A case of mistaken identity


“If you want to be taken seriously don’t dress like a fucking clown.” Zach Black of Satanic International Network.

It has come to my attention that a mentally disturbed misfit called Nathaniel Harris, self-styled occult nobody,  professional clown and the former mentor of Luciferian Michael Ford, has teamed up with Satan Hunters, those promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax in London to wage a campaign of harassment against a group of magicians that they think are either me, or connected to me.

Let me be clear that those running The Blog of Baphomet have no connection to me.  I did not want innocent people pursued based upon misidentification that they are me.  I am happy for Harris and the other sheep to entertain me with their delusions that they can do anything to me other than write some bullshit on social media on what I might have done, or who I might be associated with.  Even though I have warned the magicians to expect clowns at their door, I have no interest in associating with those connected to the Thelema religion, a RHP outlook of little relevance to the LHP outlook of Satanism.

The Satan Hunter Jake Clarke was sectioned in a mental asylum by his own agency, encouraged by Satan Hunters Angela Power Disney and Rupert Quaintance.  I warned Clarke what to expect since I foresaw what would happen to him if he continued on his path, he ignored me, he suffered the fate he deserved.  Any misfortune that Harris and his Satan Hunter fellows bring upon themselves is by their own agency, it has nothing to do with me, Satan or any other external agency.

Established occult writer and possible inventor of the term “chaos magic” Peter Carroll recently offered me his opinion on the claims by Nathaniel Harris.  He said:

“…I have come across no evidence whatsoever that Batley ever had any association with the people Harris accuses, perhaps your article should make that clearer.

I think Harris merely noticed Batley in the news and then tried to add him into the mad mix because of the alleged SRA, however the case for SRA seems pretty thin there, a mere bit of window dressing borrowed from widely available Crowley books.”

Harris and his partner are failed magicians, they are discredited dishonest individuals who create fictions of Satanic Ritual Abuse to cover their own inadequacies as parents and scholars.  People don’t buy the books by Harris because they are badly written poorly researched containers of bullshit.  Harris cannot work as a children’s entertainer as he is a potential danger to children.  Harris and his partner used a child as a means of pursuing personal vendettas against people in their failed relationships.  Appropriate to his creepy clown persona Harris no longer has the support of occultists and magicians, because nobody takes him seriously and he borders on the psychotic.  The issues Harris and his partner faces is their own agency, nothing to do with any criminal conspiracy.

The type of magicians Harris used to hang out with in the UK are a small intimate circle of specialists of occult literature who Harris seeks to smear on the basis that one bad egg called Colin Batley participated in their events, who was later arrested and convicted of sexually molesting children in his personal sex cult.  There is no evidence that anyone Harris and his partner besmirches with their wild SRA fictions is connected to any wrongdoing.

Even though I am now retired from campaigning against the Hampstead SRA hoax, considering that it is now a dead hoax, I am happy to be entertained by the clowns, but please target the right people for the right reasons.   Better still, go and piss off the Order of Nine Angles.


42 thoughts on “A case of mistaken identity

  1. Well said, SV.

    Incidentally, I hear the idiot Kristie Sue Costa and her dimwitted followers are claiming that you are me. Here’s a message for them: I’m not SV. I’m not RD. You have absolutely no idea who I am, nor will you know that until I choose to tell you. I might do that and I might not, but ultimately the choice will be mine.

    Meanwhile, I will tell you how to shut down the Hoaxtead Research site: stop your ridiculous, damaging, and ultimately illegal hoax. That’s it. Simples.

    • I have no idea who anybody fighting the Hampstead SRA hoax are, nor do I care. All are united in one accord that this SRA fiction must end, and as you say, the only way the Hoaxtead site is going to close for business is when the Satan Hunters move on to more productive adventures than pursuing this SRA fiction.

      The Satan Hunters can speculate upon who those who oppose them are until the cows come home, they are never going to know, and there is nothing they can do to find out.

      It is seriously scrapping the bottom of the barrel for Satan Hunters to team up with Nathaniel Harris, and desperate when they seek to involve me yet again in their delusions.

  2. Funnily enough we both assumed Krista Kosta was Julian Vayne. Just for the record we did not give our permission to appear on her site and are in no way aligned. We can only conclude you are all working together. Beyond this your conclusions are sadly full of shit. We don’t care what any of you losers conclude. You are nothing more than a pest to us.

    • I meant that Nathaniel Harris was the clown rather than Michael Ford, I have rewritten the paragraph to make that clearer. Nathaniel Harris is a professional clown as part of his trade.

      • Actually it has been years since I did any clowning. I haven’t felt like performing since 2012, when my stepson made his disclosures.

