Satanic culling at the Autumn Equinox


Decluttering means the Satanist remains the primary authority in their own life rather than their junk.

The Autumn Equinox marked the start of a cycle of decluttering when I eliminate what is unnecessary, dead or toxic to my life.  As a Satanist I set aside four dates in the year to have a good cull of the crap baggage in my life, thus I make way for new opportunities without being held back by junk.

Facebook was one major victim of my decluttering.  I dislike Facebook: its double-standards censoring breast-feeding whilst allowing the torture of animals; the complexity; the narcissism; the drama; the stupidity.  The few individuals I connected to (26 of them) and the groups (4 of these) are all Satanic, but I can connect to all of these by alternative means.  Facebook was obsolete to requirements and it was with no regret that I deactivated my Facebook account, an internet company I despise.

My work with the team at Hoaxtead who fight a SRA hoax in London recently completed with many promoters of the hoax arrested or sectioned in a mental asylum.  There was nothing further of benefit I could offer Hoaxtead, so I unfollowed all the participants (apart from one) on social media.

I stopped following a lot of inactive accounts on Twitter, blocked some bot and Christian accounts that were following, and placed emphasis on only following LHP Twitter accounts.

I fired one of my suppliers for crap service. My garden is the tidiest it has ever been.  I have cut the clothing I own to 50% of what I had, the rest went to charity.

The four dates I use to declutter or cull is the equinoxes and solstices, the end state is I feel empowered and focused less the hassle of junk that would undermine or hold me back.


3 thoughts on “Satanic culling at the Autumn Equinox

  1. I wish I could say that it was the inspiration of the Equinox which caused me to rid myself of everything except that which would fit in three suitcases and a backpack, but it’s actually moving to the Uk which inspired that. However, you are right in that it is a time that things should be cut loose. I’ve often though about getting rid of Facebook for a while, but especially because of the move, feel that I owe it to my family and close friends to keep it going so they can make sure I’m surviving over her.
    However, I think I’ll put more thought into what it is that’s at least online that I could do without, or even general habits for that matter. Good on you for knowing yourself and knowing what things are playing a toxic role in your life.

    • I had the same challenge as you of moving from one part of the UK to another a few times, which motivated me to get rid of 90% of what I own. I now use the Equinox and Solstice dates to continue this state of owning only what is useful going.

      Facebook was not necessary for me, so I was able to get rid of it, others might need Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family, so it is worth keeping in those situations. When I had Facebook, I only allowed friend requests of people I knew in real life, or were involved in the LHP. I was strict with who I allowed to “friend” me on Facebook.

      • I’m the same way with Facebook. Yesterday I had two different requests from people I don’t know in the county I just moved from. If I don’t know them in person, or I do know them in person but we acajous eye contact when we see each other in public, then I don’t see any need to open the window into my life via social media

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