The Satanist and personal information

Today, I bring this blog out of hibernation with a post on the Satanist and personal information.

Sect of the Horned God recently had a fire that destroyed their property, and it was my intention to support them by applying for membership of their group.  These Satanists are part of the new wave of modern Satanism who approach the LHP from a rational point of view, and they are grounded people with good business minds.

The initial test of membership of the group was ten questions on my beliefs, a way of filtering out the lazy and stupid.  Answering the questions was fun and useful, and I passed this test.  The next stage I had problems with, there was more questions on my beliefs, which made the process seem onerous, but also so many questions that demanded from me so much personal information.

Now, I like Sect of the Horned God, but the demand for so much personal information from me was asking me to put my total trust in them that this information would not leak or be used against me.  In an age that it seems that security and privacy is treated with contempt, and the news is full of stories of leaks of personal information, the onus is upon the individual to protect themselves rather than rely upon others.

I have been involved in a fight against those who promote a SRA narrative in London for over a year, people who trawl the internet for personal information on their victims so they can harrass, defame and ruin families, businesses, relationships and reputations of their targets.  Such people would love to get hold of all the personal information I was being asked to hand over to Sect of the Horned God, and if they did, I, my business and my family would suffer a living hell.

The agency of ruin or success rests always with the individual, including responsibility for their personal information. I say that the Satanist only shares personal information with those that they know in real life.  I don’t think it necessary or beneficial to anyone for any Satanist group to ask for more than a name, address and an e-mail contact of a member, more than this, the individual puts themselves and their family at great risk.

Sadly, I won’t be able to proceed with membership of the Sect of the Horned God, with every respect to them, the risk to my personal security is too great due to the amount of personal information they are requesting from me.


11 thoughts on “The Satanist and personal information

  1. Have you asked The Sect or Thomas LeRoy about your concerns regarding membership? I have thought about getting into the sect myself so this is of some interest to me as well.

  2. Was that fire at the winery? That would suck as it seemed to be a very nice place. I perfectly understand your concerns about giving your personal info. Personally, I prefer to stay anonymous online, it saves unnecessary trouble. On the other hand, when you want to join some organization, you have to give your personal data. I’m not sure if it is not a legal requirement for a registered non-profit organization to collect certain info from the members, the info that is legally specified, assuming the Sect of the Horned God is registered as a non-profit organization. Such registration gives the owners certain privileges, including tax benefits, so it doesn’t have to be LeRoy’s whim. I also think they keep it all confidential but if it makes you uncomfortable, then you have to decide for yourself whether the potential benefits of membership outweigh the potential risks.

    • Yes, the fire by an arsonist wiped out their winery, along with lots of homes of other people in that community. The arsonist was caught and is probably going to do some serious jail time for it.

      I can understand that any group must ask basic questions to fulfill their legal and basic organizational role, but I think they were asking a lot of unnecessary extra information that made me uncomfortable to give, since I am unsure of their security processes on keeping personal information safe. Being that I am only ever going to have had internet connections to them, the risk of personal safety outweighed any benefits of joining them.

  3. I joined the Sect of the Horned God a couple of years ago, and I assure you that Thomas and Lisa are very concerned about privacy and personal info. I have never had the slightest trouble with my personal data, nor have I been contacted by other people or commercial scammers or something like that. Trust them, they are doing an excellent job. Joining the sect is absolutely worthy.

  4. It’s important to know where your line is and stick to your comfort zone. I think that any group can and should respect that. However, there are other ways of showing your support, such as this entry, in which you talk about your respect for the group. it might encourage others to joinw ho are more comfortable with the groups requests.

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