The Black Flame and Power


This intelligent orangutan was spotted by me in a zoo last weekend caged, stared at and disempowered, it spends its days hiding under a blanket.

The Black Flame resides in every living thing, it moves all life to live, grow and create.  I define the end state of the Black Flame as manifesting my will to act and choice as master of my own life in any situation.  The Black Flame is another word for power to make change in both the self and the environment in the material world. I can quantify the Black Flame by many measures: time; money; skills; fitness; knowledge; wisdom; relationships.

Three ways power is manifested

The manifestation of the power of the Black Flame is in three ways.  Firstly, the giving or withdrawal of this power to a thing, such as casting of a vote in an election.  Secondly, the sharing of this power with another, where both benefit, such as a bee gaining nectar from a flower, whereas the flower is pollinated by the bee.  Thirdly, where through domination or submission, self or another have their power taken from them, such as when a rapist sexually abuses a child.

Society is built on predatory behavior

Human society is built on predatory behavior, where encouragement is given to one or the other party of a relationship to sacrifice their power, their will to act or choice to another.  In the relationship between humanity and nature, it is about domination, control and exploitation of nature, rather than harmony in shared power with nature.  The end state of the war of domination of nature by humanity is the dramatic decline of mostly all the animal species across the globe, an alarming fact I discovered repeatedly on visiting animal after animal at a zoo.  When the predator rapes the child, the power in that child is broken, perhaps for ever.  Nothing but ruin, misery and famine is born from the denial of power of others or self in a relationship.  Power needs to move to and fro from two opposites to benefit all, the denial of one side power in a relationship is like removing the wall so that the ball cannot return on the rebound, power lost to the abyss of entropy.

The ideal state of power is one shared by all parties

The ideal state of power is shared, where all sides move in a way none are denied their will to act and choice, where there is no slave-master, where shared power becomes greater than even the sum of the parties involved.  Imagine the difference of a hound and its owner working together in a mutually beneficial activity compared to the effort expended through violence and fear to make a hound do a thing, that wiped out the power of the hound the choice and will to act of its own agency.

Notions of predatory behavior lead to the end state of human extinction

If the Satanist values power and liberty, these qualities are a two-way process, or all become the loser.  If this situation continues where one side must benefit on the basis of another losing their power, the fish and bees will vanish, the hungry will strike down every pillar of human civilization just to feed themselves, and everything and everyone will fall into extinction and ruin.  The Satanist that blinds themselves to these obvious end states by foolish notions that they must be the predator where others and nature must always be the prey and loser, only gladly dance the tune of human extinction.

What are your views on the Black Flame and power?


2 thoughts on “The Black Flame and Power

  1. I find your take interesting, but disagree with the notion that casting a vote is necessary a giving up of power. Far from it. In democratic societies, the ability to vote for a representative is one of the ways an ordinary person can exert some influence or pressure on the government. For the poor, it’s probably the only power they have over the government. Democracies are supposed to be systems where the people and the state do in fact have shared power in some sense. When this is not the case, then you do have a society or political structure that is more oriented to, if not based on, an exploitative relationship between the people and the state. This is one of the reasons why, for instance, the Brexit vote was a necessary and liberating thing – Britain is breaking from an economic union whose leaders want to fashion it into some kind of superstate and are unaccountable to the people principally because they don’t vote for them, only for MEPs and they don’t have much influence over the head bureaucracy. I can’t think of being in the EU as anything other than an exploitative relationship.

    In fairness, there is some reason to suspect that governments are increasingly entering into exploitative relations with the people. America in particular has a rather sterling reputation of corruption regarding its elites, which is why you have some anti-government sentiment in both the left-wing (via people like Occupy) and the right-wing (libertarians and some far-right types), as well as anti-establishment sentiment (as shown through support of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump on both sides of the spectrum).

    Also, for human societies generally, there is generally something to be said for the social contract, particularly one built on rational self-interest between multiple parties. I wrote a post about that last month entitled “The deal” which sort of dealt with the subject of the social contract, and how I felt this might be breaking down slowly in the modern age.

    • It is possible I might have worded my post badly to appear to suggest that voting is an act of loss of power. What I am saying in that example is that the individual has the power through choice to give their support, such as voting, to anything they feel is worthy of it, but also the power to take away their support from anyone or anything that is unworthy of their support.

      I think you are right that there is an anti-establishment movement in society, as seen with Brexit, and a strong support for Trump.

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