        OK so you can argue whatever about calling the ritual abuse ‘Satanic’. First and foremost it was about making films of child torture. It really happened, as Mr Paeder Carroll is well aware. He knows full well that Batley was in the IOT and his friends were involved in the abuse. He’s just more worried about whether people will still buy his books. Which they don’t.

        You can throw all the idiot insults at us you want. I have never been anti-Satanist. Indeed as you pointed out my work was an influence in Ford’s early days.

        I am anti-paedophile. If my work in exposing such people upsets you.. well, I guess there must be a reason for that. I’m fairly sure most people will guess what it is too.

      • There is a whole industry of people making false claims against the innocent, the Hampstead SRA hoax is an example of this. Those that have evidence of child abuse need to take that to the police, and it for the legal authorities to investigate, prove and prosecute such claims. Notions that the police are involved in a massive conspiracy with what are fringe outlooks such as Satanism or occultists is without credibility, but if it was something powerful and well established such as the Catholic Church, there would be substance to that.

        Most people are against harming children, but those who make false allegations out of spite or desire of profit deny the real victims of abuse justice by stealing valuable police time and money investigating and chasing falsehoods.

        Your posts infer that the child has turned against you, and obviously it is down to them not you to pursue justice if they were abused by anyone.

        The occult community that you once belonged to are small, all know each other, apparently have had close relationships with each other, and disputes become in such situations very personal and bitter.

        Your track record infers to others that you pursue a vendetta against certain people you have fallen out with to the point of using the most cruelest of tactics of making child abuse allegations against them.

        You further in your campaign have decided to tarnish all of the LHP with your claims that we are all hiding and involved in harming children. You provide support to the many enemies of Satanism with your falsehoods.

        You know I am not this “Julian,” my first contact with those you accuse of things was only in the last two days when the Hampstead Satan Hunters were making various claims.

        You were wise not to have entered into alliance with the Hampstead Satan Hunters, which would have put you in the direct firing line of people such as those at Hoaxtead, damaging your credibility further. It would seem they had attempted to use you and your cause as a pawn in their own designs. They are currently fighting for control of the Hampstead SRA hoax narrative with other Satan Hunter factions.

      • I think you must have mistaken me for someone else you silly billy. I have never claimed all LHPers are involved in child abuse. As for police – name me ONE case where they have responded correctly regarding a paedophile ring and not let the children down. You’re an idiot. I think you, personally, are attempting to redefine the truth and turn strangers against me. I think that can only be for one reason. If you are not Julian Vayne you are on an equal footing with him as an absolute loser. I am willing to bet that your posts will cease quite soon.. about the same time Julian Vayne goes to jail.

      • The justice system requires evidence to prosecute, it is not going to arrest and jail someone merely on your say so.

        I would like to think you are an intelligent man, one that is not so dimwitted to believe I am the person you clearly have a personal problem with, and have knowledge of in real life.

        The likely end state, if you persist in your activities of harassment of the innocent is sectioning or jail. Simply blogging and challenging your delusions won’t be anything that gets me jailed.

    • I know enough about you in the short time I have become aware of you to establish a good insight of your activities, there is also an internet trail that anyone can find that recorded your vindictive activities over many years.

  3. Actually don’t bother. I know you are Vayne / Nikki / a deluded paedophile sockpuppet and quite frankly don’t care what you think. Contrary to what Paeder Carroll and his Id-IOTs insist – ‘belief’ does not shape reality. This is the last online reaction you get from me. See you soon.

      • The truth is that there have been 7 prosecutions (and one murder victim) all identified as being part of one paedophile ring in the West Country. Although these individuals identified as Wiccans, Thelemites, Druids, and other kinds of ‘pagan’ and ‘magician’ they were all part of the same loser scene. This can be demonstrated through numerous published newspaper reports. Unlike the Hampstead case, or many others, there can be no question that this ritualistic abuse ring is a reality.
        Sadly it can also be shown – through the newspaper reports concerning the trial over murdered ‘Druid’ paedophile Peter Solheim – that my mother and stepfather – Ann & Adrian Bryn-Evans – were at LEAST closely associated with members of this ritualistic and sadistic paedophile ring.
        Consider also DEVIL ON THE DOORSTEP, Annabelle Forest’s harrowing disclosures regarding Colin Batley and his seedy cul-de-sac cult show, proving that this ring was much larger than 7 people. Meetings were usually of around 30 or more. It was most certainly not made up of just a few neighbours in Kidwelly. Imagine trying to form any kind of temple or coven by knocking on the neighbours in you street and inviting them along.. “We thought we’d start with a reading from The Book of the Law and end with an orgy. Everyone is invited. Bring the kids..”
        Clearly the cult drew its membership from a wider area. Indeed Annabelle confirms that Batley also worked with others in London and Bristol. Occultism is not a huge ‘scene’, either.
        Note also that the cul-de-sac cult was not finally busted because anyone from within the ‘occult scene’ went to the police or did anything to help the victims. It was only when three of them had grown to become adults and came forward at the same time that police took any action. Also note that it is reported in the disclosures of Annabelle Forest that she came forward because she had learned the cult was now picking on a six year old child – the same age as the abuse started in the life of my stepson.
        Also a matter of ‘public record’ is that the legal system and local authorities have made many mistakes in the past regarding their reactions to organized paedophile rings. These matters are now being addressed and changes are being made but it remains the case that screwing up investigations has previously been the norm.. in fact there are as yet no known cases where authorities have reacted appropriately first time.
        All these indisputable facts should at least be enough to show any intelligent person that we just MIGHT be telling the truth. We can therefore conclude that anyone attacking us with apparent certainty is either a myopic moron or deliberately attempting to cover up the truth. We don’t care who they are or what they think you are laughing at. As far as we are concerned they are all sub-human paedophile fuck-ups who should be quietly put out of their misery.

