist in my opinion is the individual who moves based on calculated reasoning rather than simply following everyone else herding off on a trend or fashion together.

Rather than following the fashion of buying expensive branded clothing such as Nike, I wear my own branded clothing with my own specially commissioned logo.  What sets the Satanist apart from the rest of humanity is they manifest their unique individuality rather than become a mass clone like the sheep.

14 thoughts on “On mindless sheep that follow fashions

  1. I didn’t know it was a global trend to dress up as a clown and frighten people. At least that means I don’t follow all the trends mind you.

    1. It appears this clown trend is being fueled by prank YouTube videos that are gaining 50 million plus or more views each. The current trend is sinister in that children and schools appear to being targeted by clowns.

      1. The trend has evolved into death threats against schools and targeting children. It is sick. Vigilantes are organising to hunt them. The only outcome is going to be tragedy.

    2. yeah, the clown thing is nuts! There are people all over the states doing it, and someone in my hometown in Washington state called the cops because she (a teenage girl) was at home alone and a clown started knocking on her door. Apparently, within a few days of that, someone also called into a local school with some crazy clown threats…I don’t really know the details on that one.
      It’s getting really nutty.

      1. And now you have actual professional clowns forming a group called “Clown Lives Matter” in response to the way they think clowns are being treated.

      2. I think some of the mentally disturbed are encouraged by the clown movement to become involved, their focus on children as targets is disturbing, perhaps after seeing the film IT involving Pennywise the Clown who killed children.

      3. I think that’s where it started though, was the remake of IT. But also, people involved in te ICP culture too I think are a little inspired by this, though that is a non fact-checked guess on my part

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