Becoming grounded in Satanism


Those that walk the Left Hand Path are successful when they are grounded in the material world like this tree. 

Success in the Left Hand Path is built on the foundation of becoming grounded in the material world.  No acorn becomes an oak tree unless it first is planted in the soil, then develops roots in the earth.

It is great to see a Satanic organisation the Satanic Temple establish its headquarters in a physical location at Salem USA, opening this month.  If any Satanic group is serious in manifesting its will in the material world, then having a physical base is necessary.

If the internet vanished today, so would most of the Satanist organisations, because they are mostly nothing more than an internet site or a page on Facebook.  The internet is a grubby junkyard of opinion and fantasy, mostly disconnected from the material world.  Even the Church of Satan is nothing more than an internet site and mailing list owned by a tired deluded couple who enjoy a good living from the annual harvest of fools who pay $200 a time to join their exclusive but irrelevant fan club.

Whilst it is acceptable that at first the newbies of Satanism partake in the path via the internet, I expect such individuals to develop the maturity to see that Satanism is a path of experiences and the senses practiced in the material world rather than the pages of Facebook.  If after a year, all the individual “Satanist” is manifesting are posts on Facebook and other internet sites, I think they should look elsewhere for their path, Satanism is a path they are unsuited for.


15 thoughts on “Becoming grounded in Satanism

  1. I for one think that the Satanist who hasn’t been doing much in the material world and now realizes this probably won’t have to quit being a Satanist so long as, from that realization, he/she strives to work in order to fulfill at least some of his/her potential as a Satanist, so there’s no need to create a dichotomy.

    As something of a side-note: do you consider making art to be an acceptable way of Satanic manifestation?

  2. As always, wrong. The Church of Satan existed long before the Internet, and its continued success would not be deterred if the Internet simply went away.

    The only thing the “Satanic” Temple does in making their own brick-and-mortar presence known is to unwittingly invite religious nuts to make themselves a target.

    Of course, this should be expected when one of the founders of that organization is a former Church of Satan member who could best be described as what Anton LaVey referred to as a “house masochist.” Ol’ Dougie, like so many before him, felt Anton LaVey’s philosophy needed an unnecessary reformation, then didn’t even have the good sense to call it something else. People are seeing it for what it is and are turning against the Syphilitic Pimple and its band of left-wing Social Justice Warriors who will move on to the next fad when it comes around.

    • I agree with some of your points. Church of Satan will continue to exist if the internet vanished; it was slow to catch on with the internet, but it remains nothing more than a marketing list owned by one man and his partner.

      I agree that Lucien Greaves was once a member of the Church of Satan; he shared a view with many Satanists that CoS no longer represented the attitudes of a new generation of Satanists and started his own organization, which goes from strength to strength.

      Satanism has separated into two polar viewpoints reflecting the general way modern society has evolved.

      Church of Satan is the neanderthals of Satanism, they are unable to evolve with the times, and their relevancy is now questioned. The CoS will eventually go the same way as the neanderthal, replaced by generations of Satanists who would rather shape their own philosophy and the world than be the slave to the dictates of a few individuals and their marketing list.

      • “Nothing more than a marketing list…” Perhaps you should look up the definition of what a marketing list actually is. Then, take a good luck at TST’s own website with its Satan Shop. Who’s doing the marketing here?

        As for your comments that the Church of Satan’s hierarchy dictates the actions of its membership, perhaps you would actually like to produce tangible, concrete evidence of your claims. I’ve been a member for eighteen years and not once have they ever told me what to do.

        As for Dougie’s views, he can’t really call his religion Satanism since he decided to throw out several key tenets of Anton LaVey’s atheistic religious philosophy. Just as if you remove or replace one or more ingredients from a cake recipe to make the confection known as brownies, when you do the same thing to Anton LaVey’s religious philosophy, it is now something that is NOT Satanism.

        Now, granted, a new generation can come along and call themselves Satanists if they wish, but it doesn’t make it so. A person can walk around wearing a leather jacket with a Holstein pattern saying, “Moo,” but that doesn’t make them a cow.

        The TST is going from a strength to strength? If it weren’t for the disruptive and embarrassing political exploits put on every few months to keep their name in the press by the group of poseurs known as the “Satanic” Temple, nobody would care about them. Like all of the other pseudo-Satanic organizations who have nothing to offer, they will simply dissipate like another fart in the wind. They are already on their way out, if the lackluster opening at their newly opened headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts is any indication.

        Satanism – and the organization that disseminates information about the religion, the Church of Satan – has evolved not only with the times, but also with human evolution. Being that humans are still, and will continue to be, inherently selfish, the religion has moved right alongside human behavior. As Satanists, we continue to form our own worlds, without even being dictated to by an organization that we may be a part of. Unlike the “Satanic” Temple, you won’t find the Church of Satan or its membership trying to engage in the futility of being more-Christian-than-Christians like TST seems obsessed with.

        We don’t demand respect. As Satanists, we don’t need to.

      • You are caught in the Church of Satan dogma, you no longer have the flexibility or motivation to evolve with the times, and it is natural when something no longer can stay in harmony with a changing environment that it goes extinct. The only possibility that Church of Satan has of catching up with the world is if its current leader Gilmore is nailed down in his coffin, which might give an opportunity for you guys to catch up with the rest of Satanism.

        The main focus of Satanic Temple is political and social action, this is what modern Satanists want, not intellectual and creative snobbery that Church of Satan offers. Satanism is a path of action, and the Satanists of Satanic Temple are manifesting their Satanism in the issues that they are passionate about.

        One of the serious issues that Church of Satan suffers from is its anal hubris thinking that the only Satanism is the one it is trapped in.

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