      • In answer to your points Nathaniel.

        Wiccans, Thelemites, Druids and other “pagans” are examples of three or four different religions that are not LHP or Satanism. To tarnish the LHP and Satanism with the term SRA with some RHP religions is rather like saying SRA exists because Roman Catholics are involved in organised buggering sessions with altar boys. Even if any individual involved in abusing children identifies with any of these religions, it is only a case of a pervert harming a child, rather than evidence that an entire religion is a bunch of perverts based upon actions of one bad egg.

        I have already examined many cases of alleged SRA, as have far more experienced and learned authorities, and everyone concludes there is no evidence of SRA in any case known to date.

        SRA is not a fact or is proven based upon the opinions of individuals such as you, or tabloid newspapers like the Star. You as an individual have been tarnishing everyone, specifically anyone you have a personal issue with, as paedophiles and involved in SRA. You have defamed entire alternative religions such as Wicca with SRA accusations. Your judgement and objectivity is in this regards unreliable, thus as an authority claiming SRA your opinions carry little weight.

        If there has been wrong doing, if there are children in danger or have been harmed, this is a matter for the police, and it is also a matter for a court judge to state clearly that in a case of abuse of a child there was SRA. You playing at being vigilante accusing individuals and entire religions of SRA does not cut it with me. If you have evidence, take it to the police. Conclusions that become fact is based upon the objective conclusions of a legal court, not the court of public opinion based upon a few noisy vigilante accusers.

    • I am challenging your attitudes and behavior Mr Harris. If you want to run on the hamster wheel of posting abusive comments which I will delete please proceed if your life is so meaningless and empty. It takes me seconds to delete what takes you minutes to write. I dislike censorship, but I have respectfully given you the terms that will allow me to retain your posts, ignore that, I will delete your comments.

      Personally, I am not wasting a lot of time with you, it is pointless offering reasoned argument to an individual who pursues a SRA fantasy out of pure spite against people they have fallen out with.

    • I have noted that 18 comments relating to yourself today ended up in my spam folder (all deleted.) I have given you the right of reply, and you said you had no intention commenting here any further, yet you still do. I have also asked you twice to comment in a constructive and non-abusive manner, which you continue to ignore. You are no longer welcome to post on my blog, I will delete any future comments from you.

    • As a philosopher of Heraclitus I shall quote to you:

      “Even a man who is most in ‘repute’ (reputable?) knows
      and maintains only what is ‘reputed’, and holds onto that
      information. But certainly the justice of Dike will apprehend
      fabricators and false-witnesses of Lies.” (87)

  4. It looks like Nathaniel Harris has been forced to remove almost all the material from his lying, insane blog. Ditto his facebook page. I’m guessing that the police got involved, as he is well known to them for making threats and harassing people, both online and in person. What he can’t remove is the links and screenshots to his site which SRA fantasists continue to host. But it’s a start.

  5. Hard to say SV, he’s been acting out quite badly recently, spraying his vitriol far and wide and getting more than he bargained for. I just found out this evening that the “child” he’s always going on about disclosing “satanic” abuse is actually nineteen years old! So was 16 when Natey and/or his batshit crazy missus coached him to accuse various parties of ritual abuse.
    Also – the police in Bristol are currently investigating several complaints against Harris…. court action may follow. Which is kind of hilarious when you consider all the empty threats he used to make on his blog about legal action. Fact is, the police and social workers investigated his false accusations first time round, decided that the mother, Jasmine deVille, and Natey, had coached and coerced a vulnerable person and removed that person from their custody. Very like the Hampstead fakers, hence Nathan’s throwing in his lot with the worst kind of SRA nutters because he simply can’t accept that he is wrong and that SRA is a myth.

    • It will be interesting to see how this situation with Nathaniel Harris develops.

      Harris undermines justice for all sexual abuse victims with his false fictions of SRA and accusing innocent people.

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