Can the ONA stop whinging about Satanism please?

ONA types are throwing a tantrum because they are neither wanted or relevant to the new reality of Satanism.

I like to check what others write about Satanism in the WordPress Reader, and oh my, what a bunch of whingers the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) folk are being in recent months.  Outside of trolling LHP forums the favoured past time of those keyboard warriors and fantasists of the the ONA is posting their poop upon WordPress, and most of their output in recent weeks seems to be whinging about Satanism. Indeed, their main focus in life at the moment outside of promoting their psychopathic desire to kill people is a relentless stream of complaint about Satanism.

It has been fully established, as confirmed by these fools on my own blog pages, that the ONA do not regard themselves as Satanists, but some other religion or philosophy altogether. The schizophrenic outlook of ONA motivates them to hang out in every religion and political philosophy going, except their message is always the same, to kill people, plus their love of drama, fast makes them outcasts.  Satanism has been the only home that has given any tolerance to these psychopaths, but like an unwanted guest they have outstayed their welcome and have been booted out of most of the LHP forums and groups.

In just a few years, perhaps reflecting the changing outlooks of society in general, the face of the LHP has changed, and the ONA, like the Church of Satan, have been left in a past where they are no longer relevant to the modern Satanic current.  We have for instance the fast growing Satanic Temple, and even the Luciferians have evolved into a Greater Church of Lucifer. The ONA have suddenly discovered how totally irrelevant they are, now nobody wants them.  They are apparently too stupid to go off and form their own religion, preferring instead to parasite on the religion of someone else.  Plainly, when a guiding principle of the Satanic Temple is “The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo your own;” or that of Greater Church of Lucifer who respects the integrity of life in people and animals, makes it difficult for homicidal ego maniacs like the ONA to get any traction in the new reality of Satanism and the LHP.

Now, the poor ONA psychos gather in their little blog sites and weep and stamp their feet at the injustice that they are now no longer relevant or wanted, even in Satanism.  Cue the violins.

14 thoughts on “Can the ONA stop whinging about Satanism please?

  1. Wonderful to see Satanicviews back in action again!

    I second the observations here. At least some strands of Satanism are maturing in their realizations about freedom and the effectiveness of reciprocity in granting others their own freedom. Also, dropping a once-compulsive need to be obnoxious idiots doesn’t hurt either. Reasonable and articulate Satanists will be something new and far more difficult to ignore or write off.

  2. Seems to me like they are mad because us Satanists have rejected them, and that we have been given greater license to do by their own rejection of the label.

    1. Yes, and some of them seem to be under the delusion that they “own” Satanism. I am glad the ONA types are getting a reality check that Satanism is owned by nobody, and that it has nothing to do with the sort of ideas ONA promote.

  3. The problem here is there’s nothing remotely Satanic about your “new Satanic reality” or your “Satanic Temple” — which neither believes in Satan nor has a temple. They are subversion of the entire tradition; a fraud; a joke; an attempt to turn the ultimate symbol of transgression into safe-space social justice warriorism — which is little more than Protestantism in gothic drag. You guys are as ridiculous and irrelevant to actual Satanism as a group of weirdos who declared themselves the “New Christian Church” and preached Devil worship would be to Christianity.

    1. Satanic Temple defines Satan as an aspect of self. Satanic Temple will have a physical base in Salem USA.

      Too many Satanists are manifesting Satanism in appearance or via the internet. I like Satanic Temple because they manifest their Satanism in direct action.

      1. What they are manifesting is a half-ass, pussified version of what Howard Stanton Levey did much better 50 years ago. They are a subversion of a subversion.

        What aspect of the self is Satan a symbol of? Surely not the unconscious mind, which has no use for such sterile safe space ideology. No, this is Richard Dawkins in Halloween clothes; a perfect corporate neoliberal inversion of Satanism. In that sense it is Satanic, in that it inverts Satanism itself.

  4. This is a similar parallel that I face with the few very loud voices who give feminism a bad name. Allow me to explain the background on this:
    I’m constantly in a debate with a friend of mine about what the philosophy of feminism is. Because of those extreme feminists that think all men are evil and must die and we should just use them as sperm banks, my friend believes that is truly what feminism is, and won’t listen to me that it’s simply a call for equality of all voices.
    People like those in the group you’ve mentioned are the ones that are giving Satanism a bad wrap by going some weird direction that’s not even of the same philosophy of those following the LHP, or any other branch of Satanism (from my understanding). It’s crudely unfortunate, but unfortunately, an (inverted?) cross every group must bear.

    1. You are right, every philosophy, movement and religion has its extremists who try to take ideas in an extreme direction. Both in religion and philosophy there is an idea of a middle way, for instance Aristotle promotes the idea of the Golden Mean. Allowing the extremists to direct and speak for an idea never ends well for everyone supporting that idea.

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