Satanists question everything

question-everythingOne of the core ideas of the story of eating the apple in the Garden of Eden is that humanity reached a point of evolution to step out of animal instinct, gaining an imagination to explore and redefine the self, their world, and their place in their world.  This difference in mind means humanity can build rocket ships to the moon, but the rest of the animal kingdom can’t do that.

The ideal Satanist questions everything

The individual who can question, can imagine, can create, is the ideal human, the ideal Satanist.  Sadly, most people choose to reject the gifts of evolution, they prefer the level of base beasts that follow their fears and lusts.  These people never question, choosing to believe and act on faith, upon whatever authority serve upon their dish.  These people are the ignorant, stupid and lazy, embracing all the qualities Satanists despise.

Question everything

Question everything.  This attitude is one major step to embracing reason over faithful ignorance.  Accept nothing on face value, dig deeper, find the source and look for empirical evidence based on demonstration, experience and observation.  What one authority states as fact, might be dishonesty, error or fiction.  A large part of the internet is manipulation, fraud and fantasy.

Errors of history ripple into the present

Some examples. The idea “light bearer” in Luciferianism is built upon a transcribing error by Jerome who translated the Hebrew bible into Latin in around 390 CE.  The Hebrew for “Morning Star” is “shining one, son of the dawn,” which is different to the Latin error Jerome used, which became “light bearer.”  In Occult circles the archetype Harpocrates is associated with secrecy, silence and confidentiality, because ancient writers mistakenly associated his finger to his lips as an action of swearing to secrecy.  Harpocrates is a child god, who in reality is expressing the Egyptian hieroglyph for child with his finger to his lips, but writers continue to repeat the ignorant error from ancient times to the present.

The ONA hoax that backfired

Those attention seeking religious parasites the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) recently announced on a Satanist forum and through blogs that their founder David Myatt had died in Egypt.  Satanists and some associated with the ONA religion treated the claims with immediate skepticism, one demanding evidence of a death certificate.  Under the light of intense scrutiny the claim of Myatt’s death fell apart as no evidence or details were forthcoming, and those who claimed this falsehood saw their hoax backfire upon them.  Anyone can claim anything on the internet. Images, documents, video and audio can all be manipulated to appear authentic, but even a cursory examination by questioning everything can reveal the lie.


8 thoughts on “Satanists question everything

  1. The first step to any journey of philosophy is to question everything. And I think that if anyone is going to be true to their faith or their orientation in life, they must truly question everything. If their faith or belief system stands up to their own attempts to prove it wrong, then they have strength behind it. However, going beyond it, it is through questioning everything that we can evolve and learn more about ourselves and the world around us.
    If mathematicians and scientists of the past didn’t question the formulas of those before them, then they would not have corrected what was wrong (we could still believe the world is flat, though some still do despite the proof otherwise), or built upon ideas of the past. Each mind thinks differently, and will see things that other have not.

    • Little children always start life questioning, exploring and playing with the world. Asking questions is the natural state. Even the Grail Quest ended in success when the knight asked the question, “who does the grail serve?”

      As you say, if an idea is challenged in the fire of questioning, it’s validity and strength can be determined.

      A society that wishes to evolve and stay in harmony with changing situations has a diversity of thinking styles, the few who shape the many by their discoveries. Those groups who encourage only one thinking style will only able to think in one way, whilst the competition sail ahead because they have the benefit of diversity.

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