Satanic Views will go inactive one year

Hello everyone.  I have decided to put this blog into hibernation one year.

This weekend I was reflecting upon my relationship with the internet.  The Left Hand Path in my opinion is the path of wisdom and knowledge.  Wisdom comes from experience, and knowledge comes from the senses, both the senses and experience is grounded in nature, the concrete reality of the real world.  As a tool of information the internet is useful on many levels, but it is also a source of fantasy, dishonesty and mediocrity.  There is no wisdom or knowledge that comes from the internet, and because it is not grounded in the concreteness of the real world, allows most people to fly off into abstraction and fantasy.

As a medium of communication, the internet follows the well trodden path of other mediums of communication such as the bards, the printing press, radio, television, newspaper, that always seem to become corrupted by fictions and deceit.  I am at the point of a personal re-orientation of my relationship with the internet in the same manner as I had with the television, which years ago I got rid of and refused to watch again.

Although I will still use the internet, there will be certain activities that I am going to stop for the moment, including blogging, whilst I work out in my mind my future relationship with this double-edged technology.  I have mentioned in previous blog posts my support of Artificial Intelligence, and I would like to explore this path in relation with the internet for a while without other internet distractions.

I would like to thank everyone for their comments and reading my many posts.  I wish you all well.  This blog remains open for all to read, but no further posts will be made for around a year.  Thank you.





13 thoughts on “Satanic Views will go inactive one year

  1. I got rid of TVs for about 20 years, and though we have one now, it is much more selective, and I have never really “plugged in” in the same way. Breaking habitual interactions can be very fruitful, so this sounds like an exciting development for you. Needless to say, your blog will be missed, but that’s not important here 🙂 bon voyage!

  2. Does this mean I won’t be hearing from you for a while?

    Sorry to see you won’t be active for a that long amount of time, but a least you’re doing for some kind of personal benefit.

  3. We will very much miss your blog. Your posts are intelligent and insightful and have over the past years given us much to think about. While we understand your reasoning and your desire to devote your time on the internet to other things, the small section of the blogospere frequented by Satanists will be missing a powerful, original and thought provoking voice. You will be missed. Meanwhile we wish you well in all your endeavours.

  4. Yeah, true enough. Basically Internet just a medium for information and communication across the world, not the source of wisdom and knowledge. Hope you have a better day from now on, focusing more on your life, and take care.

  5. Well I know I do not see eye to eye with you, but your wisdom is always great. I hope your time will be great. I myself feel sorta the same a break from something is needed, but what dunno. Either way have and smile lots.

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